New Unilever Coupons = FREE at Shoprite!

Unilever Coupons

Unilever Coupons

There are 5 new Target Manufacturer Coupons available to print:

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This week Shoprite has both the women’s Dove and Degree Deodorant and the Degree Men’s on sale for $0.99 so 3 free deodorants after the new coupons!

Here are your deals:


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  • Lisa Tator Banks

    My Shoprite (Kingston, NY) won’t take coupons that say “Redeemable at…” The service leader (or whatever she is called) on the front end said that Shoprite doesn’t get any money for those coupons. I didn’t argue, just gave my stuff back to her and canceled the transaction – frustrating! So, with that in mind, What is the deal with “Redeemable at…” coupons?

    • stephanie

      these dont say Target on them. I have printed all of them and they say manufacturer’s coupon.

    • Kimberly

      Well she is lying to you because I am a Front End at Shoprite and we do get paid for them as long as they are not store specific. Redeemable at we get paid for Redeem at we do not

  • mamapld

    Please tell me what Shoprite will take Target coupons! i have been to 3 and have been refused each time ( mulitple times!)

    • They are regular manufacturer coupons that are just printing from the Target site.

    • kesha

      which ones did you try? (so I don’t go there)

      • mamapld

        Slingerlands, Colonie and Albany. I and 3 others couponers that were at a focus group for Shoprite pointed out the difference between redeem at and redeemable at.. the head of whatever they call her said she would work on the problem ( she was the head person for ALL Shoprites!) So far,, no change!

  • Tina Warren McNabb

    Unfortunately the 2 Shoprites in my area won’t take them either. I was told that they are only acceptable at Target/ Walmart, etc.. Didn’t argue..

    • These are not Target Coupons. They are just regular manufacturer coupons and can be used anywhere.

  • MaryL

    Would these count as .99 for the unilever deal or the original price? Thank you Cindy for all these great deals.

    • I’m not sure. It would depend on the shelf tag. Sometimes the price at home, even thought it says Price Plus, is not.

      • stephanie

        when i price checked they said .99 but when they rang up they rang at $1.30, then the .31 was deducted so hard to tell.

      • kabbysteve

        I purchased the mens deodorant today….rang up .99 cents towards the deal…says I saved 1.30 on it BUT NO PC deduction…only use the .99 cents for the men’s single deodorant.

    • COLIN

      The Women and Men’s Degree DEFINITELY will as I used the latter and it worked and the former is listed as a participating item in the flyer. As to their price for the promotion, I do not know, but definitely .99 cents towards the threshold.

    • Laura D.

      I did this tonight. It’s based on $0.99 towards the deal. Exactly as Kabby stated.

  • Steph Quintano

    i had a cashier tell me that these .99 sized dove deodorants are travel size and are not allowed with the coupon. i tried explaining that the real small ones are the trial/travel but she insisted that i could not use the coupon.

    • Mary

      I had the same thing happen to me. Then I tried again at another SR. The coupon still beeped, but this time, the cashier (young male!) just pushed it though. This is definitely a YMMV situation.

  • Sonya

    I want to know exactly how many oz is the travel and trial size lol . I was refused last time but I’ll try again .

    • tiff

      Next time, you should bring a travel size just in case 😉 i work as the front end runner (the annoying supervisor with the key). && when i go to a different shoprite, they always give me problems. Like I’m only allowed to do one transaction there a day and the runner there actually watches me too! It’s annoying how store policies change from day to day.

      • mamapld

        I LOVE the ” key Holder.”.how can you be annoying???

    • misterbill

      Travel size is 0.5 ounce. Does SR carry those?

  • mary

    This is a manufacturer coupon but the CVS Visine deal just posted states that the CVS coupon can be stacked with a manufacturer but the CVS coupon says “manufacturer” on it. Cindy you state below that these coupons for deodorant are not Target coupons but manufacturer and I agree with you 100% but then I get the complete opposite in the CVS Visine deal where both coupons state, “manufacturer.” Can you help me out?

    • Laura D.

      Hi Mary, in reference to the Visine Deal and the $4/1 CVS coupon, at the top in the black box next to the expiration date it states “CVS/pharmacy”, nothing about it being a Manufacturer’s coupon. The $3/1 any (1) Visine product coupon states “Manufacturer Coupon” in the black box at the top. These 2 coupons can be “stacked” at CVS, it is written in their coupon policy. You may have printed only 2 of the Visine MQ’s and not the CVS coupon. Click on the $4/1 link above and look for the “CVS Pharmacy” logo on the “select coupon page”, that logo defines the coupon as a CVS coupon and will have “CVS/pharmacy” in the black box after you print it. I just printed both coupons. Take another look, the $4/1 CVS coupon comes from the CVS coupons page and the $3/1 Visine coupon comes from the Visine Facebook Page (there are 3 coupons to choose from on their Facebook page). Hope This Helps!!!
      The Unilever coupons listed above, which are printed off of the Target Website all state “Manufacturer Coupon” in the black box at the top, also, there isn’t any Target advertisement on these coupons. I just printed all of them.
      There are lots of great coupons to print today, it gets confusing. Hang in there, Good Luck!! 🙂

      • Laura D.

        I had the paragraphs separated to make the explanation easier, but after hitting submit it rearranged my paragraphs. Hope it isn’t too confusing.

        • Stu

          Laura, if you register with disqus, you have the ability to go back in to your post and edit as you see fit. Can be very handy if you forget to mention something or if there is a formatting issue.

          • Laura D.

            I can’t. My disqus account won’t let me sign in, and I’ve stopped receiving their emails. When I try, it says the website is invalid, however if I go directly to Disqus (dot) com I can sign in to my account but, I can only post as a guest. I’ve emailed them twice but they’ve never responded. So I am stuck posting comments and following the comments the old way. 🙁

  • ashley

    do these beep at check out?

    • Laura D.

      Yes, they beep. The cashier price adjusted the coupon down to $0.99 and input each coupon manually. HTH!

  • Kathy Glaude Lemieux

    Walmart will take other store coupons, as long as it states the brand and price of product. Shop Rite is about 30 min from my home in Troy, NY. I go to Walmart about 10 min away have them price match all Shop Rite’s prices plus any coupon. Its kinda pain but worth it!

  • misterbill

    Travel size deodorant seems to be 0.5 ounces. I’ll post a link to one I found on Amazon in a reply to this (don’t want to put it here because it will get moderated).

  • Sherry Z

    My current Firefox version refused to print these despite installing their required coupon printer countless times yet it was effortless with IE. Grrrrrr.

  • james

    has anybody tried to see if the uniliver spend $15 and get $5 in the next shopping trip works only with the sale price or will it work at regular retail?

    also i like to ask why Kathy Glaude Lemieux take the coupons to walmart. shoprite will double them or does walmart double them now?

    • Laura D.

      The Unilever deal tracks on Pre Price Plus prices. I purchased 1 Dove 6 pack bar soap ($7.89) $7.49, and 4 Degree Deodorants $0.99, and 4 Dove Deodorants $0.99 used coupons for all of them $2/1 Dove bar soap, (4) $1/1 Degree and (4) $1/1 Dove Deodorant plus the $1/1 eCoupon for the Dove bar soap. Paid $4.49 and received the $5 cat. The deodorant tracks only $0.99 towards the deal. There is no pre price plus price for the deodorant, just a sale price. HTH!

      • james

        thanks Laura D

        i had to run down to shoprite so i was able to buy the 4 Dove deodorants @ $0.99, 3 suave deodorants @ $1.09, 5 degree deodorants @ $0.99 and 2 suave professional shampoo @ $1.99.
        and you are correct. it works only with the sale price. so i payed
        Sale price $15.17 plus $1.29 tax total $16.39 and the coupons i used

        4 dove deodorants $1/1
        4 degree deodorants $1/1
        3 suave deodorants $0.50/1 plus suave $0.25 shoprite ecoupon
        1 bogo suave professional shampoo plus
        the suave professional shampoo $1.50 shoprite ecoupon

        so total price after coupons $1.73 and got the $5 on my next shopping trip. so it’s a $3.27 money maker

        • Denise Davison

          awesome job! so happy to know that all of the deodorants were included in the Catalina deal!

        • Laura D.

          No problem James. Great transaction! I didn’t notice the fine print, luckily I have many different IP’s and Insert coupons so I will adjust my future transactions. BTW, the $2/1 Dove bars coupon reset today, I’ve been trying to print that coupon everyday this week since I only had 1 left over from a while ago. More free soap in my future!!!!

      • denisew

        where did you find the $2/1 dove soap bar? This is the only soap my sensitive skin kids can use. Thank you!!

        • Laura D.

          It is in the database here on LRWC. Click on the Coupon Database located underneath the search box. Then type “Dove” into the search box in the Database. The $2/1 Dove bars coupon is the first one that is listed. It’s a bricks coupon, and get this… just reset!!!! WoooHoooo!!!!!! Looks like I’m headed back to do the Unilever deal a few more times!!!!!

          • denisew

            Thank you LauraD! Before posting I checked there, but put in Dove Soap it didn’t come up. With just Dove I got it. Appreciate it

  • Wilma B

    Print the Suave also, as they have the Suave for .99

    • Harry

      my SR has the suave for 1.99 and not 0.99. The smaller trial ones are 1.09 but the neither coupon nor catalina will work on those.

      • Kesha

        Did you try price checking? My SR had the 1.6 oz for 1.09. They are the same size as the degree and dove. With the .25 ecoupon they are a money maker. Since they cost more than $1, they were the only ones that didn’t beep.

        • james

          hi harry
          i did buy the suave that is on sale for $1.09 (not sure of the oz’s but i think it was 1.4 oz) and it does work with the catalina.

          thanks luara d for the tip on the dove $2 coupon. my wife can only use dove soap because of he sensitive skin. so it looks like i’ll be running down to shoprite for one more catalina deal. 🙂

  • CouponMaven

    Will these deodorants still be on sale Sunday?

    • Denise Davison

      They are not listed in the Ad as being on sale next week, of course there is always a chance, but we will not know until tomorrow

  • Harry

    I did this deal – 4 dove and 4 degree and a six pack of dove soaps and got the CAT. All the Deodorant coupons beeped because of multiple reasons – but the cashier just did the override on all of them. The beeping was likely on account of the 1 cent difference, but the thing is (and I saw it only later on an unused coupon I had with me) it says not more than 2 per transaction of each type is allowed as per the fine print on the coupon. So if you have a tough cashier, these may not work if 4 of the same are used in a single transaction. Just to be aware.

    • denisew

      where is the dove soap coupon from?

      • Harry

        I was able to use only the sr ecpn for the soap. the $2 off and the $1 off are not ptinting for me from the weekly sr matchups

  • Kari

    All this drama is why I love self checkout at my Shoprite!! 🙂

  • Ruby

    I always have to have a manager come and override something for me…but I got 10 free deodorants today! Plus free Jones Sausage and a pack of pampers wipes for only .63(w/tax)! Good couponing trip before work!