Unilever Catalina Deal Update at ShopRite – Better Than FREE Suave Lotion & Degree!

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 11.12.45 AMSuave Body Lotion Coupon

Well, we didn’t get the Tresemme included in the Unilever deal but the Suave Lotion is included.  And, they are on sale for $2.49 and we’ve got a $1.50/1 Suave Body Lotion Coupon from the 11/17 Red Plum along with the new $1.50/1 Suave Body Lotion ShopRite eCoupon.

You can pair this up with the Degree Men’s Twin Packs Deodorant for a sweet money maker deal.

Here are your deals:


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  • Kim

    I had a few Shoprite Coupons that came out of the coupon machine a while back for Sauve professionals. Look through your stash … some may have them!

    • susan

      What coupon machine? Is this like the CVS red machine? where?


    Anyone know if the individual Men’s Degree deodorants are included in this Catalina promotion? I have a rain check for when they were .99 cents plus $1.00 off coupons and was wondering if they, too, counted towards this deal? Thanks!

  • misterbill

    Is there a different item to substitute for the 2nd body lotion for those of us who only have 1 coupon (and don’t feel like buying another paper)?

    • barbara

      you could buy 2 suave professionals use the B1G1 free with the $1.50/1 SREC will come out to $.49 for 2 it should work for the $15 mark.

      • misterbill

        Thanks.. that’s for one card. Looking for something on the other card :-).

        • may

          if it’s a participating product, a suave deodorant with coupon and ecoupon

          • misterbill

            Just discovered that I had only clipped the Degree e-coupon on one card, so I guess I’ll just do the Degree+Suave Professionals deal on one card and not bother with the other. Oh well.

            • jessica

              Same thing happened to me… I was thinking of another deal for my husbands card & then realized I had never clipped the degree ecoupon -_- whomp whomp

              • Kesha

                Same here :(. In contrast, I realized even though I used my Axe coupon last week, since I clipped my cellfire Axe coupon before the Shoprite one, it is now ready for me to use through the Shoprite card. Does anyone know if the Axe body spray is included? The ad shows Axe as a brand. That would be a free $4.99 credit toward the deal. Maybe I could combine with the Suave lotion and Suave professionals?

  • Mia

    $3/2 Degree Men Twin Packs SR eCoupon is NLA

  • Joanie

    No Degree S/R ecoupon for me 🙁

  • Karen4811

    Would anyone happen to know how much the Suave Professionals Shampoo/Conditioners are?

    • DianeG

      1.99 for most of them – ‘bought them this morning

      • Karen4811

        Thanks so much DianeG

  • danielle

    You want us to buy two twin packs (4 deoderants) and only use 1 twin pack coupon? Shouldnt we use two? Or are we only meant to buy one twin pack.

    • kelly

      the coupon is $3/2 twin packs

  • gwen

    when looking at the ad online, there are ads on the top/side. one of these is for the unilever catalina. it opens a new page with several pages of products. possibly a participating items list?

  • Liz Nowak Harwood

    I tried buying 4 Suave Professionals, a Vasaline Lotion and a Suave Lotion. No cat! Has it worked for anyone today? I see the SR website is down, but my ecoupons came off. TIA

    • misterbill

      What was the pre-Price Plus total? Was the coupon printer working?

    • Cheri

      I had a problem last time this unilever deal was around with the vasaline lotion.

      • Liz Nowak Harwood

        Pretty sure it’s the Vasaline. Tried a variation tonight with it again and NO CAT! I had to go to CS and fight for it.

  • Amy

    does anyone how if this cat can be done more than once?

    • Yep it can be done more than once and you can use the previous catalina to pay for the next round. Or as we like to say.. you can roll your catalina. 🙂

  • Amy

    Ty. One more question…is the total have to be $15 before or after using other coupons

    • misterbill

      Before. Coupons never have any effect on the offers at Shoprite. Many times. the coupon will print before the coupons are even scanned (although it varies by deal).

  • Erin

    I scored a great deal I found the simply moisturizer
    Marked down from 10.29 to 5.15 . In the red plum is a coupon for b 1 moisturizer
    Get the facial wipes free. Brought the moisturizer 5.15 plus the wipes
    had a previous Catalina from garnier offer for $3.
    Paid $2.49 for both item and got back $5 Catalina .
    And was able to roll it. And as I’m sure all know tresemme
    It’s part of the deal. However got 4 mousse and 4 hairsprays
    For .31 = ) happy couponing all.

    • bilinval

      I just read above that the Tresemme WASN’T included. Is it now working???

    • ErIn

      No the tresemme isnt working . I apologize thought I edited it last night.

      • misterbill

        If you are a registered DIsqus user, you can edit your posts. Tresemme is not list in the list of brand logos in the $5 offer, so I’m not really why it was expected to be part of the deal in the first place.

        • It was expected because Tresemme is a Unilever product and it has, in the past worked on Unilever deals. Now that we have a list, which we didn’t have before the sale starts, we know it’s not included. You can see the full list here http://plan.shoprite.com/AdLanding.aspx?acid=09EBA71140&AdOrigin=UnileverHB_Holiday13_ROP_SR_plan_300x250

          • misterbill

            Have the previous ads shown the brand logos in the offer box as this one does? Thanks for the pointer to the list.

            • Sometimes they have and sometimes they haven’t. Even when they have shown them, we are always up for a surprise. This was probably one of the first times I’ve seen every single product that was in the deal actually shown on in the circular.

    • stephanie

      great job finding that moisturizer. I did the cleanser for $6.99- $2 ecoupon, -$3 printed internet coupon, then got the wipes free $5.49 with the red plum coupon and the lotion $2.49- $1.50 red plum coupon (had used my e coupon for that yesterday. OOP was $3.48 and got $5 catalina. Going to roll it again and do the same with out the $2 e coupon……..pay $4.98 and get another $5 cat.

      Hope all goes smooth. 🙂

      • Stephanie

        Suave lotion that is. 🙂

      • Kesha

        It let you use the B1G1 coupon and a $3 mfg coupon together? I didn’t know Shoprite computers allowed that. Great deal if it did.

        • misterbill

          It depends on how the B1G1 coupon is coded. Great deal if both work!

          • Stephanie

            It actually wouldn’t take either, so the front end manager had to come over, but it was no problem. I didn’t get anything off of the free item, it was off of the cleanser.

  • Harry

    ibotta has a few Suave products on the list expiring on 21 Nov…not sure if they would qualify for the $5 CAT though. One good deal if it works and if you do not have 2 of RP coupons for body lotion would be with the Suave Moroccan infusion shampoo and conditioner which are showing up at $3.79 shelf, $3.29 sale and then use a the BOGO from RP.

    • Harry

      here is my deal idea based on the link (in matchups) that shows all included products (its my second deal after exhausting the degree multipack coupon and having only 1 RP):
      qtips precision
      2.99 shelf, 2.69 sale
      -0.50 facebook ip cpn doubled – 0.30 ecpn
      axe body spray
      shelf 4.99, sale 3.99
      $2 ip, $2 ecpn
      moroccan infusion shine shampoo
      3.79 shelf, 3.29 sale
      -1.50 ecpn
      moroccan infusion shine conditioner
      3.79, 3.29 sale
      BOGO RP -3.29

      Total before PP: 15.56

      Total OOP after cpn/ecpn: 3.18
      ibota $1.25
      CAT $5
      = 3.07 MM

      • Kesha

        Be careful with the Axe. I just looked at my receipt from last week when I bought one and even though the SFH site shows the Pre Price plus as $4.99, it is showing in the line item on my receipt as $3.99. You may want to check while it is ringing up at the register so that you are not .50 short.

        • Harry

          thanks for the tip; I will add a suave 2.6oz deo which is on sale for $1.99 less 0.50 RP coupon doubled, less 0.25 ecpn for an aditional 0.75 OOP.

  • bilinval

    How can I find what products are participating in this deal?

  • Tina

    The worst scenario ever happened to me today at the Paramus Shoprite, I did the Unilever deal and the Kraft deal just like you did and the catalina machine doesn’t work at all, when I asked the cashier about this, she said that this machine is crazy and if i have some time i better go to the cs and they will print the catalina for me, so I went over there, and the women start to scream and said no way i’ll get the catalina I need to pay after coupons $15 in order to get it and I used shoprite coupons and printable coupons so i won’t get anything, I tried to explain that this is shoprite policy and the only problem was with the catalina machine, but she just rolled her eye and made a face to the other lady, only after they called the manger they agreed to print it to me, but they said again and again that i’m not deserve it and let me feel that they make me a favor. Please!!! cheek the catalina machine before transaction, the girls in the coustomer service just don’t know or informed about the deals.

    • Michelle T.

      When Cats don’t print you can contact Catalina marketing and they will mail them to you. This takes longer, but you don’t have to go to CS and argue with them. I would contact SR corporate and tell them that the CS employees were rude and yelled at you. They need someone to tell them they can’t talk to customers like that. Without customers they wouldn’t have a job! No way should we as paying customers (even if we pay with coupons LOL) be treated badly. End of rant 🙂

  • Guest

    Not sure if anyone posted this, but would this work:
    1 Axe Body Spray ($4.99) $3.99
    1 Simple Moisturizer or Cleanser ($7.49) $6.99
    1 Simple Wipes ($5.49) $5.49
    Total: ($17.97) $16.47
    -$2.00/1 Axe Deodorant or Body Spray Printable
    -$2.00/1 Axe Deodorant or Body Spray ecoupon
    -$3.00/1 Simple Moisturizer or Cleanser Printable
    -$2.00/1 Simple Moisturizer or Cleanser ecoupon
    -$5.49 (Free Simple Wipes wyb Cleanser coupon from the 11/17 RP)
    Pay: $1.98
    Get $5.00 CAT

    I know the last time SR had the free clear shampoo when you purchased Dove soap, I was able to use a printable coupon and the ecoupon came off as well.

    • siki

      thats what i did and it worked

      • Guest

        great thanks siki!

  • Michele A (SI)

    Here’s what I did tonight:
    Dove Body Wash – 5.99
    Suave Moroccan shampoo – 3.29
    Suave Moroccan conditioner – 3.29
    Suave lotion – 2.49
    Total: 15.06
    $2 off Dove body wash printable
    BOGO Suave Moroccan (insert) – 3.29
    $1.50 off lotion (insert)
    1.50 Suave e-coupon (Moroccan shampoo)
    1.50 Suave e-coupon (lotion)
    Total coupons $9.79
    OOP $5.27
    Received $5.00 Catalina – net cost .27!
    I only received one insert – we get 3 Sunday newspapers, but 2 of them had very skinny RP inserts. Just one paper had the “good” one!

  • siki

    there is a great Simple cleanser and wipes deal money maker this week. SR 2$ e-coupon, coupon.com 2$ coupon and wipes free coupon in this weeks RP insert. Plus spend 15 get 5 $ catalina. Should became money maker!

  • T

    I bought one twin degree &2 sauve lotion get $5 cat. Does Anybody kn how thAt happened

    • Guest

      Wow.. were the prices the same as listed above? That’s awesome that you got it.. not sure how either though 🙂

      • T

        Yes the same price could be the degree of .99 be part of. The deal

    • misterbill

      What else did you purchase? Maybe you inadvertently bought another of the qualifying items?

      • T

        I bought 8 degree deodrant of.99 cent

        • kabbysteve

          That did it. I hear those are included

        • misterbill

          Yes, the Degree definitely would do it. Did they actually ring up at 99c, or did they first scan them at regular price, then do rain check adjustment? Either way obviously you had plenty, but you might have had enough to get the $5 with the Degree purchase alone.

          • COLIN

            Don’t need the rain check as I had thought as they are clearly listed (1.7 oz Degree Men’s) as participating in the promotion and are on sale this week for .99 cents!

            However, I bought 2 Degree twin packs and Men’s Vaseline lotion and the Catalina did not generate!@ Luckily for me, I also bought qualifying Kraft products for that Catalina to be generated and I then went to C/S and then showed them that the Kraft Catalina was issued on shelf prices, as the sale prices I bought did not add up to $15.00 and that therefore, the Unilever Catalina should have been generated, as well, even though I fell short of purchasing $15 worth of “Sale” items — but did purchase $15 worth of “Shelf” items. They did give me the Unilever Catalina and hopefully I educated my store that the Catalinas are generated by Shelf prices!

        • John

          Do the $1 off on Degree coupons work on the 1.7oz ones that are on sale for $0.99?


    The 1.7 oz Men’s Degree is not listed in that section but on the shelves there is a tag that clearly lists it as a participating item, and on sale @ .99 cents at that, so not everything that is participating in the promotion can be found on the above list. Other items doubtless participate by resort to viewing the shelves with the denoted tags.

  • John

    Has anyone figured out what the issue is with the Vaseline? Are none of them working?
    I am planning on getting the following:
    Suave Lotion – 2.49
    Suave Shampoo – 1.99
    Suave Conditioner – 1.99
    Vaseline Lotion – 4.99
    Vaseline Lotion – 4.99
    Total – 16.45

    And these are post-sale prices so if I have to argue with CS, I think they will have to give it to me?