Update on Kraft Catalina Deal at ShopRite – Better Than FREE Kraft Fresh Take & More

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 11.02.40 AMKraft Catalina Deal at ShopRite

Well, guess what, the Kraft Fresh Take ARE included in the Oscar Mayer Kraft Dairy Products Catalina deal this week.  The deal is Buy $15 Get a $5 catalina.  And, the $0.99/1 Kraft Fresh Take Coupon (21286) is still available and had actually reset earlier this month.  So, more prints for us.  And, according to reader Michelle, these freeze really well so get some more and throw them in the freezer.

Also, remember, this morning we got a new $1/2 Kraft Fresh Take ShopRite eCoupon that we can use as well.

Note that this is not on a price plus deduction so the $2.49 will be the price tracking for the catalina.

Here is a deal idea:


Be sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite Deals for the week before you shop.

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  • Elaine

    I can confirm buying 3 OM bacon produced a CAT!

    • Sandy

      Thanks Elaine! Was waiting for confirmation.

    • Michele A (SI)


  • nell

    I know this is silly question,but where can you locate Kraft fresh take?TIA

    • misterbill

      It’s in the refrigerated case, but often not with the other cheese products.

      • Robbie

        My Shoprite seems to place it near the cream cheese/sour cream section. HTH

    • Nancy Augustine

      When my Shoprite feels like carrying it, which isn’t very often, I find it in a separate stand alone refrigerated case over by the eggs and cheese.

    • Kelly

      I found it next to the string cheese.

  • Lori Boyko

    If anyone has any of these Kraft deals without 4 Fresh Take, I’m all ears……I’m out of those coupons and would love to do some other cat transactions. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Kim

      I’m going to get TWO fresh takes (I have so many in the freezer!!!), two mozzarella cheese and 1 philly cream cheese. Still comes out free 🙂

      • Lori Boyko

        Great! Thank you so much! I WILL do that! I need to make lasagna and cream cheese brownies, so perfect!

    • Eileen Burke

      Hi Lori, here is what I’m going to do.

      1st Transaction:
      2 Fresh Takes @$2.49 each
      4 Breakstones @.99 each ($1.24)
      1 Oscar Mayer Bacon @$3.99 ($5.49)
      Total shelf price $15.43
      Use 2 fresh take IP’s
      Shoprite ecoupon $1/2
      4 $1/1 Breakstones coupon
      Total $4.01 after coupons
      Get $5 OYNO = $.99 MM

      2nd Transaction:
      2 Cracker Barrel @$1.99 each ($2.49)
      4 Breaksones @$.99 ($1.24)
      1 Oscar Mayer Bacon @$3.99 ($5.49)
      Total shelf price $15.43
      Use 2 $1/1 cracker barrel IP’s
      4 $1/1 Breakstones
      Total $5,97
      Get $5 OYNO = $.14 each

      Hope this helps 🙂

      • Lori Boyko

        I love the 2nd transaction! Perfect! Thank you!

    • Sandy

      I’m hoping 3 Oscar Meyer bacons will do it. Will come out to $2.32 ea. which is cheap considering the price of bacon these days.

  • Megan

    How do you get to the Cracker Barrel Coupon? I have a Kraft First Taste account but I’m not sure how to access coupon once logged in??

    • Aimee Beth Pennell-Vogel

      I can’t figure it out either- at least I know it’s not just me 🙂

    • I updated the link with a $1/1 coupon. Looks like the $1.50/1 is out of prints now.

  • Sherry Z

    As someone who cooks from scratch and consider myself to be a gourmet cook, when I purchase Fresh Take recently in the last offer, I didn’t know what the product was and just wanted the Cracker Barrel offers. I prepared the Chipotle last week using boneless chicken breast and though not even a Chipotle fan, it was excellent. In addition to being effortless, the baked chicken was moist and scrumptious. I absolutely recommend this product. Yum!

    • Nicole LaFrance

      i love Fresh Take. I used it other ways too, like I used the BBQ Bacon one to make a meatloaf and i used BBQ sauce on top instead of ketchup. it was really quite good. And I have used it as a topping for casseroles. Super yummy!

      • Tina Fitz

        I have sliced potatoes and layered them on a baking sheet drizzled with olive oil and used the bacon cheddar fresh take. The kids loved them said it was like eating a loaded baked potato.

        • Oh that sounds yummy! I might try that with sliced sweet potatoes.

        • Nicole LaFrance

          thanks for the idea! I took potatoes and tossed them with seasoning and a couple tablespoons of the Heluva Good Greek Onion Dip that nobody liked and baked topped with the cheddar bacon fresh take an everyone went crazy over it!

  • Sherry Z

    There is no Kraft Fresh Take eCoupon showing for me at 11:38 AM.

    And the Take Express coupons are not printing for me, either…..


    • Rocky

      Sherry, did you click on the appropriate banner to access the Kraft coupons, which are separate from the other ecoupons? It is the Oscar Mayer/Kraft deal banner in the upper right hand corner of the ecoupon page.

  • Darlene Cyr

    The cheddar,jack and bacon is awesome mixed with hamburger and made into burgers

    • Oh I’ll have to do that because I have a bunch and my husband does not like it on chicken.

    • bilinval

      I use the cheddar and bacon on pork chops- yum.

    • Michele A (SI)

      I’m wondering about trying it with veggies – steamed broccoli florets, for instance, tossed with olive oil and a package of the Italian flavor Fresh Takes, then browned in the oven and/or broiler?

      • Michelle T.

        We love it that way. Toss the broccoli with olive oil and roast it in the oven. When it’s almost done, sprinkle the Fresh Takes over the top and cook until it browns. Veggies are gone every time! Works great with cauliflower too 🙂

    • Courtney

      Try it with the Progresso Recipe starters cheddar, the cheese added to the starter and bread crumbs on top is great!

    • Qpon Jenn

      I just did that yesterday for dinner, the burgers were so yummy!

  • Sherry Z

    The Fresh Take site tells me that the coupon has printed but it has not…… repeatedly.

    And, is anyone finding the ShopRite eCoupon? I do not see it anywhere……


    • Kim

      You have to click on the little banner above the normal Digital Coupons. It’s for Kraft only. (really quite small!!!)

    • ed

      It’s not with the regular digital coupons. Click on digital coupons and then look for a little Oscar Mayer-Kraft banner in the upper right hand corner. You’ll find it there.

  • Roxanne

    oh no I must look away lol

    • Sandy

      Roxanne that is so not funny. If I bring another cheese product into this house my husband will divorce me. I resisted the free sour cream deal last week and I’m hoping I can look the other way this week too!

      • misterbill

        I wasn’t going to do this deal again but I just found a $3 rebate form for 2 Cracker Barrel cheeses (valid in NY VA, MS) so I’m going to have to buy more.

        I do wish that the Philly soft cream cheese was part of the $5 deal. We can actually use that.

        • minny

          misterbill, where did you find the rebate forms? thank you.

          • misterbill

            I found it on a beer display at A&P.

  • susanc

    i just went to the kraft site and the only coupon i could get was for the cheesy skillets….:O(

    • bilinval

      I just printed Fresh Take from Cindy’s link above. It was on coupons.com.

  • Sherry Z

    Whoops, sorry, found the Kraft eCoupons section.


    Can someone explain this apparent distinction to me?
    “Note that this is not on a price plus deduction so the $2.49 will be the price tracking for the Catalina.”
    The picture indicates that it is one sale, and I would like to know why the shelf price is not considered @ $3.29 instead of the stated above $2.49.

    • misterbill

      You get credit for whatever it rings up at before the Price Plus discount. Because it’s on sale for $2.49 without any Price Plus discounts, you’ll only get the $2.49.

      • COLIN

        Thanks, Bill! I did not know there was a difference between a price plus discount and something that was on sale. I guess a price plus discount uses a shelf price for calculation whereas a sale price does not.

        • misterbill

          Not really. There was a post by Cindy a while ago explain this but I’ll try my own way. There are either 2 or 3 prices when an item is on sale at Shoprite. There’s the normal shelf price ($3.29 in the case above), and the sale price ($2.49 above) and in some cases a Price Plus price (not applicable here, but let’s say it was $1.99, as it is for the Cracker Barrel). You get credit for the sale price ($2.49), before the Price Plus discount is applied. The sale price is also what you’d pay if you bought more than the Price Plus limit (typically 4 per variety).

          • COLIN

            Thanks, again, Bill!


    Anyone know if the C/B cuts/sticks are included in the Catalina promotion? With the Shoprite e-coupon and the printable C/B Product $1.00 coupon (that can be used for chunks, cuts or sticks) this could be a real money saver!

    • Tracy

      Great question Colin and thanks for asking! I thought that “sticks” meant it would work on the chunck cheese…but maybe sticks are something else?

      • barbara

        the sticks are the snack bars. individually wrapped in a bag.. like a lunch box item.. They are priced at $3.99

        • COLIN

          Thanks, Barbara! Even if they are included in the promotion, at that price it is better to go for the chunk bar @ $1.99 less the $1.00 coupon (.99 cents per bar) vs. the $3.99 price of the sticks/snack bars less the $1.00 e-coupon and the $1.00 printable that can be used for this item (total = $1.99); unless you need the extra shelf price amount to get you over the $15 hump, that is!

  • mary c

    Does anybody knows any deal with cream cheese? Thank you!

  • Veronica lake

    Can someone tell me why my shoprite is not giving a Catalina even though I bought more than $15 pre prices. I got 6 cracker barrel cheese and 1 cream cheese. $2.49 (1.99) for $0.99 (1.89) and did not get a Catalina. HELP! Hamden Ct. The pre prices never seem to work for me! Getting frustrated.

    • Robin Marquis

      above it looks like it’s not tracking pre so you’d be short with what you bought

      • Veronica lake

        I looked at my receipt and it is saying that I saved $3.00 with each cheese. I returning everything and going to another shoprite! Thanks for replying! 🙂

    • misterbill

      Are you sure that the coupon printer was working? That’s the #1 cause of these deals not working.

      • Veronica Lake

        Not sure, didn’t even bother asking. It was 7:30 in the morning. Just worked a 12 hour shift and left my purse there also! Has to pick it up on the way back to work! It was a bad morning! lol

  • mary

    I can’t find the Breakstone Sour Cream coupons. I have 4 SS flyers from 11/10 but none of them have any ads for Breakstone. What am I missing? (I’m in NJ)

    • Michelle T.

      The Breakstone coupon was in the Star Ledger and Home News. It is white and red with a picture of Greek style and regular sour cream. (I’m in Central Jersey)

      • mary

        Odd. I”m still not finding this coupon. Oh boo.

    • Veronica Lake

      I ordered them from coupons & things by dede on Friday. They’ll be in mailbox today!

  • irene

    Can someone please help me? How do I get to the fresh take coupon?

    • DianeG

      Irene, Click on the link for Fresh Take. Enter zipcode 21286. If the coupon doesn’t appear, click on the link on this page again. That should open a new tab with the Fresh Take coupon selected. ‘Just did it and it’s still there. HTH

      • irene

        Just got it. Thank you! 🙂

      • Michelle T.

        Thanks for pointing that out. Must have been using my own zip code. Changed it and there it was! 🙂

    • Michelle T.

      I tried to print from a second computer last night and couldn’t find it. It may be out of prints.

  • Linda

    Does anyone know if you can roll the cat? With all the bacon and cheese deals, I’m going to do this a bunch of times. Thanks!!

    • Denise Davison

      absolutely! you can do the deal as many times as you would like to over the week, you can just get 1 catalina per transaction!

  • tina

    There is an ecoupon for cracker barrel but it says 6-7 oz can this be used as well? Also my ad has the sour cream for .99 but shoprite from home shows it at 1.13?

    • tina

      N/m on the cracker barrel question..

  • Veronica Lake

    Does anyone know if the preprices are working at either shoprite in Derby, Shelton, Hamden or Southbury CT. shoprite. Didn’t work in Hamden. Gonna try Derby tonight. I need some stuff for the holidays. Trying to get the best bang for my buck! Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 🙂

  • linda

    i was told i have to spend 15.00 after shoprite takes off there discounts. to get my 5.00 catalina coupon

    • CouponMan1981

      Did Shoprite tell you that? I would call Catalina marketing company and explain. They might be able to help you out.

  • linda

    anybody else have to do this to get there coupon

    • kabbysteve

      Do what?

  • Sue

    Has anyone tried doing this with the PollyO mozzarella? Did it work on shelf price? TIA!

    • Cheri

      yes I did Cindys deal with the 3 mozz and 1 cracker barrel – worked great

      • Sue

        Thanks. Going to do it today.

    • DianeG

      Sue, It worked for me with four PollyO mozzarella.

      Shelf Price ($4.19 x 4= $16.76) That triggered the $5.00 Catalina

      Sale Price ($1.98 x 4= $7.96) PAID

      The final cost was $.72 each after $5.00 Catalina

      • mary

        Thanks for posting this deal idea. I will try this one at my Shop Rite. Fingers crossed!!

    • COLIN

      YES! I bought 1 Polly O Skim Mozz., 2 Fresh Takes (w/2 @ .99 coupons and 1 e-coupon), 2 C/B chunks (w/2 @ $1.00 coupons) and 1 Breakstone Sour Cream (w/1 @ $1.00 coupon) and the Catalina was generated.

  • misterbill

    I thought I posted this last night, but there is a new 50c Ibotta for the Philly soft cream chese.

  • Veronica Lake

    Are the preprices working in CT? Anyone? I have done the deal once and no go on preprices. Total preprices was over $16.00 and no catalina came out

  • Snoopyfan

    Does anyone know if this CAT rolls? I’m assuming it doesn’t since it prints at the end of the transaction but just wondering.

    • stephanie

      mine has rolled several times all week long.

  • Jenn

    So, I’m not sure if anyone has run into this but on my ShopRite from home site it lists the Philadelphia Brick Cream Cheese at $2.59 pre-price plus. I’m really hoping that’s the case because that will make for a super awesome deal!!

    Buy 6 Philadelphia Bricks ($2.59) $0.99 = ($15.54) 5.94
    Get $5 Cat / About $0.16 each

    Anyone else have or do this deal with that price?