Possible $25 Money Maker on Energizer Batteries at ShopRite Starting 12/8 {Rebate Offer}

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Energizer Battery Coupon

Starting on Sunday, 12/8 you can score an awesome deal on Energizer batteries if you didn’t already take advantage of the Energizer Deal a few weeks back.  I just submitted my rebates yesterday but I know a lot of you have already received your gift cards or paypal (depending on what you choose).  My mom doesn’t know it yet but she is getting a bunch of batteries this time around 😉

Anyway, Energizer Batteries will be on sale for $2.99 for the 8 ct AA or AAA at ShopRite.  Right now there are $1/1 Energizer Battery Coupons available that you can use.  And, according to the new ad, there will be $1.50 Energizer Coupons but I’m not sure if that is off 1 or 2 packs yet.

Print: Energizer Coupon

There is still the Energizer Bunny Birthday Bucks Rebate. The rebate is for up to $8 back when you buy any 2 participating Energizer Battery Packs.  You have to find the rebate code located the package that looks like the package below.  I am still seeing these rebate forms on packs at the stores I have been too.

The rebate states it’s up to $8 back however, when you enter your codes, you will have the option of the followingEnergizer Rebate

  • As an $8 check made payable to you
  • As an $8 transfer into your PayPal account
  • As a $10 WALMART® gift card (depending on where you purchased the product) Purchases (whether one of the eligible products or both) from the following retailers will NOT qualify for a WALMART® gift card: Fred Meyer, HEB, Lowe’s, Meijer, Office Depot, and Walgreens.

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Participating $4 offer packs:

  • Energizer MAX AA/AAA-4 batteries
  • Energizer Advanced Lithium AA/AAA-4 batteries

Participating $8 (or $10 Walmart Gift Card) offer packs:

  • Energizer MAX AA/AAA-8 batteries
  • Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA/AAA-4 batteries
  • Energizer Recharge Power Plus AA/AAA-4 batteries
  • Energizer Recharge Universal AA/AAA-4 batteries

Enter your Energizer Codes

Here is the deal you can do starting Sunday, 12/8 at ShopRite:

Transaction #1:
Buy 4 Energizer Batteries 8 ct AA or AAA $2.99 each
(packs must have the codes on them)
-(4)$1/1 Energizer Batteries Coupons
-$1/1 Energizer Batteries SR eCoupon
Pay: $6.96
Get (2)$10 Walmart Gift Cards or (2)$8 PayPal Deposits
FREE + $13.04 Money Maker after coupons & Rebate

Transaction #2:
Buy 4 Energizer Batteries 8 ct AA or AAA $2.99 each (packs must have the codes on them)
-(4)$1/1 Energizer Batteries Coupons
Pay: $7.96
Get (2)$10 Walmart Gift Cards or (2)$8 PayPal Deposits
FREE + $12.04 Money Maker after coupons & Rebate

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  • megh

    Is the $1.50 coming in the newspaper or will it be printable? (Wondering if I should print the $1 ones while they’re available) Thanks!

    • Kari

      Usually ones listed in ads are for newspaper Q’s.

      • megh

        Got it, thanks!

  • Meg

    Off the topic a bit but how do you keep track of all rebates you submit? I am new to rebates, my Kohls rebates will be first and there are several of them so my head spins and do you use certified mail when you send out rebate or regular mail? Any tips please? Thanks.

    • Sandy

      I have a basic composition book that write in for rebates which I note date sent in, amount of rebate, which item rebate is for and address, tel #, website info in case I need to contact company. When rebate received I note that as well.

      • meg

        Thank you Sandy, the book is a good idea !

      • John

        I send my self an email with ALL of the details, with the attached rebate form. For the subject, I use “Kohl’s Rebate mailed xx/xx/xx – takes 4 weeks”. I also keep a paper copy for the file in case it never makes it to them. Email keeps track, paper copy is only for emergency.

        • Meg

          Thank you John, great system !

    • misterbill

      Don’t use certified mail, it’s a waste of money. Just save a copy of it in case there are problems.

  • Kari

    The batteries at my Shoprite never have the peelies on them. 🙁 Does anyone else’s in the MD area? I might make a trip.

  • Dawn Nicole

    I still have an ecoupon $1.00 on Energizer Max Brand Batteries.. not sure if these are included. Expires 12/28/13

    • sue

      that’s in transaction #1 😉

      • Dawn Nicole

        Duh.. sorry, read it too fast. Totally didn’t see it 🙂 Thanks

  • Jessa

    Is there a limit on how many Bunny Bucks rebates you can get? I’ve only received one so far.

    • lauren

      4 per person per house. I did this last time and received them abou 2 weeks ago

      • Danielle

        Yup – did this deal last time – bought 8 packs of batteries and sent in for 4 $8 rebate checks which I am still waiting on – haven’t received a thing. I saved my receipts just in case I don’t get the rebates and haven’t opened the batteries yet. I guess I can’t do the deal again since I already submitted for the max number per household but really.. good luck finding these peelies the second time around since Energizer messed up putting them on the outside of the packages and people were just stealing them.

        • Danielle

          Update: Received 3 of the 4 $8 rebate checks in the mail Sat…waiting for the last one.

  • Courtney

    Isn’t there an ecoupon still available til the end of the month?

    • misterbill


  • kav

    this deal is such a teaser cause so many ppl have just gone and removed the peelies right off the packages and redeeming them without buying the batteries making the honest ppl that actually PAY for items get screwed over. haven’t they heard the saying “character is who you are when no one is looking?” says a lot about some ppl.

    • Anonymou5

      You mean the peelies are on the outside of the package? Energizer can’t be that dumb can they…

      • lolwut1981

        Why wouldn’t they request copy or original of receipt and UPC code…dafuq?

        • misterbill

          Because this is much easier for the consumer and less fulfillment cost for them. It’s a great way of doing the promotion. Their mistake was not actually requiring you to open the package to get the code.

      • lauren

        yes they are that dumb.. I did the deal 4 times but was honest with it. idk why they don’t want the receipts

        • HarryMan

          I am going to buy the batteries and if the codes don’t work, I will return them!

          • Barbara A.

            The codes will probably work, the dishonest people were stealing (and stealing is the right word) the peelie with the code. They weren’t copying the codes, at least I don’t think they were. It was such a good deal last time and we need batteries in my house so I loved this deal. This promotion really upset me first that people would steal and second that Energizer was so silly to tempt poor dishonest people. I have kept my receipts and I can’t figure out why because illogically I keep thinking someone’s going to come and knock on my door to see them…..

      • Kari

        Yep…I was at Walgreens yesterday and noticed the sticker backs where the peelies should be. Sucks.

      • misterbill

        Yes, AND they allowed it to be redeemed thru Paypal which makes it easy to redeem multiples per person. Dumb and dumber.

    • Wendy

      Hi Kav and everyone else
      Like you I’m sick and tired of these dishonest people
      I called Energizer batteries and talked to C/S
      They said they realized marketing had dropped the ball on this one and new packages going out will have the codes inside the package He said as the stores use up their supplies the new ones will be put out
      He also said the promotion will run through June ( or it might have been July ) and the coupon schedule will continue, but had no details
      So, I for one, will wait for the new packages

      • You should check your store because my store still has a bunch in stock with the peelies. Not everyone is dishonest. There are still a lot available. However, I do agree, not such a smart move on the part of Energizer but, they are still available to purchase with the peelies.

        • Wendy

          I did not say everyone is dishonest, however we know some people are
          I HAVE checked all the stores that sell them in my area many, many, many times

          • I didn’t say you said that, I was just trying to stay positive and let you know that they are still available. I’m sorry you are having trouble finding them. Since the rebate is on for a while maybe you’ll be able to get them at a later date.

            • sugar

              I agree with Cindy- stay positive. In the North Brunswick store the regular display has all the bunny bucks peeled off- but they had just put out a ton of new ones that haven’t been peeled off right next to the cashiers’ checkout, so hopefully nobody jacks them from there.

              • SS

                Walmart in Whitehouse on Rt 22 has well over 75 left

              • Michelle T.

                Thanks for the update, Sugar. Will be checking there when I shop this week 🙂

  • BennyMyCat

    Just went to the website and entered (2) codes, Got a message stating that bot were invalid… ????

    • sugar

      Oh fudge. Mine are too…. ugh.

      • barbara

        Mine worked fine.. Just an fyi I accidently put in 2 codes that i had already redeemed. And the message for used codes is ..

        Codes can only be used 1 time..

        so try your codes again.. maybe a different browser.. But used codes do not say Invalid .

        • Bennymycat

          Tried a different browser…same results…will call tomorrow!

      • Matthew

        Well, THAT answers my dilemma!! Not even going to attempt it. Nope!

  • Student Debt Survivor

    Just bought 4 packs, was so excited to finally find the packs with the “bunny bucks”. Entered two codes and they both said they were invalid. Tried the other two packs “invalid” tried another browser, “invalid”. Looks like I’m going to have to return these. Pretty sad that people would steal the codes without buying the batteries.

    • mary

      if the peelie was still attached, then the code was not stolen. maybe there is a problem with the website today, and it is mistakenly calling all codes invalid? maybe try again monday, or email energizer to see if they are aware of any issues. used codes will say they have already been entered, so invalid indicates some other issue.

      • Student Debt Survivor

        Going to call energizer tomorrow to see what’s going on. Some of the peelies (now in retrospect) do look like they may have been opened. I’m wondering if someone wrote down the codes or took a photo of them and redeemed them that way (seems like a lot of work and pretty unlikely), so hopefully there’s just some sort of issue with the site.

    • Travis

      To the folks who are having issues with invalid codes—if the peelies were still attached, then it is unlikely that the codes were already redeemed. I don’t think people are aware of this, but there are actually two (that I know of, possibly more) concurrent Energizer promotions going on for this with two different sites (possibly more) for code entry. One is for codes that were obtained from batteries purchased at Walmart—the peelies are blue and the option is ONLY a $10 Walmart GC and the other that I know of is for codes from packages purchased at other retailers (?)—the peelies are yellow and you get the option of either the $10 Walmart GC or the $8 Cash Rebate/PayPal. Both of these are ongoing until 8/2014.

      When I entered codes from the packs that I purchased from Walmart at the wrong site they came up invalid, but when I used the correct site they worked just fine (even after having entered them at the wrong site.)

      • sugar

        I called in- they say nobody’s reported any problems, we’ll just have to call in to manually give them all the codes. It’s funny really- I saw a few reports last night on FB and only one seems to have survived to this morning.

  • nathan

    got 6 pcks of batteries …two of them were accepted…But the remaining four codes were told invalid..so what am i supposed to do ..should i call energizer to report abt it or should i return them to SR back?

    • Lauren

      Hi Nathan. I called Energizer on Friday because 4 of the codes I just bought on Friday came up invalid. The gentleman took 2 of the codes over the phone and I choose a Walmart gift card. He said he was only allowed validate 2 codes. I had to Fax copies of the remaining 2 codes for the additional rebate.

      • nathan

        oh..thanks for letting me know Lauren..
        So ill just call and tell them that the codes says invalid and will update here how it goes

  • Kari

    I have successfully entered four codes from ShopRite batteries in the past week. So some are working! Don’t give up hope! 🙂

  • Harry

    Looks like they either fixed this issue or you just have to wait up to a week after purchase to enter the codes on some packs. I had the same problem that is mentioned in the below posts, when I tried to enter the codes last week soon as I bought them and they would not work. I tried again yesterday and it did not work and also tried to call customer service and was on a 30+ minute hold so just gave up on calling. I tried again today and the same codes which did not work before are working now! So it appears that you just have to wait possibly because the packs are brand new and the codes have not been enabled in their system…or likely they fixed something today.

    • Aimee

      I’m glad I read your post. I tried to enter the codes today and they went through. Thank you.

  • nathan

    I had the same issue,i had 4 codes which were said invalid.. i called up customer service and asked them to enter two….they went through…..so i ted up putting two codes in the website..they went in through without any issues..looks like the issue has been fixed

  • caren

    This is just an idea — there is yet ANOTHER Energizer promotion going on that I have not seen mentioned here, and it has a completely separate website for entering the codes as well (it’s called Energizer Pump up the Power and uses stickies with codes inside — 3 codes = $8 Mastercard debit card, limit 3/household or person)… READ YOUR STICKIES (you may need a magnifying glass, haha!) — the URL at which you must submit the codes will be on that sticky.

    I suspect people are trying to enter codes from Promotion A into Promotion B’s website.

    Go chekc and report back, folks! HTH~

  • Brad

    Guess What You dont even need to buy the batteries just get the codes!!!

  • sq

    did all my 16 with just peelies and diff addresses.