New Hallmark Rewards Program – Buy 5 Cards Get a Reward

Hallmark Rewards Program

Hallmark Rewards Program

Hallmark is now offering a great new rewards program. With the Hallmark Card Rewards program, you can get rewarded for any Hallmark cards you buy (can be purchased anywhere). Each time you buy 5 cards, you’ll earn a reward of your choice—redeemable for dollars off merchandise, dining or other perks. Plus, you’ll also get exclusive offers and ideas just for signing up.

Tracking your card purchases is easy too, you just have to log into your account and enter the UPC number on the card and select the store which you bought it at, once you get to 5 purchased cards you will receive your first reward!

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  • bilinval

    I joined a few weeks ago. You can’t redeem your rewards until a certain date. I can’t redeem until Jan. 10. You really don’t know until that date what you can actual redeem.

    • Sebsa

      I joined when the program first came out (Oct?). You are limited to 4 rewards per month, which basically equals 20 cards purchased per month. Cards you purchase at a Hallmark store automatically get added and cards purchased at other stores you have to add yourself. The rewards do seem to change…mostly $5 gift card options. Currently there is Lands End, Nike, and Applebees. There is also a Starbucks gift card but it is limited to one per year. Rewards become available on the 10th of the following month. Nice little bonus for something I would be purchasing anyway!

      • Brian

        I didn’t see an Applebees reward. Is it possible that it’s only for people in the Gold Crown program?

  • Brian

    How will they know if you actually bought the cards?

  • misterbill

    I get the feeling that Hallmark is not doing well. I’ve gotten a lot of $5 off $10 coupons from them via email. The latest one is valid until 12/24. This is supposed to be a busy time for them and not need coupons. Of course, we never buy cards at Hallmark without a coupon. Prefer to buy cards for half price at BJ’s or Party City.

    • gilly

      When you see the price of some of their cards, not surprised they are having problems….people are not sending out as many cards anymore, and with postage ready to increase again……only buy their cards with coupons.

      • misterbill

        Yeah, their card prices are high. Of course, the “regular price” of the half price cards at BJ’s and Party City are very high too, even higher than Hallmark, I think. And this is the time of the year that people buy lots of other stuff at HM, like ornaments and gift wrap.

        • gilly

          Normally buy cards at Dollar Tree they are 2/$1!

        • Barbara A.

          Thank you so much. I just entered the upc’s of the 12 cards that I bought at Walgreens last week. Sat. night Walgreens was giving double rewards points, so I bought 3 cards x .99 each, used the $2 off of 3 coupon so paid $1 and got 2 x 1,000 points. (approximate value of points $2) So it was a $1 mm and now I have entered the upc’s and will get rewards….life is good. Oh, I didn’t do all the cards on Sat because I didn’t know that the rewards would double so I had bought some during the week. Not complaining since they were free just not a mm. But now I will get Hallmark rewards on all of them. Yipppppeeee. Thank you.

  • Rocky

    Slightly off-topic, but, related to HM cards. Shoprite still has the HM thing going on where, if you buy $10 worth of cards, you get a $2 off certificate. And, at the cards display, they had coupon pads for $2 off if you buy 3 in one transaction (cards must be over $0.99, I think). For those who aren’t aware, just want to point out that the $2 off certificate is not in the form of a catalina that prints at the register. It is printed on your receipt, just like the recent $20 off gift card promo. So, don’t throw out your receipts before you check them!

    • DianeG

      Thanks Rocky !

  • Melhut

    how often do the rewards change,, anybody know?