Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas

As the deals wind down, the presents are wrapped and our kitchens are busy preparing Christmas meals and desserts, I wanted to take a moment and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

I am truly thankful for each and every one of you for being a part of this wonderful LRWC family. You are all the best Christmas present I could ever receive.

From now until tomorrow night, when we start preparing for Christmas clearance sales, we will be posting some “reruns” of some of my favorite posts.  I hope you enjoy them.

From my family to yours…

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  • Ang in CT

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Thanks to you I was able to score a beautiful crib from Toys R Us for $43 (including tax). You all are a great team! – Ang in CT

  • Meg

    Merry Christmas to you Cindy, your family, team and everyone here! What you do is so amazing, thank you so much !

  • John

    Thanks Cindy for the great job you do here on Living Rich with Coupons! You have made my trips to Shoprite much better than I ever thought they could be. 🙂 I hope that you and your family have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  • Sunil

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. 🙂

  • KB

    Happy Holidays to you, your family, and team. Thank you for providing us with such knowledge on living rich with coupons. I have been doing this, with the assistance of your site, for the past 2 months and the savings are unbelievable! I cannot say it enough……Thank You! 🙂

  • Janet

    Merry Christmas! Thank you Cindy and team for this wonderful site which helps my money go so much further.

  • karenm

    Merry Christmas and many, many thanks for your help throughout each year! We appreciate you and your team so very much!

  • Michelle T.

    Merry Christmas to you, your family, and the LRWC team! Thanks for all you do <3

  • Cindy F.

    Merry Christmas to you too Cindy, your family and team! This is my first full year of couponing and the savings have been awesome. Thank you so much. I hope to meet you one day if you do a workshop here in central jersey to personally express my gratitude:)

  • Sidthe Bat

    Merry Christmas and much gratitude to Cindy and all at LRWC. I look forward to learning more from you in 2014. Kindest regards and bright blessings ~ ^v^

  • kat

    Merry Christmas to you, and the LRWC team. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday !

  • Sharon

    We wish you, your family and the LRWC team a super Merry Christmas! We are going to DC for vacation and the first thing I checked was where the closest ShopRite is located, and that store doubles coupons up to $1. Woohoo! I guess I will be couponing there this week and getting lots of cheapies and freebies. Thank you for all the savings you have helped us to achieve, and truly I have never had so much fun shopping ever!!

  • Rocky

    Merry, merry Christmas to you, your family and all your little elves who keep us so very spoiled! And, to all the readers who are so very helpful. It’s great to be part of this ‘family’! And, totally off-topic, but, thanks, also, for always keeping BOGO seasonal. He looks so cute with his reindeer ears and present (though I do think my favorite was his Halloween Pirate’s costume)! It reminds me of the now defunct Mountain Lakes Animal Hospital with the statue of the Dalmatian out front. He would always be…seasonally appropriate, but, had been neglected for awhile. Someone recently put a red scarf around his neck, so, I know I am not the only one who looked forward to seeing his latest attire. Now, though, I just check for BOGO’s latest outfit! Happy holidays to all!

  • HLF

    Merry Christmas to you and your team … you guys do an amazing job and I don’t always thank you for all your hard work!

  • Laura D.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Cindy! And, all of the ‘elves’ at LRWC! I am always so grateful for all that you do. Hoping you all get to sit back, relax and enjoy this holiday season with all of your loved ones!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!! 🙂

    • Melinda Dilione

      Merry Christmas Laura! 🙂

      • Laura D.

        Merry Christmas Melinda!!! It’s great to see you’re back! 🙂

        • Melinda Dilione

          Yes and it feels good to be back 🙂

  • Trish

    Happy Holidays to everyone! hohoho!

    Thanks LRWC for helping me understand how to navigate this new & exciting world of savings via computer technology. I’m getting there – thanks to you dolls! Love it!
    It’s especially helpful for the disabled who are strangely forgotten in the discount giving world. This year I hope to figure out the best assistive technology to make it easier for me to manage all this – and then of course – I must find the best deal on it! (smile)
    Let’s have fun this year! Luck & Happiness to you!

  • gilly

    Merry Christmas to Cindy and her amazing team! I was able to save a ton of money this Christmas which is always a good thing…..Hoping for an even Brighter New Year!

  • Aimee

    Merry Christmas Cindy, your family, LRWC team and my fellow savvy shoppers. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Cheers!

  • Rejane

    Cindy, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for being such a blessing to us all!

  • brenda

    thank you for all you do….Merry Christmas….

  • Kelsie

    Thanks for all your hard work on this site. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Merry Christmas!