9 Tips For Saving Money on your Super Bowl Party

Savings Tips For Super Bowl Party

Savings Tips For Super Bowl Party

Welcome Fox & Friends viewers!  If you saw Cindy talking Superbowl party savings with Fox Reporter, Lauren Simonetti on Fox & Friends this morning, you’ve come to the right place.  Celebrating the Superbowl doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  After all, it’s all about the game right?!?

Well, of course it’s about the food too.  But, keeping it simple is best!  You get to enjoy the game with your guests and your wallet will be happy.

Here are some of the tips Cindy shared:

1. Share the expense – Have a PotLuck Party.  Invite your family and friends and host your Super Bowl party as a potluck party.

2. Keep the menu simple – If you are feeding a crowd, stick with big dish items that easily feed a crowd and that are simple to make and serve.  Set up slow cookers with big servings of chili.  You might want to try our simple and easy 30 Minute Chili Recipe.  Put out some cheese and sour cream as toppings.  You can even make hot dogs for chili dogs.   The same goes for appetizers…put out large plates of nachos and cheese for your guests to snack on.  These are a great alternative to serving numerous, expensive appetizers.  Pigs in the blanket and potato skins are also inexpensive finger foods.

3. Did someone say Pizza? – Order pizzas for the big game.  Check with your local pizza restaurants for any deals that may be going on.  Or better yet, make your own.  Or, stock up on all the great sales on frozen pizza that are going on right now.

4. Plan your menu based on the current sales – Check your store’s circular and coupons for super bowl type foods on sale.  This time of year there are tons of deals available.  Plan your menu around what’s in your pantry and the current sales.   Free and cheap items this week at most stores are sour cream dips, guacamole and frozen pizza (see above for deals).  Also, avocado prices are great right now so make your own guac.

5. Cut the high cost of drinks – This is another area you can share the cost on.  Ask your guests to BYOB.  If you don’t feel comfortable with that, then stick with the basics.  Serve soda, water and beer.  No need to get crazy with fancy beverages.

dollar store decorations

6. Dollar Store Decorations – Shop the dollar stores for fun decorations.  Football themed containers. We found these football shaped snack dishes for, yep, you guessed it…$1.  Use them for snacks or your chili toppings and hot dogs.

Image Credit: rustsunshine.blogspot.com

Image Credit: rustsunshine.blogspot.com

7.  Get Crafty – Try wrapping empty cans with brown craft paper and using a white marker or paint to make football “stitching”.  These make great holders for your utensils and look fun and festive on your buffet table.  Be sure to check out Rust & Sunshine for instructions for these Silverware Football Holders and as well as fun, super bowl related kids games and treats.

8. Save on Super Bowl Memorabilia – If you are going to the game, don’t buy Super Bowl memorabilia there. Wait until the day after and you’ll get all kinds of clearance deals online and in your local stores.  If you have to have something to wear to the game, then shop beforehand at your local stores.  Prices will be so much cheaper at the store then at the game.


9. Dress to celebrate without wasting money – You may have noticed Cindy wearing Denver Broncos colors in the news segment.  These were simple long sleeve tees she picked up from Target….on clearance.  And, she even found a scarf to go with it.  Her purchase was 1 Long Sleeve v-neck Navy Blue Tee for $8.00, 1 Long Sleeve scoop neck Orange Tee for $6 and a navy blue/orange/white scarf for $14.97 for a total of $28.97.  The bigger savings here is that she can wear these all year round…individually or even together.  So, rather then picking up those expensive team jerseys or NFL sponsored shirts, support your team by dressing in their colors.  Who knows, you might have something in your closet to wear.

 Share your tips for saving on super bowl parties!  We’d love to hear how you celebrate on a budget!

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