New Checkout 51 Offers – Save on Eggs, Produce & More + Money Maker Deal Ideas!

Checkout 51

Checkout 51

It’s Thursday which means we have new Checkout 51 Offers available today!  Each Thursday morning is when the new offers begin.  They are valid each week until 11:59 EST Wednesday.  Checkout 51 is a new and super easy cash back savings tool, very similar to Ibotta.  If you missed our post introducing Checkout 51 you can view it here.

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Here are the newest Checkout 51 offers:

Checkout 51 is super easy because you don’t have to “earn” these rewards in advance.  Just buy the product and upload your receipt and you earn cash! Easy peasy!

I’m LOVING how we can triple dip so easily now with these offers!  There’s so many ways to save – manufacturer’s coupons, store/eCoupons, Catalina Deals, cash back offers – so awesome!  Check out some of the best deals we’ve found with today’s new offers below!  And be sure to let us know any other awesome deals you find.

Here are some deals with the new Checkout 51 Offers:


If you would like to learn more about Checkout 51, check out their website here.

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  • Heather

    Maybe some of the offers are regional? I can see the glade offers on the website but in my offer list in the app, they are missing. I am in PA, anyone else have this problem?

  • Dan

    Hi Heather. We talked about this some in another post on checkout 51. They do apparently vary in their offers. I’m also in PA and my version of checkout 51, for example, does NOT have the Halls $1.00/2 offer mentioned above but rather a $.50/1 offer. I did contact them personally and they said it depends on how much the app is being used so it is possible that LRWC is reporting the offers they have based off of their own shopping habits. Frustrating, isn’t it? I love the deals in this post, but there’s only one I can actually consider.

    • Hmm, that is interesting because the Checkout51 peps, emailed us the list of coupons that would be available today so that we could post the new ones. I’ll have to reach out to them and see what the situation is with that.

      • Dan

        Thanks Cindy. On Jan. 12th Robyn from the Checkout 51 Support Team provided me with the following response:

        “We partner with brands to bring our members offers. Every week, we have some offers that are available to everyone, and some offers that are only available to a subset of our members.

        Our offers are available based on ones that you’ve claimed in the past—and sometimes at random. The more offers you claim, the more likely it is that you will receive more personalized offers in the future.”

    • Heather

      Dan, even more interesting is that i do have the $1/2 halls offer…i wonder why the deals vary so much…Cindy, it would be great if you could let us know what you find out…I, too, am loving these deals but unfortunately cannot use any of them!

  • Harry

    Unfortunately they wont accept receipts even from yesterday unlike ibotta which accepts up to 1 week prior. It was not clear from the checkout51 terms that the receipt date should be from after the offers are posted so I submitted a receipt from last weeks K cereal and shakes and it got rejected. Oh well, worth the try…

    • Kathy

      I just registered this morning and did the same thing (submitted a receipt from last Friday for Special K cereal). I got an email back saying that it had to have been submitted by 11:59 PM yesterday as the deals only run for a one week period (Thursday-Wednesday). I obviously didn’t pick-up on that but now I’ll be more careful (I added a reminder to my electronic calendar) to make sure I upload anything I might have by Wednesday night….

    • misterbill

      That’s odd.. I uploaded a receipt from 1/11 on 1/12 and it was accepted.

      That Ibotta takes receipts up to a week old is a feature that I suspect most people do not think about. It allows you to submit a receipt from before the offer was posted.

      • Harry

        yes 1/11 receipt on 1/12 would be ok even if not for the first $20 receipt because it would still be within their weekly window (which ran from 1/9 to 1/15). However 1/15 on 1/16 would not be ok because the new Window started on 1/16: at least thats my reading of their rejection message.

  • DianeG

    ‘a few issues with redemption, but hopefully they will fix them. I didn’t get the Hall’s offer, but I got an Applewood Deli Meat offer for $1.00, nice match to the IP. I did submit four receipts for their last redemption cycle, so I’m not sure if the Applewood was triggered by location, receipts or just random. Did anyone else get it?

    FYI – For the BabyGanics Rear Gear Diapers (20+ ct) $1.50, there is also a $1.50 Hopster cpn for 0 points. You can boost it to $2.50 for 1000 pts (It says -Redeemable at Target) Target online has the Jumbo pack (36 – 40ct) for $9.99.

  • DianeG

    Has anyone been able to find the Glad Plugins…..Holiday Edition ?