CVS Coupon Deals – Week of 1/19/14

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CVS Coupon Match Ups Week of 1/19:

CVS DealsYou can Coupon Like a Pro at CVS by rolling your Extra Care Rewards to keep your out of pocket as low as possible.  CVS is a great place to stock up on all kinds of products from health and beauty aids to groceries.

Be sure to check out the How to Build Your Stockpile at the Drugstores page to see all the Best Deals at all the drugstores this week.  The post is updated every Monday with the newest deals for the week.

CVS Rolling Deal Ideas Week of 1/19:


CVS Monthly Deals

These are the monthly Extra Care Bucks deals going on this month at CVS. The limits shown (if any) are done per month, not per week. You can see your progress of the offers by checking the bottom of your receipt.


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  • Ginny Pasqualone

    The Huggies deal is great if you have printed three of the $3.00 coupons from Hopster.

    $9.99 * 3 = $29.97 and should trigger the $10ECB

    $29.97 – $9.00 = $20.97; minus ECB $10.97 which is $3.65 a pack.

    • kathleen

      this is a tiered deal buy 20 g 5 eb / buy 30 g 10 eb so you have to get that total over $30 to get your $10 eb if you do the deal above you will only get $5eb

    • dee

      I was .01 cent short of the $30.00 and it only printed $5.00 ECB. So be sure to hit the $30.00 or over if wanting the $10.00 ECB.

      • Ginny Pasqualone

        That’s odd, my store has always rounded up. I wonder if different stores have different policies?

        • sue

          to reiterate what kathleen said, ecbs will usually print when you have spent 98% of the required amount, but not in the case of a tiered deal such as this. for this deal you must spend at least $30 to get the $10. this is the same at all cvs stores.

        • Antoinette

          If it only triggers a $5 ECB, just ask them if they can give you another $5 ECB. My store always does it for me if I’m only off by a few pennies.

    • Kathie

      plus my CVS mailed me CVS coupons for $2 and $3 off huggies. check your mailboxes!

      • Samantha

        Email or regular mail? How do you get those??

        • Kathie

          Regular mail. I occasionally get a flier/pamphlet mailed to me from cvs with coupons in it. I assume it’s from have the rewards card. Just make sure they have your address correct on file.

          • julie

            it is related to the card, as the coupons are often based on purchase history. they know what you bought, and they send you coupons to encourage you to buy it again, at their store. 😉

    • Jlec

      Same here. I hit $29.97 and only $5 ecb printed. I was going to return one and buy 2 wipes, but the cashier said it was crazy to go through all that over $0.03 and printed me another $5 ecb. How did you get 3 from Hopster? I printed 2 and it disappeared. I even went to another computer in my dh’s account, but it was gone. Had to get get a 3rd good nights $1 off from their own web site. It was still good deal though. $12.97 for 3 pkgs or $4.33 a pkg.

  • Deena

    Check your accounts for printable CVS coupons! I have $3 off 2 Colgate Optic White toothpaste/toothbrush or mouthwash, and I have a $3 off $15 toothpaste/toothbrush/floss/mouthwash! Gonna score some free Colgate!! Woo-hoo!!

    • Kathy

      Where would I find them – they’re not listed in My savings and rewards tab – should I be looking somewhere else? Thanks!

    • Jlec

      Didn’t see anything either. Wondering if I’m looking in the wrong place or if this is only for some people? I haven’t been getting most of the coupons Cindy lists from the store coupon printer either:-(

      • Deena

        click on “extracare” after you log into your account.

        I was able to get 2 electric optic white toothbrushes and one regular toothbrush for $3.40 oop, then got $6 ECB for the electric ones and $1 ecb for the regular one… a $3.60 profit!!

        Used 3 mfr coupons and both of the CVS coupons I listed above. No beeps, no problems!!

        • Kathy

          OK thanks. That’s where I was but that takes you to the savings & rewards tab and what I have listed there are the coupons that printed for me at the store coupon printer but mine are not the same as yours so it must not be the same for all card holders. Thanks for responding!

        • Jlec

          Nothing there for me:-(. Only shows my winter spending Beauty Club spending.

    • Viki

      I also had $2 of $10 toothpaste/toothbrush/floss/mouthwash from CVS machine, bought 2 electric toothbrushes $6.00 each, paid $6 after all coupons, got $6.00 EBC 🙂

      • COLIN

        I had that CVS coupon also, as well as an expired CVS .75 off Colgate toothbrush (which was accepted, as well). I bought four (4) Manual Optic White toothbrushes and had four (4) $1.00/1 Colgate toothbrush coupons from this weeks Smart Source to score a net profit since I got back $6.00 in ECB, as well. Of course, I was able to couple this with a Hallmark cards purchase that pushed me over $20.00 and therefore I was able to use an expired CVS $4.00/$20.00 coupon; an expired CVS $3.00 off 3 CVS Hallmark cards printable coupon (from Christmas)and a $1.50 off 3 Hallmark cards Red Machine coupon, as well.
        Overall, I spent $2.41 including taxes and used an additional $4.29 in prior ECBs and received one (1) $6.00 in ECBs (from the Colgate deal) and $3.00 in ECBs (from the Hallmark/American Greetings cards deal this week) = $2.30 PROFIT!


    FYI: There is a new $2.00/3 Hallmark cards (min. $1.99 each) printable at CVS savings central. Since it is not yet listed, just do a Google search and you will find it. Two (2) prints available. I am going to use this one on my other CVS card to take advantage of the $3.00 ECB deal if you buy more than $10 in cards this week.

  • Deena

    The deal with the Speed Stick shows a purchase of 8 then using 4 coupons. I just did it purchasing only 6 and using three coupons. I got the $6 ecb, no problem!!

    • COLIN

      Thanks, that’s great to know. They are obviously following the 98% rule on this deal where you don’t have to get exactly $12 in purchases to qualify.

    • It should have said 6, I’m not sure what I was thinking with that. Sometimes I see so many number and we are doing so many deal ideas that I forget what store I’m in. I’m blaming lack of coffee. That is always a good excuse lol 😉

      I corrected it and included it in the rolling deal scenario as well.

      • sue

        sorry, can’t accept that excuse – you should have plenty of coffee in your stockpile 😉

        • Deena

          Good one, Sue!!

      • DianeG

        and creamer !

    • COLIN

      I just repeated this today and obtained the same result — you only need to buy 6 deodorants to get the ECBs.

  • MCS

    Hi everyone. I’m new with couponing and i was wondering if you can combine promotions. like this:

    2 speed stick=$3.98 (using bogo mq)
    1 Colgate battery toothbrush=$6 (-$2 mq)
    1 Optic White toothpaste/$3 (-$1 mq)
    total $12.98 (so i get $6ECB). with this i want to add either 1 Colgate toothpaste or mouthwash=$2.99 (get $1 ECB)

    question is…can i use my -$3 off of $10 any toothbrush toothpaste or mouthwash cvs q since i got toothbrush, mouthwash/toothpaste and optic white =$11.99? I wasn’t sure since im already using optic white and toothbrush to get $6ECB. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

    • Deena

      you can always stack cvs coupons and manufacturer coupons together to get ecb deals. your 3 off 10 will work great!! good luck!!

    • COLIN

      It seems fine to me. You are staying within the terms of the threshold of $12.00 for one deal and you are simply mixing and matching items from within that deal which is acceptable. You are also simply totaling the final tally of oral care products that you purchased in one transaction as again being above the threshold for use of that specific CVS coupon. Therefore, you are good to go and should have no problems. Just try to obtain another printable or print coupon for the remaining oral care item you plan to purchase to further defray its cost. Good luck to you!

      • mcs

        cool thank you soooo much. I’m trying my best to.make it as smooth as possible. The CVS i go to are the worse. They are just plain rude all the time. Thanks again. Deena as well.

        • Deena

          MCS, try shopping at a different time of day. I love the weekend cashiers at my store (Sunday mornings early are the best), but the weekday cashiers are just miserable.

          • mcs

            I will definitely try that Deena thank you! I actually had to make a quick run to BJ’s last night but CVS is right across the street so I made a quick run there first and made it out alive and happy! I have never seen this 2 cashiers before and they were both extra nice. It was like a ghost town here last night it was super cold so they weren’t busy at all I think tha a difference. Thank you again guys!

  • Barbara A.

    Has anyone done the Maybelline mascara deal? I bought 2 mascaras one was priced at $5.49 and the other was $7.49. I used coupons and was expecting a $4 extrabuck at checkout because I bought the required $12 None printed. The cashier looked at the sale paper and then printed the $4 ECB. I looked at the bottom of my receipt and it says Maybelline, Spend $15 Get 5 EB. Amount toward this reward 12.98. Amount needed to earn reward 2.02. confused

    • Kaitlyn

      I have that at the bottom of my receipt too. I think the buy $15 get $5 is monthly because it has been tracking on my receipts all this month. I haven’t tried the buy $12 get $4 though so I don’t know if I’d have the same problem as you. Don’t understand why only certain customers have this issue!


    I could use some help in interpreting some rules of the Coke promotion. It says limit is 8 for purchase of the 12 packs. Is that the limit for the deal — i.e. a maximum of 8 12 packs can be purchased towards the $5.00 off $20.00/$10 off $30.00, or is just the maximum number of 12 packs anyone can buy in one (1) single purchase/transaction. I am thinking of taking advantage of this deal but would like to buy twelve (12) packs in two (2) or three (3) purchase transactions to satisfy the $30 requirement, but don’t know if the latter four (4) 12 packs that I plan to purchase will count towards satisfying the $30.00 requirement.

    • saversavvy

      In the past when it said limit 6 I was able to purchase 6 and then go to another store in the same day and get the rest.

      • COLIN

        Thanks. So, in your situation, all twelve (12) of the 12 packs that you bought counted towards whatever ECB promotion was then ongoing? See, I am wondering if the remaining four (4) 12 packs that I intend to buy some time later in the week, will not be considered as counting towards the $30.00 threshold and therefore, I will not get the additional $5.00 ECB coupon that would normally come to someone who reached the $30.00 threshold. Consequently, not only do I want to purchase those additional four (4) 12 packs at the sale price of $2.50, I also want them to count towards the overall $30.00 threshold and I am not sure that when they put a limit of eight (8) 12 packs in the ad, whether or not that means that the remaining four (4) 12 packs would count.

        • saversavvy

          yes and they were all sale price.

          • COLIN

            Thanks. Sorry all for being somewhat confusing as I thought this was a tier deal — but it is not. It is a straight purchase of buying $30.00 worth or products (but 98% rule would apply) and getting the $10.00 ECB. Having spoken to ECB C/S, they advised that only a maximum of eight (8) 12 packs of any one product would count towards satisfying the promotion and any more — although they could be purchased at the sale price of $2.50 each — would not count towards meeting the threshold of $30.00 — you would have to buy some other products to meet the threshold of $30.00.
            However, I live in an area where Dr. Pepper products are considered as “Coke” products for purposes of the sale price and as a validly qualifying product towards the $30.00 promotion threshold, but they are not considered as a “Coke” product when totaling up the number of Coke 12 packs sold. By this I mean the following: I am limited to purchasing a total of eight (8) “Coke” (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, etc.) 12 packs as well as a maximum of eight (8) Dr. Pepper 12 packs and therefore, I could purchase any combination of the two to meet the $30.00 threshold so long as I do not exceed eight (8) 12-packs from either of the two contributor (Coke or Dr. Pepper products) categories. That means I could buy eight (8) Coke 12 packs and four (4) Dr. Pepper 12 packs or the reverse of the foregoing and still qualify for the $10 ECB because I met the $30 threshold. Or, I could buy six and six of the above, etc.
            The only way to find out if Coke and Dr. Pepper are considered different product categories, however, is for one to sign into one account and then go to the ECB promotion page where mine clearly show that both product lines contribute to the promotion, but that they are each treated separately and therefore each have a limit of 8 on the number of 12 packs one could buy that would count towards this specific promotion.
            I know this has been a bit wordy and if you have any questions, I would be happy to help you.

            • COLIN

              Well, based upon the input of Sandy and SuperSaavy above, it would appear that the ECB C/S rep is wrong and that the Limit referenced in the ad only pertains to the total amount that one can buy in any one transaction as the foregoing posters were able to go above the stated limits in the ad by making two or more purchases of the specific product and still get the ECBs advertised in the promotion.

    • Sandy

      Last week I bought 6 in one transaction and 3 more 2 minutes later. No need to go to another store. If you have the Free My Coke Rewards 12 pk. coupons – Use them!

      • COLIN

        Sandy, I wish I had those Free My Coke Rewards coupons! So are you telling me that the additional three (3) 12 packs that you bought a couple of minutes later (on the same card, I assume) was counted towards your threshold of $30.00 so that you could earn a $10.00 ECB back (I guess a $5.00 ECB for the additional $10.00 you spent after having reached the threshold of $20.00 by buying six (6) twelve packs?) Or did you just buy an additional 3 12 packs and did not try to earn the additional ECBs that would have accrued to you had you passed the $30.00 threshold? I understand that last week’s deal was, indeed, a tier placed promotion.

        • Sandy

          Exactly as you stated. Bought 6 first and got the $5 ECB as there was a limit of 6. Then rang up the addt’l 3 to get another $5 ECB.

          • COLIN

            Wow, that’s great to know. Thanks very much!

  • jessica cataldo

    Can I do the Speed stick deal with these coupons and not run into a problem
    (6) lady speed stick: $11.94
    -$2.50/$12 deodorant CVS Coupon
    -$3/2 Speed stick or Lady Speed stick CVS Coupon
    (3) BOGO Speed stick MQ

    I will have other items in my Cart to cover the overage

    • COLIN

      Although I did not have the CVS Speed Stick coupon that you have, I did the deal with 4 Colgate toothbrush coupons, 1 CVS .75 off Colgate Toothbrush coupon and 1 CVS Oral Health (toothpaste, toothbrush; floss, etc.) $2.00 off $10.00 coupon with no problem at my store. Consequently, I don’t think you will have a problem. The non-specific CVS Deodorant coupon and the specific CVS Speed stick deodorant coupon are not really the same, although they are somewhat duplicative, thus, I think it might depend on your cashier, although mine let it go through without an issue — but then again, I am quite friendly with him. The CVS Speed Stick coupon and the manufacturer Speed Stick coupon will stack fine, it is only the somewhat duplicative CVS deodorant coupons that you may have an issue with when you present them. Good luck!

    • Sandy

      I agree with Colin. A “nice” cashier can push through that $3/2 coupon. I’d give it a shot, most they will do is give it back to you.

    • Yes, you can use dollar off CVS coupons with product quantity coupons. The dollar off deodorant coupon would be similar to using a $5/$20 coupon.