Hot! 6 FREE Speed Stick Deodorants at CVS!

CVS Speed Stick Deal

CVS Speed Stick Deal

Check out this HOT deal that you can score this week at CVS. CVS has the Men and Lady Speed Stick Deodorants on sale this week for $1.99.  These are also part of an ECB Deal this week – Spend $12 get a $6 ECB (limit 1).  We got an awesome B1G1 Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant coupon in the 1/19 Smart Source (might be regional) making it possible for you to pick up 6 of these deodorants for FREE after coupons & ECB!

Here is your deal at CVS through 1/25:


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  • Lisa

    That won’t trigger the ECB at my local stores. You HAVE to spend the $12 first.

    • misterbill

      Unless things have changed. CVS policy was that the ECB is triggered at 98% of the amount. If it doesn’t print, call customer service and ask them to send it to your card to print.

    • Nancy_Mangiameli

      I did this deal on Sunday, and the ECB printed with no problem. The 98% rule applies to all ECB deals, unless it’s a split deal.

      I also did two other deals on Sunday that were just shy of the amount to spend, and there weren’t issues with any of them.

      • Southern Gals

        so I am trying to understand how this works I take this coupon in and get six free the same day

        • Nancy_Mangiameli

          You will pay 5.97 and get back $6 in ECBs. Some people will consider that free, because you’re getting back what you paid. For me, it was free, as I used $6 to pay and got that same amount right back. In addition, I had a scanner coupon, so I actually got more back than I put in.

  • Sandy

    This is a good deal but you have to choose between this deodorant, the Irish Spring soap/body wash & Colgate toothbrush Deal! The limit is only 1 per card for the $6 ECB – Grrr…..

    • Cheryl Burton

      I was able to do both the irish spring soap was a separate deal from the speed stick

      • Angela

        Thought I was going to have to chose to. Will definitely try both.

      • Heather

        How did you do that? they are limit one and are all the same ecb deal…i did the irish spring deal and had to use my other cvs card for the colgate deal. They will give you the sale prices but the ecb wont generate…

      • Deedee

        Ok so which us it??? Are the $6 ECB deals a limit of 1 per card ( meaning we have to choose 1 deal out of the 4 offered) or can we do each of those 4 deals ( deod, soap, toothbrushes ) etc. once per card???

        • Heather

          In the ad they are all listed under the same ECB deal and it states limit 1 per household with card. Like i said, i did two deals but used two diff extracare cards.

          • Sandy

            Same here but Cheryl is stating that she did both. Huh.

  • Lesley

    Does this coupon scan and take off the full amount allowed in the coupon, which is $2.99 I think? Thanks!

    • Nancy_Mangiameli

      CVS doesn’t allow auto-deduct anymore. Unless your cashier enters in $2.99, it won’t come off. I’ve had cashiers put in the full amount, but the one I had this weekend didn’t on the Speed Stick or Free Coke coupons that I had. I can’t complain, though. Free is Free!

      • Lesley

        I agree, free is free. I only have 2 of the BOGO coupons though.

    • Kaitlyn

      Mine took off the full $2.99 though I guess it depends on your store/cashier

  • Cheryl Burton

    Buy 8 speed sticks and use 4 BOGO coupons. You pay $8 + tax but get $6 ECB’S make them .25 cents each

    • denisew

      I brought 6 yesterday and came to $11.94 and got the 6 ebc

  • Nic

    On my last two visits to CVS the cashier (same one both times) said that I can’t use ECB to buy newspapers since they don’t profit on the sale. I told him that is not in the fine print, but he insisted. Anyone running into the same problem? Or have insight on the official policy?

    • Heather

      My CVS wont allow you to use ECB on milk, newspapers or tobacco. Not 100% sure, but I assumed this was corporate policy.

    • Kcurly

      I know it’s in the fine print on the % off coupons that you can’t use it on tobacco, milk, etc. but I have always used ECBs for milk. That’s mainly what I use them for.

      • gilly

        I never had a problem using an ECB on milk for the past number of weeks they have had in their flyer milk for $3.69 and $1 ECB back (limit of 2) alittle bit more then I normally pay for milk but getting the ECB I’m getting the milk for $2.69 which is great!

    • Deena

      Tell them to scan it and let the system decide if it is legit or not. And who says they do not profit on newspapers? My husband and I have been in the newspaper business for more than 50- years combined. Stores would not sell anything they don’t get paid to sell. That’s garbage. They are making a profit!!

  • stefanie

    Anyone have any extra B1G1 coupons? It’s regional and my paper doesn’t have it. 🙁 I’m willing to trade for the coupons you want, especially pet coupons! Since it’s near the end of the week, we’d have to meet up, I live in Burlington County. Please email me (no spaces): reflect lense (at)

  • Anonymous

    I went to CVS yesterday and the ECB didn’t print for the speed stick. The $10 huggies one didn’t print either, just a $5 ECB, when I bought three packs at $9.99 each. I’ve been doing these deals for years at CVS but now all of a sudden I’m told I have to reach the dollar amount after coupons. I won’t be going back there. Bummer.

    • Megan

      The Hugies deal is a split deal, meaning spend 20 get 5 spend 30 get 10. On these deals you have to meet the threshold. If you spent a little more you’d get the other 5. I have also been disappointed in this new system but I just wait until its not a split deal and that’s when I stock up.

    • Denise Davison

      How many speed stick did you purchase? I did the deal yesterday as well, and didn’t have any problems