Hot! $2/1 Dream Non Dairy Coupon = FREE at Walmart & ShopRite!

Dream Coupon

Dream Coupon

There is an awesome high value Dream Coupon available to print! The coupon is for $2.00 off any (1) DREAM Non-Dairy Product with NO size restrictions.

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Print: Dream Non Dairy Coupon

Walmart sells Dream Non Dairy Rice Beverage 32 oz for $1.88 so FREE after coupon!

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 1.06.51 PMShopRite has select flavors of Dream Blend Drinks 32 oz on sale for $1.99 so FREE after coupon!

Here are your deals:


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  • Sue J

    Is anyone else having problems printing this coupon?

    • Jessa

      No problems (or minimal) when printing from Chrome. You need to install their printer jump-starter then allow it to run. In chrome the link “get coupon” is kind of under of some other text on the right side of the page so may have to look kind of closely. Hope that helps some.

      • Pat C.

        Same thing here, I was able to print the coupon after installing their printer jump-starter. However, Shoprite in Clark would not redeem the coupon. They said because it does not have a watermark!

    • Nancy_Mangiameli

      I just used Firefox to print them from two computers.

    • Barbara A.

      Lately I seem to have problems printing lots of coupons other than coupons. com . I try Firefox and Chrome and I always seem to be asked to update.

      • Carol

        It keeps telling me I do not have latest Java which I do.

        • Michelle T.

          Carol, try deleting your recent history. I know in IE, choose Tools, Internet settings, Delete history. Usually clearing this will reset Java and allow printing again. Same idea in other browsers. HTH

  • kesha

    Good deal, but did anyone notice the calories on these last time we got them for free? I’ve been drinking almond milk for my diet and thought these would be a similar substitute. I took a look on the back and it had more calories than my regular smart balance milk! Eeks! I’ll pass for the real deal. Unless of course it’s better than free. I’ll take anything better than free…

    • jane

      which variety are you referencing?

      • kesha

        I have the Rice Dream original classic. It has 120 calories per cup, the Smart Balance Fat Free Omega milk I buy has 100 calories per cup, the Almond Breeze Chocolate milk that I usually use for my diet shakes only has 45 calories per cup. But that is the unsweetened version. Maybe there is an unsweetened Rice Dream with less calories…

        • jane

          it looks like the almond milk has the fewest calories, followed by coconut, and the rice and soy varieties have the highest count. each variety increases if sweetened/flavored.
          unsweetened original or vanilla almond dream is 50
          unsweetened original coconut is 60
          not all stores will have all flavors, though.

    • Michelle T.

      Kesha, I have to agree on the calories of Dream. All of them have higher calories than my favorite, Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. I tried Rice Dream, I think it had the lowest calories, and it was like water. Yuck. Not buying that one again, unless it’s to donate 🙂

      • jane

        rice dream does not have the lowest overall calories, but does have the lowest calories from fat. rice milk is basically rice water with added oil and salt. totally agree on the yuck! 🙂
        we prefer almond or coconut milk over rice or soy, and even over dairy.
        it’s great to have all these options nowadays! 🙂

      • jane

        looked up the blue diamond you mentioned out of curiosity, and see it has 30 calories/cup. not bad! now if they would just make it free somehow… 😉

  • Pat C.

    My husband tried to use these $2.00 Dream beverage coupons today at the Shoprite in Clark, NJ but they would not accept them. The manager said because they do not have a watermark! Did anyone else have trouble redeeming these?
    Hey Shoprite, I guess I will have to start shopping at Walmart!

    • John

      I used two of these coupons at the Clark Shoprite on Sunday and they went through no problem. It does seem like they are trying to crack down on coupons though. The cashier went through all the coupons and scanned each item to match it up with the coupon and took forever! And then when one of my eCoupons didn’t come off, the customer service person wanted to call ShopRite to verify and it was snowing and I needed to leave so I just let it go.

  • Sue J

    Not sure if this is the right place for this topic but,,,, is there a way to disable the “My List” feature? Sometimes I only want to print just one link, but do not want to start a new shopping list. Each time I print, the My List box comes up and then I have to cancel and close it.

    • Jenny Leigh Roller

      I always hold down the control button and then click the link. It opens it in a new tab and does not activate the MY LIST feature. Hope this helps!

  • Harlene Quinn

    I haven’t been able to print this coupon. I’ve tried re-installing java and everything else is compatible and up to date. I really wish they wouldn’t make you jump through hoops to get the coupon and would just make it a regular post so there wouldn’t be any problems :(.

    • DianeG

      Yes – the manufacturers do make us work for it ! I just printed it – so it still available. Maybe this will help – after you “like” them, complete the name, etc; click “print” button. On the next page, to right side, there is a hot spot that says “Use Printer jumpstart”. Click on that link to download the file. Open the file. A dialog box appear, choose “run”. The coupon should print. It’s slow, but it works. After it prints, delete the printer jumpstart file. There is no reason to keep it. hth