Hot! $1.25 Moneymaker on Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers at ShopRite!

Dole Smoothie Shakers Coupon

Dole Smoothie Shakers Coupon

Last week we posted a  Dole Fruit Smoothie Shaker coupon that was new to print, if you have not printed it yet, I would, and fast!  The coupon is for $0.75 off ONE Dole Fruit Smoother Shaker.

$0.75 off Any ONE (1) DOLE Fruit Smoothie Shaker

Print $0.75/1 Dole Fruit Smoothie Shaker

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ShopRite has the Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers on sale this week for $0.99, we got a new $1.25/2 Dole Fruit Smoothie Shaker ShopRite eCoupon this morning, turning this into a $1.25 moneymaker, when you buy 2, I love moneymakers, dont you?!

Here is your deal at ShopRite


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  • ruth anne

    Also $1/1 coupon in SS today the one with nestles

  • Amy

    My Shoprite never allows me the overage , they will only take off the price of the item 🙁

    • misterbill

      Do they actually watch the e-coupons come off and adjust the amount of the print coupon? Your cashiers must not be very busy if they can take the time to do that.

    • kabbysteve

      Do you have other items in your cart? I generally have many items…not just this item and one other to absorb the overage…I like to stay under the radar when redeeming such items. Otherwise, I must agree with misterbill, how would your cashier even be aware?

      • Amy

        This has happened to me twice now. Both times I had many other items to buy. Even without the ecoupon, the .75 coupon doubles to 1.50 making an overage (the scenario both times this has happened). When the cashier scanned the coupon it beeped and wouldn’t scan. When she called the manager over, he said it was because of the overage and adjusted the coupon to the price of the item.

        • kabbysteve

          What the manager/cashier did is right…the manufactures coupon will be adjusted to .99 cents (the price of the item)…so in this case that will happen to both manufactures coupon…then the ecoupon will come off(1.25 off two) that is your overage that $1.25 described above. Hope that helps.

        • Heylin

          I have to agree with you Amy. My shop rite cashier do it as well. they check the items and sometimes the machine does it automatically. I get frustrate but free is free.

          • misterbill

            For e-coupons or just for printed coupons?? I think you’re confusing the issue here, as is Amy.

        • misterbill

          I doubt the coupon beeped because it would have been more when doubled. it only does that when the base coupon amount is more than the price of the item (which is not the case here). And yes, stores will typically not let your printed coupon be more than the amount of the item. But that is not what’s being discussed here, it’s the extra $1.25 from the e-coupon.

          SR registers will usually automatically reduce the amount of the coupon. My 50c Grands coupon did not full double yesterday because the register saw that they were only 88c.

          • kesha

            I have had it happen once and only because the printable coupon beeped as Amy said. The cashier looked for the price of the item, noticed that the item was less than the printable coupon, then noticed there was also an ecoupon because they were checking to see even though it beeped if the printable had come off already. So in the case of a .99 item with a $1 printable and a .40 ecoupon, they downed the printable to only .59 (instead of just downing it to .99). Was highly annoying and only happened once, but apparently some cashiers are being told to be more vigil.

            • misterbill

              OK, I could see it happening when the coupon beeps, because some clueless cashiers are going to try to figure out why and make excuses like it was because you had an e-coupon as well. The question here is whether it happens in normal circumstances where the coupon does not beep and whether the cashier normally looks to see what e-coupons have been taken off before scanning paper coupons. I don’t see it happening.

        • Danielle

          Coupons are supposed to be adjusted down. You do not make money off a coupon that will end up making the product less money than it costs. However, ecoupons have nothing to do with that. When an item is scanned, if there is an ecoupon, it immediately comes off your entire order. Then, at the end, you present coupons and if for some reason there is an overage (just regarding the coupons), they will be adjusted down but you still made money from the ecoupon earlier.
          For example,
          when the 2 shakes are scanned, $1.25 will auto come off your order (make sure you have other items that total at least $1.25). Then at the end you present the 2 75 cent coupons and they technically double to $1.50 but because the shakes are only 99 cents, those 75 cent coupons now basically become 99 cent coupons each making the shakes free and the $1.25 was applied to your other items. I’ve done this many times before with other ecoupon/mfr coupon match ups. It works just fine at different shoprites.

  • CC

    Just a warning, there is a new variety of these that have veggies in them too… I bought one and it rang up $2.49 and the ecoupon did not come off (I also bought one of the original kind…)

    • misterbill

      Which variety? Those should be free with their Scan Rite policy. Just go to customer service. The ad says “any variety” so they can’t even argue that it’s only certain types that are on sale.

      • CC

        Just looked… same exact container but 3.75 oz of product 🙁

        • misterbill

          That’s too bad. Did you not notice it in the store and end up with it at $2.49? I’m guessing yes since you were just able to look at it.

  • John

    Is there a zipcode? Doesn’t come up for me.

    • Denise Davison

      Hi John, its not zipcode specific and I just checked its still there

  • Kelsie

    Where are these located? I tried looking for them but couldn’t find them.

    • Sunil

      I was wondering the same thing. I checked by the yogurts and there were other yogurt drinks there, but not these. CS was closed so I couldn’t ask them. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Lesley

        In my store they are by the frozen fruits in bags.

    • Kesha

      They are in the freezer section. Usually not far from the frozen waffles and like. You’ll find other freezer smoothie brands nearby.

      • Kelsie

        Thanks. I never would’ve thought to look for them there 🙂

    • tina

      freezer, near frozen fruit/ice cream bars/cool whip/frozen pies