Hot! BabiesRUs & ToysRUs Clearance – Everything $3.20 – Shoes, Outfits & More!

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BabiesRUs & ToysRUs Clearance

Holy Smokes! Are you a new parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, someone who ever hopes to have a child, or someone who will ever attend a baby shower in your life?  Does that cover mostly everyone?  If not and you just want to score some AMAZING deals, well then get yourself to your local Babies R Us and Toys R Us store NOW!  Seriously.  I think I’m speechless.  As you guys know, I have a daughter Annabelle who will be 2 on Superbowl Sunday and I’ve also been blessed with a 3-month old little boy named Asher.  So when it comes to deals on items for kids, I’m all game.  Today I hit the jackpot at Babies R Us!! I got an e-mail that through 1/18, Babies R Us and Toys R Us are having a clearance sale – ALL clearance clothes, shoes and accessories are $4.00! Everything!  As long as it has a clearance sticker it’s $4.00!  Yes, just $4.00.  But it gets better!

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There is currently a 20% off your entire clearance purchase coupon that you can use in addition to this crazy sale!  Say what!?  That makes each item just $3.20!!  The coupon is valid through 1/20, although the $4 sale is only valid through Saturday, 1/18.

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I initially went in to just scope out the sale, but I quickly found myself overwhelmed and in shock at the deals I was scoring!  As you can see from the picture above, I did well!  If I didn’t have Asher with me I’m sure I would have stayed longer. 😉  Seriously – EVERYTHING on clearance is $4!  I got super cute rainboots for both boys and girls, tons of shoes, a bunch of 4-packs of Gerber Onsies, holiday outfits that retail at $39.99, Carter Outfit sets, the list goes on and on, all for $3.20 per item!  Ah so cool!

babies r us

I have my receipt here – I purchase $818.89 worth of merchandise for just $181.58!!  Plus my kiddos had a $100 Toys R Us gift card from Christmas so I really felt great tonight walking out of there.  Honestly I’d like to go back for more.  Shh, don’t tell my husband 😉

So get on over to your local store and let us know your favorite finds!


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  • mary

    I love Nike sneaker but at $44 they are overpriced for kids. So getting them at $10 or less is a good deal.

  • Laura D.

    AWESOME Score Melinda!!!! I was checking out your pictures and thought initially you had a backpack in your cart too. That’s no backpack! It’s little Baby Asher in his infant carrier!!! How cute is he!!! And, apparently a great little shopping companion!! Okay, and this I can’t resist…. Isn’t it funny that if he were your first child you probably would have gotten a separate shopping cart, one for the baby and one for the clothes. But, with the second child we all just pile stuff right on top of them, LOL!! 😉 This deal is definitely worth going back for more, WoooHooo!!!!! 🙂

  • CC

    The ad says it excludes Nike and Puma…I guess this isn’t the case?!?

    • Amanda M

      Same for me, I went and they were coming up clearance price but not 4 bucks, I am thinking maybe it varies depending on the store. I did carters sneakers and boots for 3.20 and a 4 piece carters bedding set for 15.99 it sells for 75!!! On the carters website so awesome find!

    • Melinda Dilione

      Oh that might be the case – I didn’t have the ad with me and didn’t see that in the fine print. The ladies at my store who were cleaning the shoe section told me anything that ends in .98 and has a clearance tags is $4. They told me this when I asked if there was a place I can check prices. They said I didn’t have to because everything was $4. The Nike and Pumas didn’t ring up at $4 automatically but they gladly changed the price because they were under the impression it was everything on clearance. But, I see now that the ad does say that it excludes them, so I removed that from my post because I don’t want to encourage or promote something that’s not accurate. Still some super amazing deals, even without the Pumas and Nike’s.

      • Amanda M

        Thanks so much for clarifying Melinda!

  • Emily

    I got like 14 fao dresses! They are normally 39.99!! They were 3.20 each!!! I got them all for my little girl for next season 🙂 So thrilling..

  • Vanessa

    Wow…this almost makes me wish I knew the sex of my baby that’s coming in February!

    • Stephanie Jimenez

      I went today and they have lots of onesies, neutral colors, its worth getting for the price. Lots of yellow stuff which are adorable for any sex. 🙂

  • Heather C.

    I’m guessing this is an in-store only deal??

  • Julie

    Definitely a sale to check out–I thought I would only find the small sizes, but just got boy’s dress pants up to 5T, a 12M suit clearanced at 29.98 and size 10 girls shoes for $3.20 each! Thanks so much for the post!

  • Beth

    Also wanted to say thank you for posting this!

    I went today and there was so much stock! I got many FULL outfits, pajamas, and shoes for my daughter – stocked up from size 12 months to 3T! I couldn’t believe it, some outfit sets were originally over $30.00 but got them for $3.20! My store had tons of stuff left, in all sizes.

    • Nicole LaFrance

      mine too! even the super expensive fao schwarz stuff and sports team track suits! my head is still spinning!

  • Ginny Pasqualone

    THANK YOU for posting. I hit two different BRU stores today and got $812.63 worth of product for $134.72, or a savings of 83.42% !!!

    • Alex

      You should mention that Gerber has 1 off coupon as well. I went to one baby’s r us and that was more then enough for us. We got clothing for now till the next 3 years for both my daughters. Also the Christmas things are 90 off. If its not ringing 90 off the manager will be willing to give it to you. I picked up train sets for next to nothing.

      • T

        Is the $4 sale on toys also

        • Alex

          no it was not 4 for the toys sale too but the Christmas toys were clearance 90 off, some were not coming off 90 but manager allowed them to go for 90.

  • Crystal

    Does toys r us accept mfg coupons (like the gerber one mentioned below)? I guess the sale is over though? 🙁

  • Crystal

    I’m in Midland, Texas and apparently there was no such sale at the store here 🙁

  • Crystal

    There is now a 30% off already reduced clearance coupon 🙂 everyone should be able to get a price difference from the 20% off coupon!