Hot! FREE StarKist Chunk Light Tuna SavingStar Offer!

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SavingStar eCoupon

It’s Freebie Friday which means there is an awesome new SavingStar eCoupon available to clip. The coupon is for 100% cash back on ONE can of StarKist Chunk Light Tuna, 5 oz. The coupon is only valid through Sunday 1/12, so if you are planning on doing any shopping this weekend I would clip this quick before it hits its limit!

Clip: StarKist Chunk Light Tuna SavingStar eCoupon

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  • wendy

    they also added $1/1 birds eye recipe ready

  • boobear27

    I just logged into my savingstar account and I’m not seeing the starkist ecoupon

    • Need A Nap2

      After you’ve logged in, come to this post and click on her link for the coupon. It will take you to the page with the coupon.

      • boobear27

        That worked! Thanks Need A Nap2!

  • misterbill

    I don’t understand why they hide these things.. I do see them all on the mobile app.

  • james

    wow. i just found this site freecoupons and saw the savingstar coupon for the starkist
    i couldn’t wait to tell you guys but you already know about it. i guess i am getting slow in my old age. lol
    well, i glad you posted it already. do job. 🙂

  • misterbill

    So does SavingStar pay the pre-Price Plus price? I’m guessing that it will.

    • chloe

      do you see this product on price plus sale? for saturday or for sunday?

      • misterbill

        Well, SfH seemed to imply that it was on PP today, but it turns out it was not ($1.19) The ad for tomorrow shows it is on PP (88c), for all of 7 cents, so I just bought it today since I wasn’t positive I would get to SR tomorrow.