2 Boxes of Post Cereal + Gallon of Milk – Only $3 at Rite Aid!

Post Cereal Rite Aid Deal

Post Cereal Rite Aid Deal

This week Rite Aid has select Post Cereals on sale for $3.00 plus when you buy 2 you will receive a $2.00 UPR (limit 2).  My store had Post Great Grains, Shredded Wheat, Honey Bunches of Oats and Fruity Pebbles Cereal as part of the sale. We knew about a Post Catalina printing as some stores but weren’t sure if it was printing at Rite Aid.  I headed there this morning and confirmed this Catalina IS printing at Rite Aid. Woot!  Here are the details on that Catalina offer:

Post Cereals, 10 oz or larger (Grape-Nuts, Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran, Great Grains)
12/30/13 – 1/26/14
Buy 2 or more Get Milk Free (up to $4, any brand, any flavor, any variety)

post cat

There is also a $1/2 Post Great Grains, Post Shredded Wheat and Post Grape Nuts Fit 10 oz or larger coupon from the January All You issue which you can use on this deal, making 2 boxes of cereal plus a gallon of milk only $3 after coupon, UPR and Catalina!  That’s less than the cost of a gallon of milk alone.  Love this deal!

There is also a Post Pebbles Cereal Catalina Deal which is included in the sale, however it is not a participating Post Cereal to generate the FREE Milk Catalina.  I’m assuming the Post Pebbles Cereal Catalina is printing at Rite Aid however I have not confirmed that.

Here is your best deal at Rite Aid through 1/25:


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  • KathyinDE

    Catalina for milk did not print @ Rite Aid in Graylyn Crest, DE. I tried with Great Grains and then immediately returned them. The clerk kept my $1 coupon and refused to return it saying it was “store policy”. I just cut my wellness card as I’m tiring of dealing with RA.

    • Lark

      I would ask for a copy of that policy. I would think it would be illegal for them to keep the coupon because why would they keep it but to turn it in for redemption. Did they say they destroyed it?

    • misterbill

      You should call or chat with RA to complain about that. My experience is that the manager WILL get the message, and quickly.

      • KathyinDE

        I did call Rite Aid corporate who agreed with keeping the coupon AND stated that this is the policy of ALL merchants to keep them after a return, which is a ridiculous statement to make. The corp csr never answered the ? of what they would do with the coupon.

        I have 150 thousand things on my plate this week and to worn down to spend anymore time over $1 coupon, What I do know is that there is always some issue at this store; catalina printers offline or snippy clerks and/or missing sales tags.

    • Michelle

      When I’ve returned a product I used a coupon on, I’ve gotten the value of the coupon returned. Calling corporate is definitely the right call! Good luck!

  • Lark

    Printed in south Jersey.

  • gilly

    Just came back from my RA had $4 in UP rewards so OOP $2 cashier handed me the receipt and I spotted the Catalina print and asked for it, It was for free milk, guess you should check maybe cashier thinks if you don’t know about it they will use it! There were no signs about this ,,,Thanks LRWC!

  • Felice Burns

    Catalina did not print at the rite aid in shrewsbury avenue, in tinton falls NJ. filed a report online with the catalina company saying it failed to print. they have an easy online form to fill out.

    • Melinda Dilione

      Hi Felice. Did you make sure this store had a Catalina machine? Not all Rite Aid stores have one. I tested this deal at the Oakhurst location today and the Catalina printed. Not too far from Tinton Falls 😉

      • Felice Burns

        yep It had a catalina machine there 🙂 (in tinton falls).

      • Felice Burns

        have been staying in because of the weather -But will try oakhurst if the deal is still on – do you know if is expired yet?

        • Melinda Dilione

          The deal is good through the end of the day Saturday.

  • mary

    Rite-Aid can be a real pain. Most stores I go to will honor coupons after the fact, I mean if I don’t have it with me, they’ll honor it later on as long as I bring in the receipt showing no coupon was used. Rite-Aid says they’ll only honor an unredeemed coupon for 24 hours, and after that, you’re out of luck. I don’t think it’s right because I don’t always have my coupons with me unless I know I’ll be going to a certain store. Sometimes I’m on my way somewhere else and I’ll stop in and may see a good deal and know I have a coupon at home for it. I can’t always get back there within one day. With the price of gas, it’s just not worth a special trip for $1 or $2. As long as they’ve sold the product, they’re going to get the money from the manufacturer, so I think their policy isn’t a consumer-friendly one.

    • Kate

      Does it say it in their policy? I think a lot of employees don’t know their stores policies. I’ve done that before when RA took my coupon few days later. But customer service at Walmart told me the same thing – they take it within 24 hours.

    • Kate

      I agree RA is a pain. They won’t give you a rain check with UP rewards involved. They’ll give you a rain check for the price of the product but you wont be able to get rewards ;( They say there is no way for them to manually print the rewards. CVS will give you a rain check with rewards and I never have problems redeeming it.
      The problem with RA they have so little products in stock that if you don’t get to the store in the first day of sale you can’t do the deal. Once the item is gone it takes them sometimes 2 weeks to get it back.

      • MicheleAna

        Kate, my RA manager says it is Against their policy to not honor a sale even if there is an up reward. When you redeem a Rhinebeck they have to take the up reward you were suppose to get off right then and there from the initial sale price. I personally love rainchecks for this reason, less out of my pocket. Wayne and Kinnelon stores are the best for me. I have noticed that stores in a less desirable area can’t be botherd with it but when you ask for the boss it sometimes works but then you ask to call corporate and attitudes change. Of course you should always be nice in order to get your way.

        • Kate

          Wow, I never knew that. Thanks for sharing. I’ll try a different store and see if they’re better there 🙂

  • Meli

    i dont think it is working on the honey bunches of oats. i did it on the great garains and it printed then did a seperate transaction with the honey and it did not.

  • gilly

    Since there is a limit of 2 ($2 UPR) can we get 2 Catalina’s ?

    • Melinda Dilione

      There is never a limit to how many Catalinas you can get, as long as you purchase them in separate transactions. So you can buy 2 Post Cereals, get $2 UPR and free milk Catalina, then do the deal again, get another $2 UPR and free milk Catalina. You can even do it again in a 3rd transaction for another milk Catalina but you won’t get the $2 UPR after the 2nd transaction. HTH

      • gilly

        Thank You, it’s a great deal and am always buying milk and cereal!

        • gilly

          Did it again last night used the $2 in UPR from prior purchase and got another gallon of milk Catalina! Thanks LRWC!!

  • ueen

    This is a great deal. I would look at this as a $1 MM after coupon, UPR and Milk Cat. This post deserves a “bump up post” at least 2 days before the end of sale.

  • nicole

    so I did the fruity peebles and I didn’t get the free milk but I got a $1…..

    • Melinda Dilione

      The Fruity Pebbles Cereal does not product the free milk catalina. It’s only the products listed under the Catalina offer – Great Grains, etc. HTH

  • Betty Likes Reading

    Went and bought 2 post shredded wheat.i recieved 2 upr no cat! They have cat machine light was on also! Oh well