Stop & Shop Coupon Deals – Week of 2/7

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Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups Week of 2/7:


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  • DianeG

    The Glory Tomato coupon I have is DND. Even if it doubled, I’m not getting the same numbers – any ideas ?

    • Michelle T.

      If it doubles, the numbers are correct Has anyone used this coupon yet and has it doubled? If it does double, the math goes like this: 3.99 – 2.20 (2 .55 coupons doubled) =1,79 divided by 2 = .895 or approx. .89 each.

      • DianeG

        Thanks – I think I was doing $2.99 – arrgghh!

      • Love it save in CT

        It falied to scan for me at all. The CS rep had to come over-ride it, but happily keyed it in for a generic $.55/ produce (which doubled).HTH

  • Kathy

    Are the Edy’s and berries prices posted here a reflection of the BOGO offer in my circular or is my BOGO a regional offer? I am a bit confused because my circular shows both these items as BOGO but when I look up Edy’s Ice Cream on my Peapod, it shows a sale price of $3.25 (saying this is 50% off original price). So I’m curious how you arrive at the $1.99 price?

    • Loretta Dugan

      different regions have slightly different ads. Your edy’s and berries are bogo and this ad (based in NJ) is $1.99 🙂

  • Kathy

    For the Buy 6 Get 400 Gas Rewards Points; The Checkout 51 offers
    for Apple Jacks, Mini-Wheats & Frosted flakes were from last week and so
    they are no longer applicable.

  • adriene

    just a heads up to anyone doing the quaker cereal deal at stop & shop, My .75/2 coupon did not double.

    • Cheri

      I used mine at Shoprite last week and they doubled fine

      • adriene

        I used them at shoprite last week and they doubled for me too. I don’t know why they aren’t at s&s

  • Deena

    Check your clearance areas, folks — lots of HBA products half price or less at my Stop and Shop just now. Found Garnier shampoo/conditioner for $1.74 each; the giant bottles of Pantene for $3.75 each; Crest toothbrushes for 99 cents. Did not have my whole binder with me, so going back tonight when store is less busy and doing some serious rummaging!

    Did a “normal” shop today — combined some S&S coupons I got in the mail with the my ScanIt offers, the coupons from the flyer, sales and MFR coupons. Did not have a coupon for everything (bananas, olive bar, hamburger buns, marshmallows…)… Got $119 worth of stuff for $55+ and will get SavingStar deposits for my lettuce, baking soda, cereal and cake mix, which will bring me under $50. Not “extreme” couponing, but pretty good!!

  • Lesley

    Yesterday I tried to use the $1.50 off 3 General Mills cereal (any variety, any size) coupon that was loaded to my Stop and Shop card (I received an email earlier in the week saying I had offers available to load to my card, this being one of them). I bought 3 General Mills Fiber One Protein using 3 $0.75 coupons that doubled (and I with get a $0.75 Savingstar for buying this). The ecoupon did not come off my order and I did not have time to go to CS. Later in the day I sent a message through the Stop and Shop website telling what happened. I put in my card number where it asked for it and I left my number. This morning I got a voicemail from a woman from Stop and Shop saying she was sorry it did not work and she looked at my receipt, saying I did purchase 3 Fiber One cereals. She said they are sending me out a gift card. Wow, I was so impressed with how fast they got back to me,

    • Kathy

      I haven’t tried their eCoupons yet and as I started reading this I was so sure you were going to say that she told you that you can’t combine Ecoupons and paper coupons (as ShopRite is starting to tell people who call to say their Ecoupons didn’t come off)……so happy that wasn’t the case – thanks for posting! 😀

  • Love to Save in CT

    For the record, my S&S has a coupon in the hand-held scanner for $3/2 Land o Lakes butters (this only works with the hand-held scanners and will not pop up on the regular registers). Paired with the 2/$6 deal this week, it makes them 2/$3. No coupon needed, but you can only do one per transaction. So I will be headed back a few times this week to stock up!

  • shelldigity

    The Nestle Toll House coupon is NLA.