Hot Diaper Deal! Babies R Us Diapers for Just $0.05 a Diaper!

Babies R Us Diaper Coupon

Babies R Us Diaper Coupon

This awesome deal on Babies R Us Diapers is back again!  Right now Babies R Us has Special Value Babies R Us brand diapers priced at just $10 plus there are over $50 in coupons inside the box including a coupon for $6 off Babies R Us Brand diapers making them just $4 a box or just around $0.05 a diaper, depending on the size you’re buying!  Yay!

The coupon is good for 72 ct or larger so you could not use it on the size 5 diapers which are 56 ct.  All coupons expire on 3/5/14.

Last time we saw this deal I asked if I could open the box to get the $6 coupon to use on my purchase and I was allowed to.  One coupon takes off $6 for each box you buy!  I stocked up big time last summer when these diapers were actually free, and I’m still using them on my 4-month old boy.  We have never had an issue with them and I think for free or super cheap, they work great!  No complaints here for an awesome deal on diapers, which can be such a huge expense for families.

Let us know if you scored them at your Babies R Us!

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  • Nancy Martinez C

    How r those diapers . Because im dwn to my last 4 diapers bur my son sensitive to diapers. I can’t use reg huggies he breaks out in rashes

    • Brooke

      We like them! They aren’t the best diapers but my son never leaks out of them. He did get a rash from them when he was a newborn but now that he is 2 he does just find with them.

  • Nancy Martinez C

    Are they good diapers my son gets rashes from huggies

    • Melinda Dilione

      Apparently not everyone likes these diapers but I’ve used them for months and my son has never gotten rashes from these diapers and they don’t leak for me. Every baby is different though 🙂

    • Kaitlyn Jahrling

      My daughters break out with huggies too, but we’ve never had a problem with this brand.

  • Alicia

    Last time the coupons did not work for me. They state “not valid with any other deals/promotions” . They didn’t scan and my BRU said it was because the $10 box is a “deal/promotion”..Just a heads up 🙂

  • Susie

    Watching you now on RR!!! I feel like it’s my friend on tv!!!!! 🙂

  • Dorota

    i had bought these diapers back in november what they had their black friday deal it looked like a good deal what a mistake my daughter got a rash from them and also they kept leaking after the 6th diaper i had enough and just went and bought huggies they never leak or give her a rash also the coupons that came in the box none were for other diapers just baby food, water etc..

  • karen

    can anyone confirm that the cpn is in these boxes? i just paid 11cents a diaper last wk during a diaper deal there…so if there is no cpn…it’s 11cents here, too….but, i would love these diapers better if it had the cpn and the price drops to 5cents;)

  • Tanzania

    I been using these diapers for years. I have 6 kids. I’ve never had a problem. I’ve noticed the changes in them over the years. Thinner and run smaller in size, less in pack. If your baby is in size smaller than 5, I would look for these $10 boxes. The coupon is for $6 off. I have always got these for $4. Separate transaction each. Stock up before coupon expire ( March).

    • Tanzania

      Forgot to mention, these diapers are hypoallergenic, contain vitamin E and zinc.

  • Lisa W

    Has anyone had success with this? I don’t see the sale listed on the website, so is this just in stores?

    • Tanzania

      Online these diapers are $19.99. You would have to find these $10 boxes in store. Leftovers from Black Friday.

  • Kathy

    Can anyone share what the other coupons in the box are for. TIA

    • Tanzania

      The coupons in box are for Babies R Us Brand items. Such as Babies R Us brand wipes, baby food, formulas, laundry detergent, purified water, toiletries, bath tub, gates, and toddler feeding items. Babies R us Brand items.

  • Tina p

    Just tried to do this deal and the coupon is only for the white boxes that are pictured on the coupon-the coupons beeped and manager wouldn’t accept it 🙁

    • Tanzania

      The white boxes are the new diapers, they are on sale $19.99. With $6 coupon they will be $13.99. Great deal! I guess they’ve updated their system.

      • T

        I went to my babies r us find all size 1 no other size

        • Tanzania

          Toys R Us also sell these diapers.

          • T

            I ll check it thank you

    • Gen

      Same thing happened to me. My store had plenty but the manager said the coupon was not for the value packs. It didn’t scan. He gave me 1 box with the coupon as a curtosey but not the others.

    • Christine

      I also went this weekend and the manager said the same thing. That the coupon was not for the promo box. They wouldn’t accept it.

  • Stephanie

    Do you need a coupon? I got them on black friday and they worked great, way better than expected for a generic brand!

  • tiffany

    I just recently stopped working at toys r us/ babies r us. I have been couponing for a little more than 2 years and was upset so many times to see people turned away with their coupons even when they were right. being told the coupon beeped and didn’t go through, the only coupons that get scanned are the % off or gift card coupons mostly. the other coupons are to be typed on a different screen than when the items are scanned. so that may be the problem when the coupons beep because the register isn’t set up to have coupons scanned in like at other stores.

  • kp

    I went to my local BRU to look for this deal and the BRU diapers were $20/box. they did not carry these.

    • Tanzania

      These $10 boxes are what’s leftover from Black Friday. Leftovers. Therefore, you would have to look at Toys R Us and Babies R Us to see if any available in store. I had better luck at Toys R Us buying these diapers. They are still called Babies R Us diapers.

  • calicallie

    I just went to try out this deal and the coupon ‘beeped’ and the cashier said ‘sorry, it has to be the one pictured on the coupon [the more expensive ones in white boxes]’. Boo. Luckily the manager was nearby and agreed that the coupon said ANY babies r us box of diapers. Disaster averted, but only because there were some nice folks working there today…

  • meg

    Our babies r us in media pa are not doing this sale. they are 19.99 on sale.

    • desiree

      I got them at the Exton pa store…2 problems. I just did two separate transactions

  • Lisa W

    Has anyone had any luck with this in NJ?

    • Yes me. I didn’t actually buy them, I just checked the deal. I went to the Toys R Us/Babies R Us in Freehold. They were $10 there.

      • Lisa W

        Awesome, thanks! I will try the Eatontown store at some point today.

  • Minnie

    I Honestly don’t like them my baby breaks out. i bought 4 boxes planning to give them away they’re size3 Im in CT

    • christina

      where in ct did you find them? I went to milford and they only had 1 box left in size 1

      • Minnie

        went to norwalk but i belive they ran out…call to make sure.

  • Dawn

    I went to babies r us(in pa) and they had 3 boxes (size 1) left. Two of the boxes were torn open and one sealed. I took the open boxes to the manager and explained the coupons were taken/missing. He was not happy “that couponers” may have taken them and offered to adjust them yo 4.00 a box. . I get to the register to pay so I open the sealed box for the coupon. No coupons in the box!! Babies r us was super great and adjusted all 3 boxes to 4.00. Very nice! Just be aware some boxes may not have them. Happy couponing!