Hot! New $3/1 Barbara’s Cereal Coupon – FREE at ShopRite & Wegmans!

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Barbara’s Cereal Coupon

Wow! There is a new Barbara’s Coupon available to print.  The coupon is for $3.00 off any (1) Barbara’s Cereal.  You have to “like” Barbara’s on Facebook in order to print your coupon.  This coupon is available to print for one day only in celebration of the premiere of The Lego Movie!

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Print: Barbara’s Cereal Coupon

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ShopRite has Barbara’s Cereal on sale for $2.99 this week so FREE after coupon!  Wegmans has Barbara’s Cereals regularly priced at $2.99 so also FREE after this hot coupon!


Whole Foods Shoppers – pick up Barbara’s Cereal for $1.99 after this new coupon!

Here are your deals:


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  • Janet Williams

    Is this kept in the cereal isle or baby?

    • bess

      cereal, with other organic

  • Danielle

    I can’t figure out how to print this coupon. I liked the page and then clicked the green ‘print’ button which took me to some website called Qples where I need a password and login information to print. Huh? I’m not going to create an account on some site for one random coupon. Is everyone else getting that?

    • bess

      you should have the option to login with facebook
      many facebook coupons are now using qples

    • Kat

      Qples is actually a well known coupon printer a lot of companies are starting to use.

  • piya

    is the coupon just one print per computer?

    • Nancy_Mangiameli

      Yep, that’s what it looks like. I got one print off of two different computers. Will try for another on my husband’s laptop after he’s done working.

    • Harry

      looks like one print per computer per facebook account. So if using multiple PCs, have to use a different FB account at each PC.

      When you click on the coupon, it brings up exact same page in another window, there you have to click print again and now you will have the option to login with FB after which there is the Java app prompt and finally the coupon prints. Whew….coupon printing is getting to be a lot of work….still for $3 off/free/money-makers its ok.

      • Nancy_Mangiameli

        Yes, sorry. I did forget to mention that on the 2nd computer, I did use a different facebook account. I usually have a separate account for each PC, so I didn’t even think to see if I could get another print on the same computer. Good to know that it wouldn’t work.

        Ha Ha. Yeah, they are making us work for them these days, aren’t they. But, the Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins are pretty tasty, so it was worth the effort!

        • suzy

          printed from 3 facebook accounts on one pc. just have to log out of the qples and login from the other facebook. no problem.

          • Dorota

            same here

          • suzy

            just printed from a 4th account. one print per account, but all on one pc.

  • lori

    wasnt able to print the coupon on facebook.

    • Susan Scatena

      I only got the first little box with the coupon advertised. The rest of the page was blank, I can’t print the coupon. It didn’t fully download. what’s happening?

    • susan

      The box with the coupons won’t fully download. can’t print it.

  • misterbill

    Looks like it’s just $1 off now, although they didn’t bother to change the header on the page.

  • Nancy_Mangiameli

    I used these at Shop Rite this morning. The full $3 comes off.Not that it’s a big difference!, but just wanted to pass along the FYI.