Hydrogen Peroxide Only $0.17 at Walgreens Plus 2 FREE First Aid Bags


Hydrogen Peroxide and First Aid Bag

You can score an awesome deal this week on Walgreens Brand Hydrogen Peroxide and also score a FREE First Aid Kit! There is an in-ad coupon in the Walgreens ad this week for Walgreens Hydrogen Peroxide priced at 3 for $1.00, plus there is a monthly deal running, Buy 1, Get 1 50% off, making these only $0.16 each after the coupon & monthly deal.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.43.11 AM

If the deal isn’t awesome enough, lets make it just a little bit better for you, when you buy 3 you will be able to get a FREE Walgreens First Aid Bag ($4.99 value)!

So, buy 6 Walgreens Hydrogen Peroxide for $0.17 each ($1.00 total), and get earn 2 FREE Walgreens First Aid Bags! Woot what a great deal!

Update:  You will need to buy in increments of 2 to get all the proper discounts.  If you buy 2 you will still pay $0.17 each.  If you buy 4 you will still pay $0.17 each and qualify for 1 free bag.  If you buy 6 you will still pay $0.17 each and qualify for 2 free bags.  We updated the deal idea below to show the breakdown when you buy 2.

Here is your deal at Walgreens through 2/8:


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  • becky

    the numbers are very confusing on this. any chance we could see the details on the receipt from the picture?

    • Laura D.

      The in ad coupon is 3/$1 for the peroxide, not $0.17 each. I think that may be where the confusion is.

    • Buy 6 Hydrogen Perodixe, when you scan your in ad coupon, it will deduct and you will pay $1. It’s hard to really explain because of the bogo 50% and the in ad coupon. The register takes some funky deductions. It does work. Buy 6 and pay $1. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • If you want to you can buy 2 but then you loose the free bags. Buying 2 will be the same price. It might be easier for me to break it down when you buy 2.

        Buy 1 Hydrogen Peroxide $0.99
        Buy 1 Hydrogen Peroxide $0.49 (50% off)
        When the in ad coupon is scanned it will deduct like this:
        -$0.65 off the $0.99
        -$0.49 off the $0.49
        Final price is: $0.17 each

        • becky

          ok, i see what you mean by funky deductions! 🙂
          so it doesn’t make sense, but if you say it works, i believe it works! ;D

          i’d still like to see a receipt if anyone finds enough items at their store, though. would like to see the walgreens math, lol.

          • I don’t have my receipt anymore but here is the walgreens math:

            Buy 1 Hydrogen Peroxide $0.99
            -$0.65 with in ad coupon
            Buy 1 Hydrogen Peroxide $0.49 (50% off)
            -$0.49 with in ad coupon
            Buy 1 Hydrogen Peroxide $0.99
            -$0.66 with in ad coupon
            Buy 1 Hydrogen Peroxide $0.49 (50% off)
            -$0.49 with in ad coupon
            Buy 1 Hydrogen Peroxide $0.99
            -$0.66 with in ad coupon
            Buy 1 Hydrogen Peroxide $0.49 (50% off)
            -$0.49 with in ad coupon
            Buy 1 First Aid Bag $0 wyb 3 Hydrogen Peroxide
            Buy 1 First Aid Bag $0 wyb 3 Hydrogen Peroxide
            Pay: $1.00

            • Some stores may have them for $1 and not $0.99 but the deductions given once the in-ad coupon is scanned will adjust and still make it $1 in the end.

              • becky

                oh, i think i finally understand! 😉

                the coupon is trying to deduct 65 or 66 cents from each bottle because it is subtracting $2 from 3 bottles – but the bogo 50% bottles do not cost that much, so it takes off the 49 cents.

                thanks for taking the extra time to explain this one cindy! 🙂

                • No problem. I know it’s a confusing one but it does work. Just be sure to buy the 16 oz bottles of the Walgreens brand. And if you don’t see the first aid bags, as. They will just ring up as $0 for every 3 of the peroxides you buy.

  • Jenn

    where does it state that when i buy 3 i get a first aid bag free?

    • Hilly

      I looked at the case I got over the summer the wrapper around says FREE Case with the purchase of any 3 first aid products they were in the top shelf were peroxide was located HTH!

    • The wrapper says it. If you buy 3 and then a bag then the bag will automatically ring up free. Hope that helps

  • Hilly

    Did this deal over the summer , it works !

  • Dawn Nicole

    Just got back from Walgreens. They only had 3 bottles left. Grabbed 3 and a first aid kit. Paid $1.00. I usually stay far away from Walgreens. The ones by me are not coupon friendly at all. But I only used the 1 coupon from the walgreens book, so knew I wouldn’t have a problem. 🙂 Worked great! Thanks LRWC!

    • becky

      your deal makes sense, but still trying to figure out if the above deal with 6 bottles is pay $1 or pay $2, or another number

      • Dawn Nicole

        I plan on trying another Walgreens later on tonight. They deal above makes sense.. If I bought 3 and paid $1.00 including the free first aid kit, then buying 6 would make it $2.00. I was just happy it worked. If i get to another Walgreens and they have 6, I’ll buy 6 and 2 first aid kits and report back. Don’t think it should be a problem though. Hope that helps!

        • If you buy 6 you will still pay $1 because buying 3 does not take advantage of the BOGO 50% because you have an odd number. Buy 6 and you will still pay $1. 🙂

          • Dawn Nicole

            Thank so much Cindy!

      • Laura D.

        Hi Becky. The peroxide coupon is 3/$1. I loaded a picture above. You would pay $1 purchasing 3 peroxide and 1 first aid kit. $2 for 6 peroxide and 2 kits. HTH!!

        • Dawn Nicole

          There is also the monthly B1G1 50% promotion too. That’s what confused me with the deal when using it with the 3 for $1.00 Walgreens in-ad coupon.

          • Laura D.

            Oh! That I didn’t know. I wanted to do this deal earlier today but only 2 peroxides and no kits. Hopefully someone will upload a receipt.

            • Dawn Nicole

              Here is my receipt. Sorry it’s sideways.. couldn’t get it to come out straight! Hope this helps.

              • becky

                looks like the bogo 50% doesn’t coincide with the coupon, so 3 will be $1, 6 will be $2, and if you find the bags, each item will be 25 cents apiece. thanks!

                • When you buy 6 you will still pay $1 because you need it in pairs of 2 for the BOGO 50% to have an effect on the deal. That’s why we have 6 in the deal idea. It’s the best deal idea and you pay $1 for the 6 as well. Hope that helps

                  • becky

                    why do 2 of the 3 not ring up bogo 50%, but 6 total will?

                    • I honestly can’t explain how the registers are taking the combined deductions but you get the best deal when you buy 6.

              • Laura D.

                Thanks Dawn!!!! =D

            • becky

              the confusion is that the rest of the post does not match up with the deal idea box. one says pay $1, the other says pay $2. $1 divided by 8 items is where the 12 cents comes from, so it really seems like it should only be $1 total.

          • becky

            ok, this is what i am thinking.
            the peroxide are 3/$2 without coupon, so coupon takes $1 off 3
            bogo 50% makes the second set of 3 cost $1
            6 bottles (first 3=$2, second 3=$1) $3 – $2 coupon ($1 for each 3 bottles) = $1 for 6 bottles
            does this make sense?
            is 3/$2 the pre-coupon price you found?

      • It’s pay $1 when you buy 6. Sorry we had $2 in the deal idea but it’s pay $1 when you buy 6. It’s a bit confusing with the BOGO 50% off because of how they ring up once you have them scan your in ad coupon. You will pay $1 when you buy 6 and be able to score 2 free first ad bags if your store has them. They deduct automatically at checkout.

  • dee seiffer

    With all that peroxide…. it is a great tile grout cleaner/bleach. I pour the peroxide on the grout and leave it overnight. In the AM, viola! bright, clean grout. You don’t have to leave it that long though.

  • Christina Fowler Clement

    they don’t know anything about the free kit at walgreens so how do we prove it?

    • You don’t have to prove it. Just bring a bag up to the register and when you buy 3 peroxide the bag will ring up at $0

      • rachael

        There was a little sign that said “buy any 3 first aid products and receive a free bag”. However, the bag didn’t ring up free for me because it said you had to buy 3 of a specific brand (neosporin, band aid etc). I asked the manager and she said the sign was confusing and these must be old bags because they said specific brands and charged $4.99 for the bag. She acted like she was doing me a favor by making the bag free. Then, she took down the free bag sign so other people wouldn’t do it (in turn less people bothering her!).

        • Megan

          That was the Johnson and Johnson bag and it does require purchase of specific branded items, there is a Walgreens bag that is the correct one for this deal.

  • CE

    I bought 6 bottles and it came out to $2. No BOGO for me. Got the free first aid bags though.

  • Lark

    The bogo didn’t work for me either. Not a big deal because I needed hydrogen peroxide & it’s still a good price. Not sure what to do with the first aid bag but whatever it was free.

    • Maile

      To confuse this discussion even more…I did this deal today and got it ALL (6 bottles plus only one bag, ’cause they only had 1 in stock) for only 45 cents. How does that work??? I didn’t even question it…

  • Lena

    i just did the deal i bought 6 bottles and she didnt even scan the first aid kit she started to read what products were on the kit and told me my bottles werent part of the deal…….i bought a hair color dye it was on clearance for $2.00 and i had a coupon for $5.00 off….i told her you can change the coupon for $2.00 not $5.00 ( coupon policy that hardly is ever used the right way) and she refused again ….she asked the manager and sure enough he told her you can do that……im just annoyed that the workers dont even know the coupon policy and i feel like they think we’re breaking the rules when it clearly states it on their website ……she kinda embrassed me in front of the other customers ….when she said i never heard of changing the value of the coupon…thanks for the deal!!

    • StephLB

      I had the same problem. Below is a picture of the first aid bag. I also didn’t get the buy one get one 50%. My walgreens is never good when it comes to sale prices and what they ring up at. I tend to stay away from them but thought it would be quick and easy. I also got the suave and they didn’t give me my 2000 points but they were really great with that and they said if it’s ever a point problem call the number and they will correct it right away but they did it for me in the store.

    • Denise Davison

      Don’t worry Lena you are not the only one that runs into that problem! I had the same problem last night with the Hydroxycut Products, had to get the manager as well, I’m glad to see that you stood your ground and know your coupon policy! It is always best to speak up when you know what is right! Keep up the good work!

      • Lena

        omg im the last to speak my mind…..my husband is very blunt where i am the quiet one in the relationship….but i couldnt take the fact she made me feel stupid….Thanks for the encouragement i greatly appreciate!!

  • Jennifer

    Not sure what happened i purchased all 6 including the two first aid bag but was charged $2. I was in a rush so i didnt have time to dispute at the register. I really cnt complain. All that for two dollars! Thank you LRWC!

  • Ginny Pasqualone

    I got 3 for $1 plus the free bag. Pretty happy! Thanks LRWC!

  • Barb

    Went to my walgreens in CT and didnt get a free bag also didnt get the peroxide for b1g1 50%. Make sure your grabbing the walgreens bag cause i took the johnson & johnson bag that is the wrong one has to be the walgreens one.

  • Jean Devlin Price

    do they have the coupons in store

    • DianeG

      Jean, – sorry you missed it…Check the dates above, this promotion (hydrogen peroxide 3/$1.00) was over on 2/8.
      In case you were wondering, for Walgreens, when it says “in-ad coupon”, that means the coupon is in the Walgreens flyer that comes in many newspapers. You don’t have to actually cut the coupon to use it in Walgreens, you show them the ad and they scan the coupon. And if you don’t have the ad with you, there are usually flyers in the store. hth