Hot! Babies R Us Clearance – Clothes, Shoes & Accessories as Low as $2.50!


Babies R Us & Toys R Us Clearance

Wow!  Remember that AWESOME Babies R Us and Toys R Us Clearance sale we posted about a few weeks ago?  The one where I did some SERIOUS shopping – I went back multiple times!  Well this clearance deal is back beginning today!  It’s a bit different this time and can work out to be even better!  I know, hard to believe it could be better than before.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 3.20.05 PM
Beginning today, 2/14 through 2/20 all clearance clothing, shoes & accessories will be $5 or less at Babies R Us and Toys R Us stores!  That’s a great deal in and of itself, however check this out.

clearance 2

Through 2/17, Babies R Us is having their annual “Great Trade In Event” where you can bring in used high chairs, car seats, strollers, etc. and in return get 25% off the purchase of a new one.  In addition to receiving 25% off a new product you will also receive a $100 coupon book for trading in an item.  Inside this coupon book is a coupon for 50% off your entire clearance purchase!  Say what!?  Yep, 50% off – and it includes this $5 sale.  So if you have an item to trade in you can score clothing, shoes and accessories for just $2.50!  Woot!

clearance 3

Reader Brittany saved over $600 today on her shopping trip to Babies R Us taking advantage of this deal!  I love it!  So get on over to your local store and let us know your favorite finds!

 Thanks Brittany!


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  • Michelle

    Wow that’s awesome. Do you know approx. the size the clothes go up to ? I know each store will vary but is it just for the really lil ones Thanks!

    • B

      My BRU has all toddler sizes.

    • Melinda Dilione

      They sell up to 5T clothes

  • D

    Do you know if you have to buy a new item with the trade-in to get the coupon book? I have items I could trade in, but don’t need a new one…but would love the coupon book!

    • Melinda Dilione

      Hi D – you don’t have to buy a new item. You get the coupon book just for trading in a used item. Hope that helps 🙂

      • D


  • Denise

    Does anyone know if the 25% coupon needs to be used that day or can it be used sometime before the sale is over?

    • Melinda Dilione

      Hi Denise. The 25% off coupon can be used until this promotion is over, which is February 17. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Denise

        Thanks Melinda!!

  • Ginny Pasqualone

    Thanks for posting. As soon as I saw this, I put my coat back on and ran over to our BRU with our old Baby Einstein bouncer in tow. The selection wasn’t great and my 19 month old was a bit annoyed (to say the least) so it wasn’t as amazing as it could have been… but I still got 7 pairs of pajamas, some leggings, a Christmas t-shirt, a Boston Red Sox windbreaker, and two sets of Heidi Klum socks for about $32. All sizes 2T to 5T (planning ahead) Score!

    • Denise Davison

      Sounds like you did great! I tried, and all I ended up with was a pair of sunglasses! Oh well, at least they are cute! 🙂

  • Delia

    I saw this post and went right to babiesrus! I have 3 boys(3,2 and 3 months). What a bargain!

    • Ginny Pasqualone

      How awesome, congrats!! I’m so glad LRWC keeps us posted on sales like this – we only have one kid so far, and I’ve stocked up on her next three sizes over the past two big BRU sales like this. I’ll be watching for these sales like a hawk once more kids are in the equation. 😀

    • Denise Davison

      Awesome! Looks like you did great!

  • Laura

    Thanks for posting. I’m debating whether or not to make the trip. Those who went- was it worth it or did it seem picked over from the last clearance sales? Thanks!

    • Brittany

      Hi Laura, I got mostly larger sizes (12m-5t) there wasn’t a lot of smaller sizes left. There were a ton of pajamas, a lot of MLB & NFL items, some winter coats (got a $40 peacoat, $54 winter jacket & $38 snowsuit for $2.50/ea). A lot of shirt/pants combos in 18m-5t. My BRU had 6+ full racks of boys clearance items alone. Good luck!

    • Ginny Pasqualone

      Ours was very picked over from last clearance – much of the Same stuff, but with lots more pajamas and infant winter outerwear.

      • Laura

        Thanks to the both of you! I’m going to check it out as what I need to stock up on is pajamas and winter gear

  • Mandy

    That would be nice! My sister just found out she’s having triplets in September! How long will this go on? Unfortunately gotta wait for income tax return to try it lol.. Hope it is still going on then:)

    • Brittany

      Hi Mandy, the $5 sale is good through 2/20 but the coupon is only good through 2/17. 🙂

  • Louise

    Went last night and got some good stuff but just beaware some stuff is excluded which wasn’t excluded in the last sale. I only caught it cause I realized my total was too high. I know off had FAO clothing and all Yankee and etc were not included.

  • Ginny

    Does anyone know if they will be doing a similar promotion anytime soon this year? I have not seen anything pop up, and could really use another big haul like last year’s!!