Hot! Easy High Value Money Makers at Stop & Shop {2/28 – After Gas Rewards}

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Stop & Shop Gas Rewards Deal

It’s that time again!  Time to check out how much money we can make next week at Stop & Shop, beginning 2/28, with their new gas reward offer.  This week we have TWO different gas reward promotions!  How exciting!  The first deal is buy 7 participating products and earn 500 gas reward points ($0.50 off per gallon, up to 35 gallons of gas).

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The second deal is buy 6 participating products and earn 400 gas reward points ($0.40 off per gallon, up to 35 gallons of gas).

If you are not familiar with Gas Rewards here is a breakdown…

500 gas points gets you $0.50 off per gallon up to 35 gallons which is equal to $17.50 in gas.  If your tank is not 35 gallons, some gas stations will allow you to fill up 2 cars or use gas containers to get the remainder of gas at the discounted price.  Be sure to check with your gas station.

We can work a TON of awesome deals with all the options we have, however here are the best deals I’m seeing.  I’m excited about the awesome Money Maker you can score on Dole Smoothie Shakers, which will be priced at $1.99 and we have a nice $0.75 off Any ONE (1) DOLE Fruit Smoothie Shaker coupon currently available to print. The month is coming to an end and many coupons reset or disappear so if you’re interested in this coupon I would print it now!

$0.75 off Any ONE (1) DOLE Fruit Smoothie Shaker

If you have 7 coupons you can score a $12.82 Money Maker assuming you can fill up with 35 gallons of gas.  And don’t forget, the $5/$20 Dole Fruit Bowls, Jars, Squish’ems!, Frozen Fruit, Canned Fruit, Canned Juice or Healthy Snacks (SavingStar Deposit) doesn’t expire until 3/5 so if you haven’t fulfilled this offer yet, this a great time to do it and earn your $5.00!

But this deal gets better!  We just found out a Catalina Deal will be printing at Stop & Shop on Dole Smoothie Shakers.  Here are the details on that Catalina Offer:

Dole Smoothie Shaker
Buy 2-3, Get $0.75 Catalina
Buy 4 or more, Get $1.00 Catalina

For the Buy 6 get 400 gas reward points offer, the best deal I’m seeing is on Stop & Shop canned tomatoes which will be priced at $0.60.  Buy 6, pay $3.60 and earn 400 gas reward points – $0.40 off a gallon up to 35 gallons of gas, which is equivalent to $14.00 – making this a $10.40 Money Maker assuming you can fill up with 35 gallons of gas.

Seriously, if you haven’t tried gas reward deals yet, this is the perfect time to try!  Who doesn’t need canned tomatoes in the house?  It’s such an easy deal because all you have to do is buy 6 cans of tomatoes and you’ve earned your points!  I’ve done these gas deals at Stop & Shop and watching my price per gallon go down to $1.12 a gallon the other day was so thrilling!

As always with gas reward deals, there’s a bunch of different deal scenarios you can work depending on how many prints/coupons you have, however here is the best deal idea assuming you can fill up to 35 gallons of gas!

Here are your deals at Stop & Shop and Giant beginning 2/28:

Buy 7 Dole Smoothie Shakers, $1.99 each
-(4) $0.75 off Any ONE (1) DOLE Fruit Smoothie Shaker (fully double)
-(3) $0.75 off Any ONE (1) DOLE Fruit Smoothie Shaker (may not double)
Pay $5.68
Get: $1.00 Catalina (Dole)
Get 500 Gas Rewards Points ($17.50)
FREE + $12.82 Money Maker if you fill up with 35 gallons of gas
FREE + $7.82 Money Maker if you fill up with 25 gallons of gas
FREE + $2.82 Money Maker if you fill up with 15 gallons of gas

Buy 4 Dole Smoothie Shakers, $1.99 each
Buy 3 Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread or Texas Toast, $2.00 each
-(4) $0.75 off Any ONE (1) DOLE Fruit Smoothie Shaker
-(3) $0.50 off Pepperidge Farm Frozen Bread or Rolls
Pay $4.96
Get: $1.00 Catalina (Dole)
Get 500 Gas Rewards Points ($17.50)
FREE + $13.54 Money Maker if you fill up with 35 gallons of gas
FREE + $8.54 Money Maker if you fill up with 25 gallons of gas
FREE + $3.54 Money Maker if you fill up with 15 gallons of gas

Buy 6 Stop & Shop Canned Tomatoes, $0.60 each
Pay: $3.60
Get: 400 Gas Reward Points ($14.00)
FREE + $10.40 money maker after gas points if you fill up with 35 gallons of gas
FREE + $6.40 money maker after gas points if you fill up with 25 gallons of gas
FREE + $2.40 Money Maker if you fill up with 15 gallons of gas

Check back soon for the full Stop & Shop Preview Ad!

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  • Sophie

    Yes, dole shakers do work works towards the dole saving star. I used 1 to fill my $1.53 remaining to spend. After that I got my $5

    • Melinda Dilione

      Nice, thanks for confirming Sophie!

  • Jerrie

    I am new to the gas rewards and my question is can I do the same deal more than once? For example if I did 2 separate transactions of Buy 6 Stop & Shop Canned Tomatoes would I then earn 800 points? TIA

    • Lisa

      I never do separate transactions at my S&S and always get all the gas rewards points. For example, I would buy 12 cans of tomatoes in 1 transaction and I would receive all 800 gas points.

      • Jerrie

        ok, great. Thank you!!!

        • gigi

          I would separate them because I NEVER get the gas rewards for more than one set if I do it all together. Fine print also says one per transaction, so if it doesnt work when you combine. .. they arent going to fix it.

  • Joe

    In your first deal you are showing that you can use 7 dole coupons and that they all double…i’ve been to many stop and shops and the most that will double is 4, the rest will be face value. Which S&S will double all 7 cause I would like to shop there? TIA

    • Melinda Dilione

      Hi Joe, this is probably a YMMV situation. My Stop & Shop in Neptune, NJ allows me to double as many coupons as I have – they’ve never questioned it. I just looked up their official store policy and they do state in it that they will only double up to 4 like coupons, which I was unaware of, so the 2nd deal is probably more accurate, using 4 Dole Coupons and 3 Pepperidge Farm. Or you can use 7 coupons and only 4 will double, which still makes this a nice Money Maker. Thanks for the heads up on that and drawing it to our attention.

      • Joe

        I’m coming to Neptune!!!!! LOL

        • Melinda Dilione

          Okay, just don’t clear the shelves 😉 haha

          • Joe

            no promises Melinda! lol j/k

  • Dillon Lovallo

    it gets better… there is a catalina going between 2/24/14 and 3/23/14 on DOLE Fruit Smoothie Shakers. I got it on stop and shop on monday. buy 2-3 get $.75 or buy 4+ and get$1.00 cupon off your next shopping order.

  • Dillon Lovallo

    here it is.

    • Melinda Dilione

      Thank you!

      • Dillon Lovallo

        Your welcome…and thank you for everything you do.

  • Sabrina

    Ok. I’m new (sorry). I see this deal is posted under Giant as well. Do you know which one? There is one near me that I would gladly join to get the gas rewards. I know they do gas rewards at this Giant, so I’m hopeful …

    • kesha

      Stop and Shop and Giant are sister stores, so generally the same promotions and deals are running at the same stores. All stores should be participating in this promotion, but you can always double check the circular at the store.

    • Don’t be sorry…we were all new once. That’s what we are here for, to help each other and answer questions. As Kesha said, they are sister stores. Stop & Shop sales start on Thursday and Giant sales start on Sunday. Most are the promotions are the same but just double check your circular to be 100%. Hope that helps.

      • Joe

        FYI – i’m sure it was cause you are so busy but Stop and Shop sales start on Friday, not Thursday as indicated above.

  • DianeG

    Melinda, How can tell which of the Dole cpns I already have will double? They all have 0071202- 102096 above the new bar code. Thanks !

    • Melinda Dilione

      All the coupons double – however some Stop & Shop stores will only double the first 4 of the same or “like” coupon, which is why I show 4 doubling and 3 not doubling in the deal idea. Hope that helps!

      • DianeG

        Thanks Melinda –

      • johanna

        how do i redeemed in the gas station, i am new couponer could you help me?

  • Lisa W

    I’m new to gas rewards. Do I need to sign up for anything or just use my Stop & Shop card?

    • Melinda Dilione

      You don’t need to sign up for anything. Just use your Stop & Shop card to purchase the items and when you go to get gas at a Shell Gas Station just have them scan your Stop & Shop card first.

      • Lisa W

        Thanks 🙂 And can I do multiple deals? For example… purchasing 6 cans of tomatoes as well as the Dole/Bread deal? Will I earn gas points for both?

        • Rejane

          Yes, you will get points for both! 🙂

      • Ad

        Melinda, if I do this transaction 4 times ,separate transactions, do I get $2 off per gallon ??

        • johanna

          how do i redeemed in the gas station, i am new couponer

          • Denise Davison

            Hi Johanna- you will need to locate a participating station near you and then they can scan your stop & shop card to redeem the points, you can find a list of participating gas stations here..

  • misterbill

    What’s the regular price of the smoothies? I’ll bet it’s enough to do the whole SavingStar with a purchase of 7. Of course, I still have 2800 gas points leftover from my debit card purchase from last week.

    • Harry

      2.29 Shelf in the Stop and Shop I went to today.

  • karen

    i got the tomatoes…and did not get my pts. called cs and they told me that they are trying to fix the prob. they would not fix the prob asap, but that it might be fixed automatically by mon…otherwise, i would have to call in again on mon if i don’t see my acco readjusted…

    hope that helps some pple

  • Miranda

    Does anyone know if this is working in CT? I heard on Friday there were signs up saying the tomatoes are not included. Misprint. TIA!

    • Melinda Dilione

      Not sure if this helps you, but my store in New Jersey has a sign just saying “We apologize there was a misprint in the ad” by the tomatoes, but the sign didn’t state what the misprint was. I took a chance and bought 6 anyway and got the print out that I received my gas reward points. So it’s working here – hope that helps you! You can always try and worse cast scenario return them if you really don’t want them.

      • Miranda

        Thank you. I might try it. Can always use the tomatoes.

    • Kathy

      I bought the 6 cans of tomatoes (twice) in CT (East Lyme & Clinton) on day 1 of the sale (Feb 28). There were no signs & I didn’t get the gas points however I called the gas points hotline & they added the points to my account. She stated the issue was going to be fixed & as Melinda stated below – the points worked for her (even thought there was a sign posted at her store). So go ahead & try it & if you don’t get the points, just return them or ask the hotline for credit if there is no sign posted (1-877-366-2668).

  • Kelly

    Ok I always used the 35 gallon maximumm fill up by lining up my two teenage drivers along with my hubby and myself at gas tank and using one credit card charge for all 35 gallons. Recently my town stop and shop station posted signs that only one vehicle can fill up and old man in building enforced it. Is this common? Is this legal? Are there other stations in CT that don’t enforce this?

    • This is a really old post you may have better luck asking in a current weeks matchup. This 1 car limit is printed within the FAQ’s for the gas rewards program. you can find it here: