Nutella Only $1.42 at Pathmark and A&P!

Nutella Coupon

Nutella Coupon

Pull out your BOGO Nutella Coupons and score a great deal this week at Pathmark and A&P!  Beginning today, 2/7, both Pathmark and A&P have Nutella on sale for Buy One Get One Free.  We were hoping to score some free Nutella when we pair the BOGO Coupon with BOGO sale, however Cindy tested this deal this morning and unfortunately it didn’t work out perfectly, but we can still get Nutella for a great price with this sale and coupon.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.27.25 AM

This may be a YMMV situation, as the Pathmark & A&P Coupon Policy’s both don’t state anything specifically on usage of a BOGO Coupon on a BOGO sale, however when Cindy tried buying 2 Nutella, one being free, the cashier would not accept the BOGO Coupon.  Therefore, you’d have to buy 4 Nutella which are priced at $4.99 at our local Pathmark & A&P and 2 will be free.  You can then use (1) BOGO Coupon which will deduct $4.29, which is the maximum value of the coupon leaving you to pay $5.69 for 4 jars of Nutella, making them $1.42 each which is still a great price for Nutella!

If you haven’t printed the BOGO coupon yet, it’s still available to print today.  There’s also a BOGO Coupon in the 2/2 Smart Source insert as well.

Print: Nutella Coupon

Here are your deals at Pathmark & A&P:


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  • lisa

    Went today mine worked perfectly with cashier. She took them all and manually entered the price and I got them all for free

  • TD

    I had no issues with coupons at A and P. I got four Nutella free. I had other items on the order.

  • Tricia

    Went smooth for me. No Beeps, No Manual 🙂 I did have other items as well.

    • Did it auto deduct the $4.29 or the $4.99. We had no such luck here.

      • Tricia

        It auto deducted 4.99 last night 🙂 —This morning was a whole different story. The cashier started to manually put them in for 4.29 ( I purchased 8 and used 2 coupons – Nothing else on my order) Once the older grouchy cashier saw that the total was going to be $10.00 she said I couldn’t do that. So she called over her manager who said nope you cant do this. (I told them I already did.) Squashed deal for me.

  • lolah

    i see some store dont take bogo coupon when the items is bogo 🙁 im sad coz i dont wanna get in trouble,
    but b4 i did the deal i asked the cashier 1st. But she refused my coupon then she asked the manager if i can use a bogo coupon on a bogo she said yes so she scaned my coupon & put &4.79 reg price.
    2 nutella $4.79
    bogo coupon %4.79
    ( I only see the receipt later on ) Then i did a 2nd transaction 8pcs i used 4 bogo coupon. (diff. cashier)
    she scanned my bogo coupon no problem and automatically took $4.79 reg price (n.j)
    8 nutella
    (4) bogo coupon
    oop $ 0
    i turned around this time ans told to the cashier ” i should put $4.29 coz that it says on coupon but she said when i scanned your coupon it took $4.79 then i said u have 2 put 44.29 coz the coupon says $4.29 i dont wanna get u in trouble.So she called the manager then i told her that it took $4.79 automatically, she then told me to pay the rest which $2 .So i only paid $2 for 8 nutella
    ( $4.79 bogo sale )
    minus bogo coupon $4.29 its like $.49 for every two nutella ,
    (p.s) The firt 2 i brought i only tried if they will accept my bogo coupon,they did.! the 1st cashier put $4.79 ((shes nasty the way she talk to me)
    i only notice it like when i saw my 2nd transaction,

    anyway pls helpppppppppppp i dunno if i made a mistake here 🙁

    • barbara

      you did nothing wrong.. Dont worry.. you have no control over how the coupon scans..

      • liz

        thank u for the reply, anyway the manager told me i cant get more , coz its fraud that im clipping, the coupon has no limit, the 1st cashier is the rude one 🙁 its like i still the nutella fr the store,i dont mean to get alot i love nutella haha, thats y 2morrow i might call the customer service , like what i said the manager told me i cant get more coz its clipping and its fraud ,

    • Liz Nowak Harwood

      The A&P manager that had to put in my coupons was so upset that I was getting the items for free, she put in 2 extra coupons! I pointed this out to the cashier after she left, but he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

  • lolah

    its my 1st time to shop @ pathamrk, then the manager told me i cant get more coz its clipping and its a fraud ,she even said coupon has limit of four (shes talking about the bogo nutella. I told her it doesnt have a limit but then she said its fraud even i go back 2morrow $ use another 4 bogo coupon, as far i know the coupon limit is 4..

    • barbara

      Some people just dont like couponers.. She is trying to scare you for some reason.. The policy is on display in the store.. I think she was trying to intimidate you .

  • lolah

    i mean as far i know i can use 4 coupon per day**

    • barbara

      the policy is 4 like per transaction not day.. Unless the coupon says other wise.. Sounds like you had a very nasty manager..

  • barbara

    I havent stepped foot in pathmark in months.. i may have to go pick up some nutella .. Thanks..

  • Linda Hughes

    I had 2 BOGO coupons and went to the self checkout and I got the, “Please give the last coupon scanned to the attendant” but the cashier in charge of the self checkout just hit a button and my coupons when through, she never asked to see them. I love it when teenagers are working the self checkout! 🙂 4 free jars of nutella! 🙂

  • Autumn Rain

    When I read the coupon policy on Pathmark’s website, I didn’t see that they specifically don’t accept BOGO coupons on BOGO sales. I do see at the end that it’s at the manager’s discretion the reject a coupon.

  • Melissa Ford

    8 free today no problems!!

    • Jenni

      Where is that store? I went to PathMark in East Brunswick, NJ and couldn’t use them.

      • Melissa Ford

        West Babylon, NY. My friend tried in Hempstead, NY. They made her buy three total in order to use her coupon. I went back to my store to get another 8!

        • jiggi

          I had gone to pathmark in franklin square. They wanted me to buy 3 as well priced at 5.99 each. The total was some ridiculous number as they will not apply the buy one get one free (store promotion) but only $4.29 on total purchase. I was going to put everything back but my husband was there who explained to the manager that your sale is 2 for $5.99 and my coupon will still reimburse pathmark for $4.29 which will be credited to them directly by the manufacturer. So the product will still end up being 2 for $5.99 to pathmark. The manager let the cashier put the coupon thru. If pathmark do not want to be in this situation, then just put the product for 50%, thus avoiding the confusion. If they want to play the game of making customers buy two products and then deducting one product price in event such as BOGO, then once in a blue moon a coupon like such will appear benefiting the customer which is rare.

  • Miyoshi Osorio Rosa

    they were out of stock today at the Pathmark at Hylan Blvd, Staten Island

  • rebecca

    Tinton Falls A&P did not allow me to use the bogo coupon on a bogo sale. I was in self checkout and it said coupon not accepted and the attendant on duty and manager would not accept.

  • cheepcheep

    If I have 1 coupon, how many do I buy? 2? It is late and the math is way to much for a sleep deprived mama

  • Evie

    Went to Pathmark yesterday and was able to buy 6 free. Cashier wasn’t sure whether she could accept the coupons at first, so she called the manager who told her not to accept ANY bogo coupons. I asked to see a copy of the store policy, and the manager changed her tune and told cashier to accept ALL of my bogo coupons! Go figure!