New Checkout 51 Offers – Broccoli, Folgers & More + Lots of Great Deals!


Checkout 51

It’s Thursday which means we have new Checkout 51 Offers available today!  Each Thursday morning is when the new offers begin.  They are valid each week until 11:59 EST Wednesday.  Checkout 51 is a new and super easy cash back savings tool, very similar to Ibotta.  If you missed our post introducing Checkout 51 you can view it here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.54.58 PM

Here are the newest Checkout 51 offers:

Checkout 51 is super easy because you don’t have to “earn” these rewards in advance.  Just buy the product and upload your receipt and you earn cash! Easy peasy!

I’m LOVING how we can triple dip so easily now with these offers!  There’s so many ways to save – manufacturer’s coupons, store/eCoupons, Catalina Deals, cash back offers – so awesome!  Check out some of the best deals we’ve found with today’s new offers below, including Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes for only $0.50 at Rite beginning Sunday, 2/16!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.01.06 PM

Aldi has 16 oz packages of broccoli crowns on sale for $0.99 this week so only $0.74 after Checkout 51 Deposit!  Yay!

Here are some deals with the new Checkout 51 Offers:


If you would like to learn more about Checkout 51, check out their website here.

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  • Dipty Joshi

    Hi, If I do the above Folgers deal at SR, will I get $3 cat?
    Spend 10, get 3:
    2 Folgers Gourmet Select (4.99×2=9.98)
    Use 2 $1/1 MQ + 1/2 SReQ
    OOP = 3.99×2= 7.98-3= 4.98
    Receive $3 cat, get 0.50 check out 51 deposit
    thanks a lot..

    • Harry

      depends on what the shelf price is at your SR. If its 4.99 I don’t believe you will get the CAT. Use the price scanner to check.
      Best is to add 5 smuckers and/or JIF penut butter to the deal make it $25 shelf overall and get it all for $1.50 after $10 CAT. (if you dont want the jam/peanut butter, most SR’s have a donation box at the entrance which you can donate on your way out). The JIF has a $1 off 2 and the smuckers has a $1 off 1 print coupon from the Kelloggs rewards (buy any kellogs item marked with the $15 olympics code and you can get the coupons when you enter the code online) plus a $1 off ecpn on any two of smukers or jif.

      (2xJIF, 2x smukers Starwberry Jam, 1x Smuckers red raspberry preserves, 2x folgers) shelf will be 25.83, oop will be 11.98 and you will get $10 CAT and 0.50 back from checkout51. (Checkout51 is independent of any other coupons or CATs – since you will be doing it after everything)

      • Dipty Joshi

        That’s a great deal option. Thanks for explaining in detail. I will do the $25 deal. Will report back.

        • Harry

          went to SR and did some price checks – deal won’t work as I listed above and will need changes because the Smuckers Jam are must buy 2 to get the 2.50 price. Also the red raspberry preserves are not on pp sale, just regular sale. So only 2.99 counts to the CAT. So have to rework this one:
          2x smuckers red raspberry preserves 5.98 (5.98)
          2x smuckers strawberry jam 5.00 (5.98)
          2x Folgers 7.98 (9.98)
          2x JIF Penut Butter 4.00 (5.58)
          Coupons: 4x smuckers $1 off, 1xJIF $1 off 2, 1xFolgers $1 off 2,
          $1 SRECPN Folgers, $1 SRECPN JIF/smuckers.
          ($22.96 – $8 coupons = pay $14.96, get $10 CAT and 0.50 Ck51)

          • Harry

            just to confirm that above worked as posted. Got 2x$5 CATs after paying 14.94.

            • Dipty Joshi

              You are awesome:) Thanks for taking the time and effort to do it for us. I will be doing the deal tomorrow. Will post the results

          • Dipty Joshi

            I just the deal like you outlined and received only one $5 cat. Spoke to customer service and she kept arguing about the $3.99 (Folgers) that was being counted towards the catalina. I did not have much patience with them, so just purchased one more of the preserve and they gave me the other $5 cat. Thank you so much for putting this together.

            • Harry

              sorry that your deal did not work out. Only thing I can think of is the shelf prices were different in your SR than mine.

      • IK

        Harry, I am not seeing any smuckers print coupons under Kellogg’s rewards…would appreciate more info…

        • Harry

          there are specially labelled Kelloggs cereal labelled “$15 in coupons” on them. See attached. When you enter the code from them you get an email with the coupons. Its 2 prints for each (one) code, but have to waste 5 sheets of paper for each print to get 3 useful coupons. 2 of the nourish cereals I bought yesterday generated these coupons.

          • IK

            Thank you

  • Lisa

    Has anyone received a check from Checkout 51 yet? I’m a little suspicious, I have $15.50 in my account now so I hope I’ll get paid at $20.

    • Kendra

      You have to spend 20 then you will get your check mailed. You will get paid at 20 I have hit 20 and received an email my check is in the mail.

  • Linda Hughes

    I’m a bit disappointed with Checkout 51, they seem to repeat a lot of the same items? Anyone else?