Stop & Shop Coupon Deals – Week of 2/14

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Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups Week of 2/14 :


Stop & Shop Unadvertised Deals:



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  • Kat

    What happened to Stop and Shop? They used to have some really good deals but now it seems there is nothing.

    • Deena

      I have never been that impressed with S&S’s deals. You can score once in a while, but not consistently.

  • Deena

    The $2 printable Angel Soft coupon from last week will work great with the $4.99 12-packs. $2.99 a pack is great!!

  • Kathy

    Do S&S eCoupons and/or Scan It offers vary per person? I’m just curious why those things aren’t included with the match-ups, like they are for ShopRite? For example, I have eCoupons for $1.50/3 GM cereals and $2/5 Lean Cusiine and a Scan It offer for $0.75/1 Driscoll Berries which would work with the above deals…..

    • Deena

      They are different for everyone.

  • disqus_yutQtvK8fv

    The honest tea coupon is NLA.

  • Ryan

    I can confirm catalina for $2 on 20 yoplait, and activation of the mastercard was $5.95 for a $400 giftcard.

  • karen

    fiber one fruit snacks buy (4) get $3 off instantly, there were 50 cent peelies on the boxes where I shop. Buy (4) with inst. savings and coupons only $1 for 4 boxes!!!

  • Sharon

    FYI – The Fiber One fruit snacks are part of the Betty Crocker deal. If you have the 50 cent printable coupons, you end up paying just 25 cents/box!! Great stock up price! (Math – buy 4 = $8. Less $3 instant savings = $5. Less 4 $0.50 coupons doubled to $1 each ($4) = $1 OOP. Just did the deal a few times and it worked like a charm 🙂