April Catalina Deals {Updated}


April Catalina Deals 2014

Here is an updated April Catalina Deals list! We will continue to update you once we learn of some more! Remember, you can see all the catalina deals on each of the MyStore pages (select your store under the “Find My Store” tab in the navigation bar)  under the Catalina Tab.  Or, select “Catalina Deals” under “Savings Tools” in the navigation bar.

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Here are all the details we have for the current month’s catalina deals:


Be sure to check out all the  Catalina Deals for the month from your local store.  And, remember to check the Coupon Database for any coupons available.

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  • Vianney

    Im sure a lot of you know this but i just found out yesterday. I got the kellogs catalina by using my loyalty card and WIC!. So technically Igot cereal and the cCatalina for free!!

    • mb

      catalina knows only that you bought the product, so you would get the catalina regardless of your payment source

      • Vianney

        That is just awesome !! My FAM depends a lot on wic and snap and to know that we can stretch our budget with Catalina’s like this, its just a blessing

        • mb

          yep, the catalinas can be used to pay for non-food items that wouldn’t be covered by those programs, or just more food items 😉

        • Laura D.

          HI Vianny, I had read years ago that people using wic stretched their budgets by purchasing items using coupons that produce catalinas and also accepted wic all during one transaction. Then would take that catalina, and use it towards a transaction on items that were not allowed by wic. I hope I am explaining this correctly. The whole purpose was to stretch the wic budget into being able to purchase more items by the use of catalinas. Also, just an FYI, catalinas can also go towards the payment of tax. So if your total is $4.85 and you have a purchase that will have over $0.15 in taxes, the catalina will absorb the tax portion without any problems. Add on top of that a $0.05 deduction for using one reusable shopping bag and you may be able to reduce your overall out of pocket even more. You will just have to do some extra research on how it can all be calculated to get more out of extreme couponing using wic and snap. Hope this can help you, Good Luck!

          • mb

            the catalina covering the tax is a good point, because snap will not cover tax

          • Vianney

            That’s great info thank you so much I’ll definitely try it. Im also recycling soda cans and bottles to be able to provide. Not so happy letting accumulate but love the results. I got $7.55 yesterday in my recycling. Lol thanks really, I’ve been using wic for a while now and nobody ever told me me this stuff.

            • Lauren Sisco

              If you get formula or baby food with your wic you can also get baby bucks which gives you a coupon for $10 off of a $50 purchase for every $100 worth of baby items you purchase. Just remember to watch your out when you baby bucks points get cloe to 100, because the cashiers kee the receipt when you use wic chefs but they will rip off the baby bucks certificate for you, also if you are close to the 100 before you use a wic check you can buy something small like a packs of wipes and that way you will have the whole receipt with the cert on it. Hth

  • Anjess b

    I need to know please what colgate are producing the Catalina?

  • Michele

    Post Catalina is working at Shop Rite, I got a print out of the details when I was there tonight!