Better than FREE Disney’s Frozen Blu-Ray DVD at Walmart {after Cash Back}

Top Cash Back Kmart Deal

Top Cash Back WalmartDeal

New Members can get Better than FREE Disney’s Frozen Blu-Ray DVD from Walmart throughTop Cash Back! When you buy Disney’s Frozen Blu-Ray DVD priced at $19.96  you will get $22 added back into your Top Cash Back account!

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Here is how to get the deal:

  • Sign up for a TopCashBack account
  • Click Get Cashback Now
  • Search for “disney’s frozen blu-ray dvd”
  • Add 1 Frozen Blu-Ray + DVD to your cart priced at $19.96 (this can be the only item in your cart in order to get the $22 back)
  • Choose Free Store Pick Up
  • Pay: $19.96 + Free Store Pick Up at Walmart (or have it shipping if you want)
  • Get $22 cash back from Top Cash Back
  • FREE + $2.04 Money Maker

Some important information to know about this deal:

  • You will get your credit within 60-90 days
  • Transactions MUST contain only Disney’s Frozen Blu-Ray DVD  priced at $19.96 to ensure you will get the $22 cash back
  • New customers only
  • For online sale only
  • Offer available until 3/21 or until stock runs out

Better than FREE Disney’s Frozen Blu-Ray DVD at Walmart {after Cash Back}

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  • kath

    and if i purchase the non-blu ray? how’s that work?

    • CK

      It has to be the exact product shown, but it actually comes with both DVD and Blu-Ray copies in it

  • Kathy

    Of note: It comes to $21.23 with the tax of $1.27 so not actually a $2.04 MM it’s a $0.77 Money Maker…..still a great deal though!

    • trista hevey

      since i’d be new to this cash back program. do they send you $ back via check or how does this credit come back?

      • Kathy

        I just joined today so I’m new to the TopCashBack site however; this is what t says on their “about us” page:

        TopCashback is free to join, free to use and free to cash-out. We’re also the only cashback site that doesn’t have a minimum pay-out threshold, and you can cash-out as many times a year as you want.

  • Kerstin

    How will I receive the money credit it never asked me for my address and cc info.

    • misterbill

      When the money becomes payable (probably 2 months or so), you will tell it how to pay you. You can get it in Paypal, or (I think) your bank account. it does not get refunded to youyr credit card.

  • spg

    FYI..the reviews are not good for this cashback site!!

    • misterbill

      It worked for me with the Sears and KMart deals a couple of months ago. However, they weaseled out of paying me the $10 for referring my wife because we both ordered the same stuff at both stores. It wasn’t worth arguing with them so we just cashed out both accounts with the rebates for buying the K-Cups and fleece throw.

  • kristin

    Does the purchase take time to show in topcashback? I followed directions but it’s showing I haven’t earned anything.

    • marie

      ok I am new to it too. but i read and it says it can take hours up to a day to show. the cashback happens in amazon gift card, paypal or direct deposited into your bank account. ive seen lots of people use it so i am giving it a shot. i already purchased the movie now i will be seeing when it shows up on the site.

    • thevey

      yea when i went back into the site, says i was a member already??? did that happen to you. hope i earned the deal.

      • Chrissa Ferry Lubas

        That happened to me also but I have never ordered from them. If you never ordered anything through them then you are considered a new member.

  • mommy2lana

    If anyone wants to use my personal referral link when you sign up that would be awesome!

  • Ruth

    I currently am not signed up for any of these types of sites. Does anyone have experience with this Top Cash Back site. How do you get your money back.

  • TC

    I don’t see the “get cash back now” link…

    • C

      It says it must be picked up in 7 days in the terms, however it says on the Walmart site that it will be ready for pickup in 7 days. Does this mean you must pick it up by the 7th day?

      • Kathy

        I emailed Walmart about that waiting period because it’s ridiculous to wait 7 days to pick-up a movie at the store when it’s available on their shelves right now. I haven’t gotten a response yet (only sent it yesterday). Will post when I hear back from them.

        • Kathy

          I did get a response from Walmart regarding the delay for some people choosing site-to-store free pick-up & having to wait (in my case until Apr. 2nd to get the movie) & yet others getting it same day. I’m having an email battle with them because they told me the delay is due to having selected “site to store” which ships from their warehouse to the store you selected (i.e. not fulfilled by store inventory). However, as I cut and pasted for them, both state “site-to-store” so it doesn’t make sense that some orders are shipped and others are fulfilled by the store – way more confusing than it should be! I think as of now, I’m losing my email battle with them but if I ever decide to order this way again, I’ll make sure it says “free store pick-up as early as today with site to store”….instead of merely “free store pick-up with site to store”. Geez! 🙁

      • Kathy

        Which 7 days term are you referring to – from Topcashback? If so, as I posted above, I believe the Topcashback reference to 7 days simply means that you will receive the $22 credit (in your Topcashback account) within 7 days of picking up your order at Walmart.

        Otherwise, the policy for Walmart store pick-up orders is “Site to Store orders not picked up within 14 days of arrival will be canceled and refunded back to your original method of payment.” At least that’s what an online customer service rep told me today.

  • Jennifer S

    Now out of stock at Walmart. 🙁

  • Chrissa Ferry Lubas

    It said it was out of stock at the store I usually go to but I tried another one and it was ready for pick up today. My referral link is

  • Melissa Thomas

    out of stock :o(

  • Kim

    Yeah I dont think this worked…the site tells me I’m already a member when I just signed up. If I didn’t love this movie, I would be very upset for spending money I thought I was going to get back. Oh well, the movie is worth it.

  • mary

    If somebody want to use my personal link would be truly appreciated.Thank you!

  • just worked for me, since I chose pick up in store (Philly location). hoping it tracks!

  • Stu

    This is still in stock from time to time as I just managed to order it. Just keep checking. I would be grateful if someone could use my referral link:

  • Lorlee Martindale Peterson

    they are out of blue rays on line.

    • Stu

      They are not. You just have to keep checking. Some times they are, sometimes they are not. Right now, it’s available to add to cart.

  • jelly

    It took me to a list of stores. And I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do but I clicked on Disney store and it was NOT 19.96 I obviously missed a step or something but I followed the directions on LRWC to a “T”

    • Stu

      Once you are in topcashback you need to enter walmart as a store and then click on the link to shop at walmart.

    • Kathy

      From topcashback search for the term “Walmart Frozen” and the offer will be right there. You must use the link provided in the results to get to Walmart to order the movie.

  • misterbill

    According to their website you can now get the DVD or Blu-ray combo pack.

    UPDATED 3:15PM ET ON THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 2014: Stock of the Blu-ray DVD is significantly low so the regular DVD (widescreen) is now also included in this freebie promotion; though you must act super-fast before copies of both options are completely sold out.

  • mel

    says for my store not ready for pick up till the 4th but it says 7 days for credit. does that mean that when I pick it up on the 4th that’s when my credit card get charged so 7 days after that?

    • misterbill

      Are you doing ship to store or in-store pickup? If it’s in stock in your store you should be able to get it tomorrow. I just referred my son (since i am already a member) and he ordered it for pickup.

    • Kathy

      You’re ordering from Walmart (through the Topcashback link) so your credit card will be processed right away by Walmart. I believe the Topcashback terms you are referring to simply means that you will receive the $22 credit (in your Topcashback account) within 7 days of picking up your order at Walmart. Hope that helps!

  • Monica

    I am so happy it was available at my location. Checking out was super slow, but it went through!
    Here’s my referral link if anyone’s interested. I’ll even throw in a $10 Victoria’s Secret SRC if you’d like. 🙂 Send me an email at

  • Jennifer S

    Thanks! I came back last night and saw all the comments so I tried again and was able to get it. My kids will be so happy!

  • jnsv

    woo! just placed my order and it’s ready for pick up today

    • Kathy

      You ordered with site-to-store, free pick-up? I did (yesterday) and it told me it will be available for pick-up April 2nd?

      • misterbill

        Depends on whether your store has it in stock. If they do, they take it from store stock. Otherwise you need to do site-to-store.

        • Kathy

          You’re probably right…but what a bunch of hooey that they wouldn’t have a new release title in stock. I was a merchandiser for Disney Movies so I know they receive tons of copies. Anyway, I just got peeved because even though I got the notification that it was shipped to store (a day after ordering it), it still said it would take 14 days to arrive – just doesn’t make sense….it’s a very inefficient process. My lesson has been learned 😉

          • misterbill

            Well, it’s a very popular movie, so I guess it’s possible that they sold out. If you go back to the website, do you see the option for in-store pickup today rather than ordering site-to-store? It’s possible you made a mistake when ordering. As for how long it takes to get there, they send it with their normal shipment from the warehouse, which is why it takes longer than normal shipping (although 14 days seems excessive).

  • misterbill

    So, my daughter ordered this, and initially didn’t find the Blu-ray on WM’s site so she ordered the DVD instead (which they’re also honoring per their site). Then she got email saying it was back-ordered at the store and when she went back to the WM site she found the Blu-ray and was able to order that for pickup (BTW, their search is just terrible, how can the Frozen Blu-ray not show up at the top of the list???). However it was not clear that TCB would honor the Blu-ray since it was not the first transaction, depending on whether WM reported the DVD sale. Anyway… she checked her TCB account and she got credit for BOTH! We’re not optimistic that both will stay on her account, so she’s not going to open them for now. My son also ordered a copy of the Blu-ray and that is showing as credited on his TCB account so we’ll open that one for now.

  • misterbill

    Warning for anyone wasting time referring multiple family members (like kids) who live you with. They will reject anything past the first, even if they’re different people. I told my son about this deal (since he was not a member) the night I saw it and he did the deal, signing up with my referral link. Then I emailed my daughter the link (she was asleep already) and she bought it when she got up around 6am. Both of my kids are in their 20’s and still live at home but wanted their own copies. They both got credited for the deal, but TCB only credited me for one of them, even though the referral section showed that both of them made purchases. I emailed them and they told me the second one was declined because of suspicious activity and to provide more details. I explained that they both wanted their own copies of the movie and how difficult was it to understand that given that it was a great deal. They wrote back and told me that their membership department had declined my request. They had also done this a while back when I referred my wife (I had already been a member but had not made any purchases) and we both did Sears and KMart deals.

    In any event, given that the posts here have suggested referring family members in the past, I figured I’d mention this. Also note that I think their T&C also say you can’t post the link in a public place or send to people you don’t know, so if anyone gets a bunch of referrals from having posted here, I would not be surprised if they refused those as well. Interestingly, they’re still paying the actual transaction, so I think this is just some arbitrary rule they have to get out of paying referral bonuses.

  • Melissa Rudick

    I had to leave the cashback site — since I NEVER got paid for any purchases , nor did they even keep record of my purchases. If the site works for you ,can you please tell me how you do it …would love to sign back up ,if I thought it was an honest site.

    • Jennifer

      I have been paid $126.05 so far and have $9.85 more pending. I use it just like Ebates…You just click the link on their page and it tracks.

      • misterbill

        Not always. Apparently if you have an ad blocker installed, it blocks cookies that TopCashBack needs to track your purchases. I noticed this when I did the Sears/KMart deals a few months ago and did not get credited. I did a second purchase with my ad blocker disabled and got credit. I subsequently emailed them and they told me about the cookie issue. Now, in theory, you should be able to email them with proof of your purchase, and they may be willing to credit you, but given how they’ve dealt with my complaints about not being credited for valid referrals, I wouldn’t be so sure of it. And I’ve also had stuff that has not been credited.