FREE Cup of Alpina Greek Yogurt Coupon


FREE Cup of Alpina Greek Yogurt Coupon

You can get a FREE Cup of Alpina Greek Yogurt Coupon! All you have to do is fill out the form and you can print a coupon for a complimentary cup of Alpina Greek Yogurt!  This coupon is void in LA, CA, TN, ID, NV, ND, NJ, MN, and WI.

Request: FREE Cup of Alpina Greek Yogurt

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  • Jenni

    Great offer, but I cannot get my Mac to print Redplum coupons in the last several months.. I’ve tried many times per the RP help pages, and nothing works. I used to be able to print them.

    • Sandy

      I finally got mine to work by lowering my security settings and had to install print@Home plug-in. May even want to try using Firefox.

    • Kathy

      Uninstalling & re-installing Java, along with lowering the security settings solved the problem for me…..I can now print common kindness coupons too which were problematic for much longer than Red Plum coupons

  • mrsclaire

    arrrg! i hate the arcane nj dairy laws!!!

    • Cindy Livesey

      Me too! Makes us miss out on so many great yogurt deals. Boo.

    • Me too! Makes us miss out on so many great yogurt deals. Boo!

  • ChristineSavinelli

    I had to update my Java to get it. Which on my computer is everytime I want to get one that goes through Java! Oh well, I got it,Thanks!

  • Sandra K321

    Since Java is supposed to be such a big security risk and everyone advises you to not have it installed on your computer, why do so many of the coupon printers require you to have it? I don’t want to risk the security of my computer just to print a coupon.

    • misterbill

      Because it allows them to ensure that you only print a limited number of coupons. I don’t think Java is that insecure if you run it in high security mode. The problem is that Redplum has a bug and you need to lower the security to run it at the moment.

  • misterbill

    Has anyone had problems getting stores to accept this coupon? Many do not take printed free item coupons.