FREE Living Rich Couponing Workshop – Turnersville, NJ

Living Rich Couponing Workshop

Attend a FREE Living Rich with Coupons Workshop and learn everything there is to know about couponing! We have 1 Workshop scheduled for right now!

Turnersville, NJ (perfect for those who live near Philadelphia as well!):

Tuesday March 25th at 7pm
Open to the Public Workshop – Free Admission
To Attend: RSVP to the e-mail address
*You will be able to bring food to donate to their food pantry! (they are in need of Pancake mix, syrup, cereal, mayonnaise, tuna fish and canned vegetables – but of course will take anything)

St. Johns United Methodist Church
149 Ganttown Rd
Turnersville, NJ 08012

If you are interested in hosting a workshop please e-mail megan@livingrichwithcoupons for the requirements.

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  • heather d

    I am just wondering if we happen to get snow on Tues. will the class be rescheduled, or just totally canceled? I am so excited for this class and will be very bummed if snow makes me miss it. I am originally from Fl and I do not have a lot of experience driving in snow or snowy conditions and my hubby will surely not allow me to drive 15-20 mins away with snow (since he will more than likely be out plowing himself). Also just incase what if we’re lucky and we get nothing but I end up having to bring my boys (ages 14,12,10yrs) is that ok if they sit in a corner or the back with their 3ds’? I’m sorry for all the crazy questions I am just really excited about the class and bummed by possible snow. Thank you 🙂