Hot! $2/1 Wise Chips Coupon – FREE at ShopRite, A&P + More!


Wise Coupon

Update: Coupon is No Longer Available. Be sure to download the LRWC Toolbar to never miss a deal.

Did you know today is National Potato Chips Day?  Well it is and to celebrate there is a new Wise Coupon available to print.  The coupon is for $2.00 off any (1) bag of Wise Potato Chips.  Hurry, this coupon definitely won’t last long!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 9.47.52 AM

Print: Wise Potato Chips Coupon

ShopRite sells Wise Potato Chips for $1.99 so FREE after coupon!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 9.54.15 AM

A&P has Wise Snacks on sale for $1.33 this week so FREE after coupon!

Check out more deals below with this HOT coupon!

Here are your deals:


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  • george

    Unfortunately, this coupon requires not only a Facebook account to claim but an agreement to squeal on your Facebook friends. Is any of that worth $2? I think when coupons are posted herein requiring more than a “print” such as a Facebook sign-in or Walmart redeemable comment, it should be noted. Then everyone can decide ahead of time if they wish to pursue the coupon.

    • Jenn

      What’s the difference if it’s posted or not? You can still make all of those decisions after clicking the link. It specifically asks you to okay “squealing”-no harm no fowl. They do enough for us, be grateful.

      • george

        Don’t like wasting my time trying to get coupons that have restrictions. We have all been victims of spam. I for one will not be the one spamming my friends but okaying e-mail contacts to them that they did not request.

        • Lauren C.

          you can always setup a fake facebook account that you can use to like offers so you’re not spamming your friends. i also have a junk email account setup for promotions that require me to sign up for something.

          • george

            That’s been suggested to me before and Lauren you are of course, correct. So that would solve the spamming issue but not my first comment which is to let me and other readers know when there is a requirement (Facebook, Walmart redeemable etc.). Also, somehow it bothers me that Facebook, because of THEIR requirements, not mine, forces me to be deceptive by setting up a bogus account if I choose to avail myself of something as simple as a coupon. So at least until this point in time, I’ve chosen not to set up a bogus account. Who knows? Maybe it’s for the best. Do I really need a bag of chips on my hips?

          • lily

            i have a fake facebook less out of concern of spamming my friends – which really doesn’t happen, they are verifying that you like the page – and more so that the feed can be devoted to pages that offer samples/coupons – otherwise posts by friends would get lost in the avalanche of posts from companies 😉

        • Jenn

          Right..which is why they ask before you actually get the coupon. It’s not like you click the link above & all of a sudden you’ve been sucked into a friend spamming vortex. You still get to make that choice whether you’re “forewarned” on here or not. My point was simply to be appreciative that this site even gives you the opportunity to be privy to all these awesome deals.

          • george

            I’ve always appreciated this site. My point is simply this. If you’re going to post a coupon, offer etc., why not include pertinent details upfront instead of making the reader go through a song-and-a-dance to find out that there are other requirements before obtaining the offer/coupon? It certainly wouldn’t take any effort to simply say: Facebook required. If I saw that, I would just skip over it and move on to the next coupon/offer.

    • Christine R.

      With all the free information that is provided on this site I don’t think it’s asking too much to click on the print link, see that it’s FB, and then “X” out if you choose not to print via the given source.

      • george

        Hey, to each his own. This is just my opinion. If it doesn’t bother you (or others) to find unwelcome restrictions, so be it.

      • jane

        no need even to click – a hover over the link shows me where it leads 😉

    • Melinda Dilione

      Hi George, thanks for your concern and suggestions. If there is a coupon that states Walmart on it or has a store logo, we almost always write “this coupon says ‘Redeemable at __ on it,’ however it is a regular manfacturer’s coupon and can be used anywhere,” at the beginning of the post. We even have a shortcode for it so we don’t have to type it each time this happens. On a rare occasion we may miss the fact that the coupon states this but we’re pretty good about noting this when applicable. We do this out of a courtesy to you guys, because so many might have trouble with these types of coupons. As far as this coupon spamming your FB friends, honestly, I didn’t even know they do this when you request the coupon. I have a “coupon only” FB account with no friends, so I didn’t pay much attention to the agreement to squeal my friends. With a hot $2/1 coupon that makes for many free products, we are just looking to get it posted as soon as possible without making mistakes and also to include deals for you guys so you don’t have to hunt them out yourself. I hope you understand what goes on behind the scenes here at LRWC and how we do our best to make things clear and easy for you all 🙂 Thanks again for the input!

      • george

        I appreciate your comments Melinda.

    • Just as a side note on coupons marked as “redeemable at Walmart” or that have a Walmart Logo on them, ShopRite’s new coupon policy states the following:

      “8. Unless expressly prohibited by the terms on the coupon, we accept
      checkout (Catalina) coupons and manufacturer-issued coupons that display
      other retailer logos only if they are clearly identified as
      manufacturer coupons and if they scan at checkout.”

      You can read the full policy here

      • george

        Cindy, that’s terrific news. I’m gpoing to clip your comment and forward it to ShopRite when I have my next order delivered just in case I get a hard time redeeming the coupon.

      • Harry

        Thanks a lot for this….I hope this gets updated on the main SR website as well (currently it is not) – LRWC listing of the SR policy is unlikely to be accepted by SR managers.

        • Sunil

          I agree Harry. Can’t wait to take it to my Shoprite when(if) the policy is updated on Shoprite’s site. They always refuse any coupon with a different retailers logo on it.

        • The policy came directly from the Wakefern corporate offices.

  • Amy

    I didn’t even get that. It asked me to “Like” and then did not bring up a coupon.

    • jess

      mine did not show when it said “only secure content shown” – print button (that led to pop-up) displayed when i allowed all content

  • tiff

    Once again this coupon would not print for me. Anyone else have problems printing the QPLES coupons?

    • jess

      did you allow the pop-ups?

    • Dipty Joshi

      I always open Firefox browser when its a Java based coupon. Try firefox.

  • kelly

    my shoprite from home shows the wise chips @ $3.99. where/when are they $1.99?

    • Nancy

      mine were 3.99 1.99 here either!!!

    • Sunil

      Depends on the Wise chips. I know for sure the Wise tortilla chips and onion rings (and a couple of others) are always marked $2 even when not on sale. Not sure about this week, but the other Wise chips go on sale starting Sunday 3/16. Hope this helps.

    • Melinda Dilione

      Sorry for the delay… the Shop at Home site I looked at when making the post showed them for $1.99 and also my ShopRite in West Long Branch, NJ last night had them for $1.99. I guess the prices are varying though…sorry about that!

      • kelly

        ah, so it is a sale price – one which my store did not have, but at least it is in the ad for next week – glad i didn’t actually (gasp!) pay $2 for them, lol!

  • kelly

    they are not giving you much time to use this! it expires 3/24!

  • Jaime

    I think it’s gone. I got it on one computer about an hour ago. Just tried on my second and it says no longer available.

    • joan

      just printed it, so still available.
      fyi, this type of coupon does not require multiple computers, but does require multiple facebook accounts in order to get more than one print. one print per account, multiple (at least 3) prints per computer.

    • jenn m

      I just now printed it. It only let me do it once though.

  • Mary

    Thanks so much for getting this communicated quickly so that i could print one before they were all gone. You guys do an amazing job on this site and i truly appreciate all your hard work. My suggestion to anyone that has complaints is that they are free to start their own website and encourage those that are ungrateful to follow them.

  • ShrewdNorwalker

    Anyone getting more then one print per computer ?

    • Kathy

      Not me – needed more than one FB account to get more than one print too…

      • tina

        to switch facebook accounts on one computer and get more prints, you need to log the account out of qples. it will say the account name when you attempt to print, and you can click the “not me” option and log it into another facebook account. logging qples out of the fb account does not log off the fb account itself, and vice versa.

  • Brian

    B1G1 at BILO = FREE Comments are to help each other. Not vent. Get a life George.

    • george

      I don’t think that making a suggestion to improve service to the reader is venting. There are probably many readers who do not want to go the FB route and would appreciate knowing that upfront.

  • Nancy DuHaime Layton

    shoprite wise chips are 3.99 …not 1.99..

    • james

      not sure what wise is this week but starting sunday they will be $1.88

    • Sue

      I was at Shop Rite in Franklin last night and they were $1.99.

  • Olivia

    Picked up a free bag at Giant yesterday!
    Chips are such a hard commodity for coupons, but we’re doin great this month with all these underdog brands like Utz and Wise!
    So happy 🙂

  • Debbie Lee Manners

    Thank you so much living rich for posting this coupon. I was able to use mine at Tops last night and scored 5 bags for only 3.98. The sale was buy 2, get 3 free. They are 3.99 a bag there, so I used my 2/2.00 off coupons and then got the other 3 free. My favorite coupon in a long time…

  • misterbill

    The Deli style kettle chips had a $2 sticker on them at my SR, so I was able to use the coupon on them. Not as big a bag as the normal green chips which were $3.99 (6.5 vs 9, I believe) but I like kettle chips and had 3 coupons, so that’s enough chips for me.