Hot! FREE Golden Grahams Cereal at Stop & Shop!


General Mills Stop & Shop Deal

Oh my goodness guys, I honestly feel like we can’t keep up with all of these awesome deals everywhere!  Yesterday we were disappointed with some of the prices on General Mills Cereal this week, as we were hoping for some freebies with the Instant Savings Deal this week – Buy 4 boxes save $6.00 Instantly.  Well guess what!  We checked again today after the new coupons came out for the month and look what we found – FREE cereal!  Where will we fit it all?

$0.75 off ONE BOX Golden Grahams cereal$0.50 off any ONE BOX Chex cereal

Golden Grahams Cereal and Vanilla Chex are both on “real deal” for $3.00 a box right now.  Today we got a new $0.75 off ONE BOX Golden Grahams cereal coupon to print as well as a $0.50 off any ONE BOX Chex cereal and a higher value $0.60/1 Chex Cereal Coupon!

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.12.37 PM

Buy any 4 boxes of Golden Grahams, use 4 $0.75 off ONE BOX Golden Grahams cereal coupons and pay NOTHING for 4 boxes after coupons and instant savings!  Super easy, awesome deal!  I donate cereal to a summer Vacation Bible School program, so I’m definitely stocking up on this deal!  Woot!

You can also get 4 boxes of Vanilla Chex for just $0.30 each after coupons and instant savings!  Awesome deals!

Here are your deals at Stop & Shop through 3/6:


Be sure to check out the rest of the Stop & Shop Deals for the week before you shop.

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  • Mark

    Don’t forget that savingstar has a $0.50/1 coupon you can clip for Chex cereal. Makes the deal even sweeter.

  • Julia

    I also got a $1 Catalina when I did this deal.

    • misterbill

      Which cereal did you buy?

      • Julia

        I did two transactions and got it both times. It was a combination of golden grahams, cheerios and corn chex. I am in Massachusetts, I don’t know if it is specific to here

        • Loretta Dugan

          It didn’t work for me when I bought the vanilla chex ( I bought 4 boxes hoping it would print)

    • Loretta Dugan

      i bought 4 vanilla chex today and did not get the catalina 🙁
      was a lil dissapointed but it was still a great deal for chex! 🙂

      • campergirls3

        I did the same thing and they didn’t ring up correctly and gave me a hard time when I tried to explain that they were on sale for 3.00 BEFORE the 6.00 off!

  • misterbill

    Interesting.. Peapod is not showing $3 cereal for me, but I’ll certainly check it out!

    • Kari

      Peapod did not show the 2/$6 cereals for me last time either but they were on sale in the store. Hope it’s the same for you!

      • misterbill

        Thanks, certainly worth a shot.

  • Danielle

    Just to make sure this sale just started yesterday (Friday) and will run until Thursday (3/6) , correct?

    • Loretta Dugan


      • Mark

        Read over at SD that Lucky Charms are also on real deal for $2.50. Could use the $1/1(NLA) from and get them free. Could someone do a price check if they go on Sunday. Thanks.

  • misterbill

    Is this another situation where we need to have a non-coupon item on the order to attach to the instant savings?

    • Sai

      Last time when we had the buy 4 and $6 instant savings deal, I got 4 Fiber one cereals which were on sale for 2/$6 and used (4) .75/1 fiber one cereal coupons.which made the cereal free after the instant savings and coupons. You can use coupons on this deal and still the $6 Instant savings apply.

      • misterbill

        Interesting, I wonder what it was about the other deal that required the extra item? Maybe the $1.50 e-coupon (which ended up breaking the $6, anyway).

        • Kari

          I did this last time at Giant and did not have anything else in my order. I just made sure to subtotal before scanning my coupons.

          • misterbill

            The problem is that S&S (and I assume Giant’s) registers have a bad habit of removing the instant savings after you start scanning coupons and the only thing you see is that the total isn’t what you expected.

    • kabbysteve

      Yes, you should have another small non-coupon item to secure the instant savings…have a banana handy to add to the deal if there is an issue. At my Stop&shop this has always been the situation. Good luck

  • izzie

    Hi can anyone help m with this deal? is it possible to buy 8 boxes in one transaction and get the instant savings twice or would i have to do two transactions? Thanks

    • Sai


      You will have to buy 4 cereals per Transaction to get the 6$ off Instantly.
      Even if you buy 8 boxes it will deduct only $6 instantly.
      You will have to buy 4 cereal boxes per transaction and can do multiple transactions if your store allows you to.

      • misterbill

        That’s not correct.

        • Udidujdjddidkei

          You tell him, Billiam!

    • Mark

      Yes, you can buy 8 at one time and get IS off twice. A few weeks ago purchased 12 in one transaction and got IS off 3 times.

  • Phil

    My golden Graham’s had $3 price tag but rang up at $3.49….. Anybody else have the same problem?

    • Reyna007

      Yes, both the Golden Grahams and the Chex were ringing up as $3.79 at my store.

    • Bill

      I had the same issue with it. It rang in at $3.79 and did not take the $6 off so I went to customer service and she gave me the money back. She explained that sometimes this happens when you use coupons even though it has never happened to me.

    • Cheryl

      Mine all rang as $3.49. The Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Chocolate Toast Crunch. I’ll have to go back and take a second look at the shelf tag. I was distracted at the time and didn’t pay much attention. I had such drama as I described in my previous post that I just ran out as soon as I could.

  • Elizabeth

    Why does one deal say -$4 instant savings and the other $6 instant savings?

  • CouponDood

    Here is what happened with me.

    (3) Golden Grahams
    (1) Vanilla Chex

    The GGs rang up at $3.49 each and the Chex was $3.99. Had to get CS to adjust Chex to $3.00 as it was listed on shelf. After coupons, $1 catalina and overage from Yakisoba noodle coupons, it was a $.48 MM. Actually, after $.50 Savingstar offer, it will be $.98 MM!

  • Alissa Gloriande Berse

    Went this morning to Keyport, NJ Stop & Shop at a self checkout. The $6 instant savings came off, but the cereal rang up at $3.49 a box. Did get a $1 catalina. Went to the solution center and the employee tried to say it was cause of the coupons, but I simply explained that the price should have been $3 a box even before the coupons were scanned and it was not. She refunded teh $1.96 I paid so for me this was a $1.00 money maker with the Catalina!

    • beepa

      what stores have them marked for 3.00
      north jersey all 3.99 and up on shelf

    • Loretta Dugan

      I did this deal yesterday in that store 🙂 and the shelf was clearly marked $3 for the Golden Grahams, Vanilla Chex, and Cocoa Puffs… I actually had already taken the picture of the shelf price, when i was checking out i noticed it was ringing up $3.99 for the Vanilla chex after i was done I just went to the courtesy desk, and the girl refunded me the $3.96 in cash no issues

  • Lisa W

    My stop and shop did not have these for 3.00. They only had a larger size for $4.79. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Ryan Limjoco

      My Stop & Shop had Golden Grahams cereal 16. 0z for 4.29 each. Did not get them for free after using coupons. I guess what they doing now is regional pricing. 🙁 Will pay more attention now with the price , when grabbing the items. I really don’t wanna pay anything for the cereals but Im gonna eat up my mistake. No biggie.

    • Leslie

      I went to S&S today for the ALL deal and Golden Grahams. the stop and shop I went to in union county today had the GG for 3.99 and 4.69 a box. Not the 2/$6 that was posted. As another contributed, this cereal must have regional pricing. Would anyone reader ming sharing if their NJ Stop and Shop had 2/$6 on the gg? Many thanks.

      • Loretta Dugan

        Mine did in Keyport NJ

  • Cheryl

    I had such drama trying to buy the cereal and the All detergent. I had 2 .50 coupons for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and 2 .75 for the Golden Grahams. Also $1.00 off each All. It issued a Catalina $1.00 off my next order. I bought on another order 4 Chocolate Toast Crunches and 2 more All. Had 4 .75 cereal coupons and a $2 off 2 All coupon. I also used the Catalina from the previous order. Everything was great until that rotten Catalina. When they scanned the Catalina, it removed the $6 off 4 savings. My total actually increased. The All coupon has issues too. They had to cancel the order. Get my coupons out of the coupon box. Move to a different register . Re-ring it. Cancel the order again. Ring it again. Cancel it again. Then split it into 2 transactions – cereal/detergent. Then the Catalina was keyed in as cash for the cereal. So I paid .96. Then $2.27 for the All. They put the $2 All coupon as cash too. Four cashiers worked on trying to fix this order.

  • susan

    Are all the GM cereals that are included 2 for $6? Last time they were.

    • misterbill

      No. Just the two listed here and only if there is a shelf tag at your store (and maybe not then, either). If all of them were $3 again, this would be a much bigger deal.

    • CouponDood

      No not all…my store only had Vanilla chex for $3 each.

  • wakeboarder

    which zip code are you printing the cereal coupons from? It appears to be MIA

  • misterbill

    Bought 4 Golden Grahams today and they rang at $3.99 even though the shelf tag said $3. Self-scan cashier went to the shelf and my wife showed her the tag and she came back as confused as when she left. She got some supervisor who told me the $6 would come off at the end, and I said no, that’s not it. So I paid and went to customer service and the same thing happened but they eventually gave me the $3.96 back. However, she would not give me one free for scanning wrong. I’m trying to figure out if S&S still has the policy where if it scans wrong it’s free. At CS they told me they do not. I did not get the $1 Catalina either, although in all the hassle of the price scanning wrong and the coupons not scanning (cashier had to do it manually), I may have forgotten to check. At least the $6 came off without having anything else on the transaction.

    I decided to just get the GG and hold off on Vanilla Chex since there is a SR e-coupon for that as well and maybe there will be a deal later in the month.

  • megh

    Did anyone try the Stop and Shop canned tomatoes for the gas points deal and have success?

    • megh

      Sorry, in the wrong tab. Going to post this on the Stop and Shop weekly deal’s page.

    • DianeG

      YES – worked perfectly. ‘ Got six cans of no salt whole tomatoes, seven Dole shakers, and the two bottles of ALL. – no problems !

      • megh

        Awesome! Thanks for the quick response!

    • Lisa W

      Yes I had success!

  • gilly

    Got the cereal the last time 2/6$ has anyone on LI, NY bought this cereal (Golden Grahams and Vanilla CHex) for 2/6$ ??

    • Colleen

      Medford, NY(Long Island) S&S has the Golden Grahms and Vanilla Chex for $3 each. Although my brother said his local S&S (South Setauket, NY) hade Golden Grahms priced at $3.49. Also both of those locations had All Detergent for $2.50 instead of the $1.99. Both locations did have OM bologna on sale for $1.69 (so happy I got them for 19cents each, as my daughter LOVES it!) don’t know what’s with the differences in price, especially since the two locations are literally a 15 minute drive apart.

  • John

    My store had the 2 for $6 shelf tag for Golden Grahams with the $6 off when you buy 4 tag right next to it.

    However, when I purchased 4 boxes, they scanned for $3.49 each and then $6 came off. I had to go to CS to get $1.96 back. I also got a $1 General Mills Catalina.

  • Kathy

    I did the deal as posted (4 Golden Grahams which were $2.99 ea) and the $6 discount came off without any problems.

    On a different topic….I don’t go to S&S often & noticed they changed their receipts. Anyone else find the receipts much worse then they used to be? I’m not crazy about doubles not showing up one after the other on the receipt (so you know which worked correctly)… they just put a line on the receipt which shows, for example, 6 @ 0.75 multiplied coupon $4.50. How would we know which coupon gave us a problem (i.e. did not double fully) this way?

  • karen

    Even better is the Frosted Flakes deal. I bought (4) Frosted Flakes 10 1/2 oz pkg, they are $2.50 a box. Kelloggs family rewards has 75 cent coupons you can purchase for 500 points (you can print two per link) I got (4) coupons for 1000 points. Spent $4 after coupons and got back a $3 catalina for purchasing the (4) frosted flakes, so four boxes for $1 total.

    • CouponDood

      I prefer to save my KFR points for the $.75 Pop Tart coupons

  • gilly

    Just came back from S&S the Golden Grahams were $4.29 a box not on sale 2/6$, I did get the Vanilla Chex but they rang up 3.79$ each they said at the register (after 2 people checked the shelf tag !) if they adjusted at register it would not give me the $6 instant saving so they refunded me .79 each box at CS ..still great deal !

  • Deena

    So, major drama trying to do the cereal deal. Honey Nut Chex were $3 a box per shelf tag, but rang up $3.79. Rest of cereal rang up $3.49 or $3.79 depending on variety. I pointed out that the Chex were supposed to be $3. Cashier said I was already getting $6 off and could not “double dip” the savings. I asked her to call her front end manager. I explained that the shelf tag said $3 for the cereal. He went down the aisle, found the tag, determined that it was correct, and had cashier void that box and RESCAN AS FREE because of their pricing policy in Massachusetts!!! So I got the 4 boxes of cereal for $10.77. Then the $6 came off (manager stood there to make sure). Total was $4.77. I had 50 cent coupons for two boxes and 75 cent coupons for 2. Would not let me have an overage, but I got all 4 boxes for free. The pricing policy is posted on all the registers in my store. I would not hesitate to point to it when it comes to the cereal not ringing up correctly. Oh, and I got the $1 catalina!! Score!!

  • misterbill

    I wonder if S&S is going to get around fixing this pricing error, either by updating the price in the registers or removing the signs? Did anyone call corporate to complain about it?

    • Melinda Dilione

      I’m not what’s happening with this deal…I can’t figure out if the $3 prices were an error earlier in the week and they’ve finally caught on and took down all sale signs? On Sunday my store had the $3 Chex marked on real deal and I went back yesterday and the signs were down and they were ringing at full price. My assumption is these aren’t really supposed to be on sale this week… bummer!

      • misterbill

        Yes, that was what I was thinking. Did they actually ring up at $3 on Sunday at your store? Did anyone check the date on the shelf tag to see what the valid dates were? It would be nice if clicking on an image on this site (like the price tag in this post) took you to a larger version of it rather than just the same resolution picture on its own page (which I’ve found to be pretty useless, and often annoying).

        • Melinda Dilione

          Mine did not ring up at $3 on Sunday but they fixed the price because the signs said $3. The real deal signs had a date of 3/27. Thanks for the feedback on the images – I will pass that suggestion to Cindy and see if this is possible. Thanks!

          • Danielle

            So wait… the signs were a mistake and the deal is no longer valid? I was planning on going probably later tonight to S&S (which is by no means close to where I live) but I won’t if the prices are being adjusted at stores…
            or was the 2 for $6 plus $6 instant savings on 4 boxes sign correct? I am a bit confused. If I call – would they tell me the price at this individual store?

  • Christine H

    unfortunately my SS had the cereal priced at 4.29 per bx….I even went to the price scanner to see if that was a mistake but nope shelf price was advertised correctly. Too bad that was a great find 🙁

  • LJB

    My Stop & Shop had the Golden Grahams on a 33% off clearance sale so I bought 4 at $2.67 and used 4 $.75/1 coupons. My transacation also included 2 All laundry soaps with 2 $1/1 coupons. It rang out to .80 cents with the $6 instant savings and then jumped back up to $6.80. I asked the cashier if the $6 instant savings applied and she said yes. Walking out I looked at my receipt and it didn’t so I went to customer service and got $6 cash back.

  • Maan

    My S&S doesn’t have it on sale. it was $4.29 each :<

  • Teshawn

    S&S in Berkeley Hgts NJ does not have it on sale. $4.49

  • Danielle

    Just got back from S&S and the sign in front of the Golden Grahams had the $6 instant savings on 4 deal listed but the actual cereal wasn’t on sale. $4.49 a box and w/ all the amazing cereal deals that are always going on at SR and a couple weeks ago at S&S.. I wasn’t going to buy each box for $1.49.