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Extreme Couponing ShopRite

I love this reader shopping trip!  Kathleen let us know that she’s working on earning her FREE Holiday Dinner Item at ShopRite.  Here’s what she had to say about her trip:

Trying to boost my Holiday spending for the Free Ham for Easter. I’m trying to take advantage of any free products I can get that my family uses during this time. Here is my FREE shopping trip from Shop Rite today. I know it’s not a big trip, but, I am pretty proud of it.

Great job, Kathleen!  Now is a perfect time to take advantage of any free item coupons you have or coupons that will make for super cheap items!  At ShopRite, you must spend $400 from March 9 through April 19 in order to qualify for your Holiday Dinner Item (ham, turkey, lasagna, etc.).  The $400 is calculated BEFORE taxes, bottle deposits and the face value of manufacturer’s coupons and AFTER ShopRite store coupons, ShopRite Price Plus Club Deductions and any multiplied manufacturer’s coupons.  It’s hard for some of us couponers to “spend” $400 in this time frame to earn our free item, however this is a great tip on how to still qualify for your item – buy as many FREE and cheap products as you can.  Kathleen spent NO Money on this trip, yet she earned a percentage of what this trip would have cost had she not used coupons toward her free item.  You can read more about this tip here.


Check out the details of Kathleen’s trip below!


  • (4) Reusable Shopping Bags, $0.99 each
  • (4) Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap, $0.99 each
  • (4) L’eggs Knee Highs, $1.99 each
  • (3) Wise Cheese Doodles, $1.74 each
  • (1) NeilMed Dry Nose Spray, $4.49
  • (1) Shop Rite Elbow Macaroni, $1.00

Coupons Used:

Paid: $0.00

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  • T

    Why the taxes is zero

    • sarah

      The tax depends on the state…not sure where she lives, but I’m pretty sure CT does taxes after coupons–so if your total is $0 after coupons then, you pay $0 taxes…I think this is one of the only situation where people in CT pay less taxes on something…Lol!

      • T

        Thanks I got every thing was free 4 razor,4 dawn,4 Carolina rice,2l’ oreal kids , glad warmer with overage ,sauve shampoo with overage , 4 Vidal Sassoon free and paid $2 taxes can u believe this I was not happy anybody knows how to deal with this maybe lessen the amount of beauty things may help I donot kn

        • jackie

          the tax is likely all the non-food items, so just about everything you mentioned

    • Kathie

      I’m in DE where we have no state taxes.

    • Charlene Thorp Pingitore

      Also depends on State; I pay no tax in any store within the state of Delaware

  • kabby

    I do not see how much was counted towards the FREE holiday meat?

    • Kathie

      It was roughly $20, give or take a few cents.

  • adyl

    I got 5 shoprite free bags with coupons, but had to pay tax for the bags. I live in NJ.

    • bilinval

      I live in NY and I get charged tax on the original price before the sale at ShopRite!!!! Just doesn’t seem right!