Cindy’s Shopping Trip – ShopRite – $5.52 Total Cost


Extreme Couponing Shopping Trip

Today I just wanted to share my small, quick and super cheap shopping trip to ShopRite.  I had a busy few days filming for another Rachael Ray Show so I was not in much of a mood to do a big shopping.  I was so excited that they invited me back on the show…I feel so unbelievably blessed to be able to help so many save on their groceries.  I can’t share details of the show yet and I don’t know when it will be airing but I will post as soon as I know…promise!  Totally fun though! 😀

Anyway, back to my shopping trip…I had some high value coupons I didn’t want to go to waste and I had a $3 catalina coupon that expired today and I needed milk. So, I took advantage of all of that on this trip.  And, as I do almost every time I stop at any grocery store, I scoped out the managers special meats.  Some times I come out with great deals and sometimes nothing.  Today was a great deal.

Perdue chicken patties were 50% off at just $2.24 a pack and I had (2) $0.75/1 Perdue Coupons making them just $0.74 after coupon.  Score!


reciptThe Snickers bars, which you can see we already ate them, were better than free with the ecoupon and the $0.75/2 Snickers Coupon.  I know some of you don’t realize that the ecoupon deduction comes off right under the product and not with the coupons at the bottom of the receipt.  You can see the deduction on the above image.

Here is what I did:



Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 8.58.18 PM

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  • cheryl manna

    See! I knew it! lololol, you need to become a regular. 🙂 Congrats.

  • Tina Hartsfield

    Awesome! I love coupons!

  • Magdalena

    Cindy, my (always very friendly and helpful) SR manager told me last week that the Purdue coupons only apply to packages like the chicken nuggets. They beep if you try to use them on meat products that vary by weight. I noticed you used them during one of the trips you recorded for Rachael’s show. I assume you did not have problems while checking out? Congrats on another show! Going to DVR it again 🙂

    • They don’t beep for me. As a matter of fact, we just used more of them for the next RR show at a different store (not ShopRite) and there were no beeps there either. These are the $0.75/1 Perdue Coupons that say any Perdue Product on them. They are printable coupons.

      • Magdalena

        Those are the same coupons I tried using at SR last week and I even pointed out they say on ANY ONE Perdue product. Oh well… I ended up using them on the nuggets instead.

        • Christine Dennison Wilford

          I use these all the time on packages of perdue meat at my shoprite- never have an issue!

  • Kimberly Buchko

    Where did you find the Schar? I looked in the gluten free section and didn’t see the brand anywhere. 🙁

    • I found some of the Schar bread products with the regular bread and there was also an entire selection in the Gluten Free aisle.

      • Kimberly Buchko

        Thank you for the response, Cindy. I went back today. There was a whole separate rack of nothing but Schar that I completely missed. haha

    • ss

      I found mine in the bakery section of all places!

  • Morgan Collins

    The managers special this week on meats at my shoprite was perdue wingettes. 79 cents/ lb. Theres also a deal on Dr Pepper 2 liters, 3 for 3 and some have coupons hung on them for $1 off 3 making them $2 for 3 2 liters!!

  • EMH

    Buying bread and not cookies with Schar coupon wasn’t a problem? Coupon says cookies. thanks

    • CouponDood

      I think the coupon changed. I printed a bunch more than a week ago and they didn’t mention cookies. I guess the bread Qs are NLA.

    • These coupons said they were good for bread and 2 other things…can’t remember what they were because I just focused on the bread part of it. But, it did say bread.

      • B_Lo

        Hi Ms. Cindy….. That coupon says: $3.00 off any Schar Cookies Product including Shortbread/ Wafers/ Chocolate Dipped/Honeygrams…….Hope that Help…and thank you and your team for everything you do for us…

        • Thanks for the info. I had a different coupon then. Not sure why but mine did say bread and then listed 2 others items. I remember it clearly because I didn’t go in the store to buy the bread. I went in to buy what ever the coupon worked for that had a good price so I was reading the details of the coupon while in the store. I actual wanted to buy the pasta but couldn’t because the coupon didn’t list that.

          • Harry

            yes I have some from last week which were for the sliced bread, bagels, rolls, heat&serve items. This week its changed to the cookies. And the lowest priced cookies I see from SRFH are 2.49 for the choc chip. So thats a MM if the coupon takes off the full amount. The next higher is vanilla or cocoa wafers at 3.29.

            The Farmland Skim Plus is orphaned without a coupon ? 😉

            • Used my catalina for the Skim Plus so it didn’t feel lonely 🙂

              Yes, that is the coupon I had. Bread, Bagels, Rolls, heat & serve. Really wanted the pasta but not the right coupon for that.

        • Christine Dennison Wilford

          They changed. I printed last week and they were for bread. This week they say cookies. Same link. They reset and changed.

  • Anita Toscani Good

    Wish the Perdue was accessable 🙁

    • me too. I want to print more. There were 2 more packs sitting there calling my name 🙂

  • misterbill

    Was this at a cashier or self-scan? The e-coupons always print under the item at self-scan, but at a normal register it seems to depend on the version of software running on the register. I’ve seen it both ways recently (with the item and at the bottom), depending on the store.

    BTW I am disappointed that you ended up over $5. Amateur! 🙂

  • amylu

    Can anyone tell me how much the Schar cookies typically sell for before I print out a coupon? Thank you!

    • Denise Davison

      I found some chocolate chip ones for $2.49 at my ShopRite this evening, check your SRFH to see how much your stores sells them for 🙂

      • amylu

        There are no ShopRites where I live. (So I don’t even know what a SRFH is!) In my area (Nashville), this brand is only carried by stores I don’t shop at, so I wanted to get a feel for prices before I made a special trip. Thanks for your help!

        • Denise Davison

          what stores do you have near you? Id be more than happy to help you find a price!

          • amylu

            The closest locations are Piggly Wiggly and HG Hills. You don’t have to go to all that trouble, but thank you! They’re probably similarly priced here, so that coupon is great! I’d just seen a review online that referenced a $5 package of shortbread cookies, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to waste the ink if they were actually that expensive. 😉

            • Denise Davison

              Actually they are that expensive, crazy right?! Here is a price from a Piggly Wiggly that does online shopping to give you an idea, these are Schar Wafers.. they were the cheapest item I could find, the cookies were more expensive, hth!

              • amylu

                Well thank you so much! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  • Rosemary

    Where do you find the perdue coupons?

    • They are no longer available

      • Rosemary

        Oh ok, where do you find them in general? So I know where to look for them.

        • Loretta Dugan

          you can find them here 🙂 they get posted when there available 🙂

  • Guest

    Cindy, Your famous now don’t forget us! The Schar coupon said bread, bagels and rolls. I have never seen bagels yet. I just clicked on the link below and printed out cookies. This week at my shoprite I was going to buy rolls and the multigrain ciabatta rolls were all mold. I buy these for my son about two weeks ago and he told me the rolls i gave him were getting mold on them. Maybe they have a bad batch, beware when buying these.

  • mrsclaire

    great job, cindy!!! congrats on being asked to do a second segment for the racheal ray show! I’m so excited to watch! i’ll be tuning in for sure! please let us know when it will air!!!

  • Betty Likes Reading

    Is there a certain time of day the meats are marked down?

    • kabby

      It is funny you should ask..I was just thinking all the years that I have shopped at my Shoprite, they NEVER price reduce ANY meat. Which makes me iffy about purchasing any meat from that store. It is one of the reasons that I go to my local Stop & Shop…their meat looks fresh and will start reducing meat days ahead.

      • Betty Likes Reading

        my giant in pa which are related to stop and shop are always having reduced meats. I never see shoprite meats reduced. but I do love shoprite.meats always are fresh!