ShopRite Coupon Policy – Updated!

shoprite coupon policyShopRite Coupon Policy 2014

The ShopRite Coupon Policy 2014 is now updated on the ShopRite site.  A few weeks ago, I got my hands on the new, updated ShopRite Coupon policy.  We had it updated on our site and have posted links to it in comments however, until now, ShopRite did not update the policy on their site.

On the new coupon policy, ShopRite has addressed some basic info that we already know about but it’s nice to see them make it clear.

Here are some updates to the policy:

  • #11 Only one manufacturer coupon will be applied to each “Buy One, Get One Free” offer.
  • #12 We cannot refund the value of a coupon or return the coupon if a purchased item is later returned to the store.

The one update that is awesome is the following:

  • #8 Unless expressly prohibited by the terms on the coupon, we accept checkout (Catalina) coupons and manufacturer-issued coupons that display other retailer logos only if they are clearly identified as manufacturer coupons and if they scan at checkout.

This update is great because it confirms that they will accept manufacturer coupons with other store logos on them including catalina coupons that have printed at other retailers.  Remember these have to be manufacturer coupons and say manufacturer coupons on them.  They will not accept other store coupons.

Also, one thing to always remember is that each ShopRite is independently owned and, according to Wakefern, “this Coupon policy may be modified at the store manager’s discretion and is subject to change”.

You can view the ShopRite Coupon Policy right here on LRWC or go directly to ShopRite to view it.

What are your thoughts on the new ShopRite Coupon Policy?


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  • Chrissy

    I’ve found that the ease of using coupons is really dependent on the cashier, and most cashiers, even managers, have a different working theory on what is acceptable and what isn’t. Coupons that have come right off the company’s site have been questioned by cashiers because the appearance of the coupon isn’t the “standard” internet coupon. I think it’s awesome to have some of the more “problematic” areas of couponing (i.e. MC’s with other store logos) written out for us and the cashiers/managers.

  • Eric A.

    That’s a great update! However, they still haven’t said a thing about their digital coupons and if it as acceptable to stack them with paper coupons. They quietly let us do it, but then every time a digital coupon doesn’t activate, they tell you it is because you used a paper coupon as well.

    • Kari

      I actually do not want them to clarify because I’m pretty sure it would not go in our favor.

      • Eric A.

        I suppose you’re right, Kari. I live in Brooklyn where the only ShopRite that we have doesn’t double any coupons and has prices so ridiculously inflated, that it should be called ShopWrong or they should relocate to the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Ever since I was made aware of the staggering difference in pricing between the ShopRite of Brooklyn and the two ShopRite stores in Staten Island only four miles away, but owned by a different company, I have started making a weekly trip to one of those two locations. They double up to $.99 and everything is priced as the rest of the SR stores in the country. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I wouldn’t want to lose the little perk called digital coupons too.

        • Kabby

          You must have a big bill for the cost of the Verrazano Bridge toll?

          • Eric A.

            Oh no, most New Yorkers use public transportation. Buses between Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Staten Island run every 10 minutes and are included in the monthly MTA pass we all pay for anyway. So, no bridge tolls, just some extra time, but it is totally worth it…

            • hailey

              but no trunk to fill with groceries, only your arms 😉

              • Eric A.

                No trunk. People who fill their trunks with groceries generally tend to gain weight easily.

                • mona

                  multiple 12 packs of paper products would fill most of a trunk, but would be very awkward on a bus ;D

                  • Eric A.

                    Well, just the other week I bought two 12-packs of Scott 1000 and one 6-pack of Viva towels and was able to fit it all in two of ShopRite’s reusable bags. And, if you live in NYC you must know that people carry their groceries on city buses all the time. We don’t judge each other or look down on people simply because they use public transportation. As a matter of fact, it is only in the USA, the land of the free, home of the obese, that riding the bus is looked down upon. Not everyone is wealthy, so just be grateful for what you have and keep your snarky little remarks to yourself.

                    • m

                      whoa! you totally misread that! awkward = difficult, as in crowded bus and only two arms. don’t even know where the rest of that came from.

    • Terry

      I”m happy to guietly keep stacking…I really believe it was their intention for us to stack them anyway because they don’t double.
      Like I said before, and someone else, can’t remember who, if we were supposed to be using one or the other, then the ecpns would have to double.

    • Danielle

      In the actual SR circular there have been deals where they advertise that there is both an ecoupon and a manufacturer coupon on an item. An example would be the deal on the Schick Silk razors from a month ago where the circular showed that the razors that were on sale for $5.99 & had a $1 ecpn making them $4.99 and then also advertised to look for a $4 manufacturer coupon in the Sunday inserts. I have only had 3 ecoupons not come off (all on products that I stacked a manufacturer coupon with) and called the SR hotline and had no issues with them looking at my receipt, confirming I purchased the correct product and sending me SR money on the mail.

  • Christine R.

    This is very good to know. Thanks for the update Cindy.

    As of last week (roughly 3/23 or 3/24), they no longer accept competitor coupons from Dollar General, Kmart, CVS or any store that is not an actual supermarket. They WILL accept competitor coupons from supermarkets such ACME. I found this out the hard way this past Friday night!

    And just an FYI on that note, ACME often has manufacturer coupons in their circular for Pepsi and things like that. I just used a $2/3 12-count boxes of Pepsi cans, so last Friday I got 3 boxes for $8 and a free 8-pack of mini cans of Pepsi!

    • JoanieS

      UGH! I guess I won’t be making the 20 minute drive there much anymore.

      • Christine R.

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! I got a lot of friends turned on to that location for that reason who are going to be disappointed as well.

        • JoanieS

          Glad to know it before I make the trip there! I will only go there now If I have a big order and an Acme or other store coupon!

  • Jess

    My shoprite still rejected a catalina manufacturer coupon because it was issued at target.

    • Christine R.

      You can bring in a copy of the updated coupon policy, but keep in mind this last comment from above:

      Also, one thing to always remember is that each ShopRite is independently owned and, according to Wakefern, “this Coupon policy may be modified at the store manager’s discretion and is subject to change”.

  • mamapld

    LOVE LOVE the clarification on the other store logo..been arguing that one for awhile..I usually win when the manager comes over! NOW the More important issue at this time is the possibility of a 20 per day limit on all coupons becoming long term policy!!!

  • Vianney

    It will definitely help if managers are aware and fully informed about coupon policy so when newbies like me call for clarifications they can give us the right answer

  • mary

    I know at the SR in Edison – any catalina from any maufacturer will not double. So if you have a .50 cent cat from Acme, then you will only get 50 cents off.

  • Lindsay

    YES!!! This just made my day. I definitely plan on printing this out and bringing it with me. The infamous (and absolutely wonderful) coupon on Dial lotion about 6 months ago had the Walmart name on it. They were .27 mm at the time but were HUGE bottles. And, I was given such a hard time by the head cashier about it that I walked out not only without the lotion but my whole order. I was SO turned off at the ignorance and rudeness. I tried to explain very nicely what the deal is with a mfr coupon that has a store’s logo on it but there was no having it. I almost wish I still had those coupons so I could bring in their policy and say “SEE?! I TOLD YOU!!” I feel vindicated if there was ever such a thing as coupon vindication. LOL.

  • Terry

    I’ll def be bringing a copy of the updated policy w/ me when I shop, but I wonder if this will help me at all with them rejecting my coupons that have other stores logo’s.
    The policy states that they will accept them if they are clearly marked as mfgr”s coupons and they scan at checkout.
    The only time I’ve ever had a cashier notice that the coupon had another stores logo is when the coupon didn’t scan

    • Karen B.

      Good point Terry. That’s the same thing with me. At least now they usually will override it. But now they can refuse to do that.

      • Terry

        Exactly…I always have a few Target only coupons and coupons that say redeemable at Target in my coupon wallet to show them the difference,how the Target only coupons do not say Mfgr cpn on them but the “redeemable at” ones do and that has always worked.

        • dalia

          I remember when I was new couponer I thought that the mq with Shoprite logo are store coupon and wanted to use regular mq to stack together , cashier refused and explained to me that they are mq coupons but have Shoprite logo because they were printed in a Shoprite Catalina machine … Since then I started to use my pathmark and stop and shop mq coupon …
          Never thought of using the amazing Riteaid mq though … I will give it a try on my next shopping trip … Who knows !

          • Terry

            Ok…good luck…although I have no idea what you are talking about. =}

            • tiffany

              LOL, i’m a little lost too.

  • chel

    Can you stack a catalina coupon and a mq?

    • Michelle T.

      You can stack a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon, so the Cat depends on what kind of coupon it says it is.

  • Laurie

    Speaking of shoprite- any help from the LRWC ladies on what to use the Kimberly Clark and SC johnson Catalinas on would be most appreciated!!! I would live a post on those two from the week of the toilet paper Catalina’s that are expiring this week! TIA! 😉

    • Terry

      I went yesterday and did three transactions.
      1st two
      bought 2 viva paper towels @1.99 ea ( 2.89) SP
      used (2) .75/1 mq’s plus the SR ecpns (mine and Boyfriends)
      and the KC cats
      The third transaction there were no more viva towels left so I took the two 75/1 Q’s out of the stack of Q’s for that transaction but forgot about the KC cat and it scanned just fine even though I did not have anything for it to attach to.
      I didn’t even notice til I got home and looked at the two remaining ones that the KC cat specifies 6 ct pkg.
      I know that you are supposed to use the cat for the specified items, didn’t do it on purpose, but looks like it goes thru just like any oyno cat.
      And, Why are Viva paper towels sooo expensive? The rolls are tiny and they say 15% more on them…savin them for next time I spill my liquid gold

  • Mrsmad

    My South Philadelphia SR WILL accept any coupons, Catalina’s, or ad coupons to Acme, Target, Pathmark and Superfresh. LOVE them!!!

    • Jennifer

      But the Philly stores don’t double :(. Sometimes I get better deals at stores that double and just use $1+ coupons at Shoprite.

      • tiffany

        they started doubling last week or the week before, they will continue until may 10th. I think it’s a trial run because all the other shoprites double so maybe they will start doing it permanent

      • barbara

        yes they do.. they have always doubled up the $1 but as tiffany below stated full doubles till 5/10

        • Jennifer

          I saw it in the flyer and went yesterday. They doubled my 75 cent coupons! I’ll have to start checking their sales again. I don’t live close to a shoprite anymore (about 25 min) so I might still be better off at wegmans. They have a really good natural/organic/vegetarian, produce, and hot foods sections that shoprite can not come close to matching.

          • barbara

            you live in philly and are 25 minutes from a shop rite.. ??? But closer to a Wegmans.. Do you live on the outskirts of the city??

            • Jennifer

              I’ve never lived in Philly but used to be 5 min from Island Ave store and have shopped at S Philly store and Norristown. After I moved I stopped going to Shoprite since Wegmans is closer and fully doubled. I stopped at the new Drexel Hill store yesterday. I might start shopping there since its not far from my normal commute.

              • barbara

                oh ok. I See. from your original post your statement made it seem you lived here in the city…

  • Lauren Sisco

    I am fine with the updates. However I had a not so great reality while doing the Unilever deal this past week. I had my order separated into three transactions and had my coupons separated and laid on the belt by each transaction. The cashier said she had to ask her manager if I was allowed to do this due to the new policy. The manager told me that I was only allowed to do two transactions and then examined all of my items and coupons to make sure that I didn’t have more than four of any one thing, which I didn’t. They then told me I could do the third transaction but that I couldn’t use my card and had to use the store card for it. Hopefully this is just at this store (Glassboro) because I have three shoprites around me and have never had a problem before. The manager said that if I use my PPC more than twice a day it won’t work anymore, but I went to the Washington township store the same day and had no problem. Weird.

    • Nina

      That the policy at that store the store by me say we can only use the card once a day.

      • Lauren Sisco

        Stinks for good rolling deals!

    • Mel

      I use the Shop Rite in Glassboro as well. I have WIC and need to make more than 2 transactions at a time due to the checks having certain items on each. I was told that I could do multiple transactions because WIC was an exception. I used my price plus card each time (4 times last trip) without any issue. Then did a transaction for other items I needed, that were not on WIC and used the price plus again without issue. So personally I think they just say the card won’t work more than twice to try and stop the multiple transactions.

      • Lauren Sisco

        I think you are absolutely correct! They were very nice about it though at least, but if I keep having a problem I’ll just go to the other two stores near me!

  • ShrewdNorwalker

    Perhaps because Shoprite’s advertizing department finally learned they can promote on a coupon …

  • Christina D.

    What about the ones that say “redeem at”? Does that still count as “expressly prohibited”? I rarely ever see a cat. manf. q that does not say this.

    • ShrewdNorwalker

      “Redeem at” is a suggestion where you can find the item sold …..”redeemable only at ” is stating it can only be used at a particular store ….However that does not mean the staff where you shop , know the difference

      • Christina D.

        Thanks. I knew “redeemable at” was a suggestion, just wasn’t sure about the “redeem at”.

  • lynn

    I hate when u get to the register of a store like walmart who does price match and your list is organized, detailed, and even has the page of the item listed and price and the cashier says I need the actual circulars for all store and doesn’t ecpet the printed copies fromt he computer, after the poliy of the store says and the manager said many times you don’t need to bring in all the circulars the cashiers should have copies of them if needed..thanks for letting me vent.. 🙁 Lk

  • Maria

    Finally, a smart person in a corporate office made an obvious observation.
    Manufacturers coupons regardless of the logo can be accepted. Whoo! Hoo!
    Awesome news.

  • Sandy

    I was at courtesy desk yesterday and mentioned to the cs girls that they have a new policy which just came out. They were like – YES how did you know, we were just told this morning! Naturally mentioned this website but was so happy that my store was told about it to avoid any problems with the miserable 2 front end workers who like to cause problems with couponers cause they have nothing else better to do with their time. 🙂

  • Jenn

    I printed out the coupon policy as suggested and took it to the courtesy desk because they refused my coupons with the Walmart logo last week. Well, they refused my coupons today because they said that the wording in #8 (shown above) does NOT apply to coupons printed from the computer! So, no matter how they change the policy, they find another way to not accept coupons. Does anyone know a Shoprite in South Jersey who is coupon-friendly? This was Shoprite in Cherry Hill who will not accept them.

    #8….we accept checkout (Catalina) coupons and manufacturer-issued coupons
    that display other retailer logos only if they are clearly identified as
    manufacturer coupons and if they scan at checkout.