FREE Viva Vantage Paper Towel Roll at ShopRite!

ShopRite Viva Paper Towel Deal

ShopRite Viva Paper Towel Deal

Ah, free one of my favorite words! This week ShopRite has the Viva Vantage Paper Single Roll Paper Towels on sale for $1.99, there was a $0.75/1 Viva Paper Towels from the 3/16 SmartSource Insert that you can stack with the $0.75/1 Viva Vantage Big Roll, ShopRite Coupon that is available in store making this FREE after stacked offers! We have found this coupon at the Customer Service Desk, if you do not see them out on the counter, make sure you ask if they have any!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.49.47 AM

Here is your deal at ShopRite:


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  • Michelle

    it’s still a good deal if you don’t have the shop Rite coupon, right? I usually think anything 50 cents or lower is a stock up price per roll.

  • Laura D.

    Hi Denise! This is actually a $0.26MM used towards overage, for those with fully doubled stores. The $0.75/1 Viva towel MQ fully doubled for me!!

    • Denise Davison

      fixed that! Thanks Laura!

  • Maggie S

    have anybody found these in Westchester Ny? (the store coupons…)

  • La Reina

    Where do you find the ShopRite coupon?

    • Bre

      check at customer service.. and ask if you don’t see them

      • La Reina


  • Annie K

    I did this the other day and the ecoupon didn’t come off and if it doesn’t come off courtesy can’t help you you have to call the shoprite # and they won’t refund an ecoupon that didn’t work if you used a mfr also.

    • Danielle

      Not true. I have called about an ecoupon not coming off 3 times so far and was refunded every time and on each product I had used a manufacturer coupon as well. I personally haven’t had any issues. I call. I explain the ecoupon didn’t come off. They tell me it will take 24 hours to get my receipt and confirm that I bought the right product. They call back the next day and say that the SR money is in the mail. No problem.

      • Annie K

        The rep on the phone at shoprite sent me my refund but told me he wasn’t supposed to because a mfr was used when the ecoupon didn’t come off and that it would be the last time it was done and he was letting it slide this time…so in my case true.

        • Kathy

          Boy, I hope that’s not some new policy they are trying to implement! I am not able to get eCoupon refunds from the customer service desk either, but to date I have not had any issue getting refunds when I call the ShopRite number. My purchases are usually confirmed right away over the phone & they send me the SR coupons in the mail….I’ve never had a call back the next day. I find it so strange that results would vary so greatly – if it’s a program, then the results should be the same for everyone…..

          • barbara

            i just think it varies by family .. Some family owned stores are not as friendly as others to couponers.. My store gives me cash for e coupons that did not come off.. Never had an issue.

        • Rocky

          I wonder if they can really “see” which coupons were used. product-wise, without someone actually telling them. ‘Cause, if you look at your digital receipts online, it shows coupon amounts being deducted, but, for the manufacturer coupons, it doesn’t specify the brand, like it does on the paper receipts we get. Curious, did he ask if you used a manu coupon, or, did you mention it in some way during the conversation?

        • Trisha

          It really is sort of unbelievable how you will get so many different answers to the same question from the same entity.
          My SR CS never argues the no ecpn if used a MQ thing.
          I’m sure that the powers that be at SR are aware that MQ’s and SRE’s are being combined and I’m sure that no one is losing any money over it.
          If it was really their intention for us to use one or the other, wouldn’t the SRE cpns double like the MQ’s?
          I think that they don’t double because the PTB intended for them to be stacked.

          • misterbill

            I don’t think their not doubling has anything to do with them stacking or not. Almost all coupons that you get from the store (like those that are attached to items or in the blinkie machine) do not double. E-coupons are similar to those.

            • Trisha

              Hi Misterbill, what I was talking about was the problem others seem to be having w/ SR CS when an Ecpn does not come off and CS tries to say that it is because a MQ was used and in their opinion, that they are both MQ’s and that you have to use one or the other.
              I was just trying to say that most CS reps I’ve dealt with are clueless and if SR, the entity, meant for us to consider MQ’s and SRE cpns to be the same thing, not to be combined, then the SRe’s would double, just like the MQ’s do.

        • Trisha

          I meant to say also, a good tip when calling customer service anywhere, do your best to briefly describe your issue before they start asking for identifying information.
          You will usually be able to tell by the persons response whether they are going to be customer friendly and helpful, or argumentive and not helpful.
          If I don’t like the initial response, I just hang up and call back later til I get the right person

  • Jocelyn

    My Shoprite had a table with a few Scott and other brands on a table with these coupons available (there are a few coupons).. I assume after that day that they would be completely gone. So check around for special display tables..

  • barbara

    i was really trying to get the most paper towels i could with that $5 Catalina But they have the 6 roll pack priced at $12.59 Dang.. Really.. What is that about. That is more than $2 a roll of Paper towels.. That is crazy …

  • Sandy

    I bought by mistake the Viva single roll also for $1.99, not the Vantage one- and I also got the $1 e-coupon taken off so a $1.26 MM

    • misterbill

      Sounds good! The e-coupon it’s for a minimum 88 count roll, which I assume is that the Vantage roll isn’t working.

      • jt

        the viva vantage roll is 88 sheets

      • Sandy

        Yes. The Viva one which sparked the ecoupon is 102 sheets, UPC ending 28788

  • Vianney

    Does anybody know if this deal will continue tomorrow sunday? I need to stuck up but I also wanna get the butter deal at A&P and I’ve been told to choose what store to go to 🙁

    • Laura D.

      Go to A&P, this price of $1.99 at Shoprite is the regular shelf price. So as long as your store carries the item, you will get this deal any day of the week as long as your coupons don’t expire! Happy shopping!! 🙂

  • Jodi

    CS had no idea what I was talking about in regards to an in-store coupon. Oh well, had a $1 Viva EQ on my husband’s card (though CS had to intervene because it didn’t come off initially) so I still managed to make some money off it 🙂

  • Sandy

    In case anybody is wondering where these coupons came from – my cs desk told me a rep. from Kimberly Clark had a display table set up with their products and some samples and coupons. These coupons were given out along with product samples. Any leftover coupons were given to cs desk at SR for customers.