Stop & Shop Coupon Deals – Week of 3/7

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Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups Week of 3/7:


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  • Karen

    I was wondering if you buy 25 of the hagen daz ice cream cups if 40 cents each would be considered a stock up price? Still way more than buying a 1.5 quart, but they help with portion control.

    • misterbill

      The small cups would still be 60c each, not 40c. I doubt that the small cups can be considered a great deal at any price, so you need to decide if it’s a good deal for you.

      • Jenn

        They’re 40c, it’s spend $25 get $15 off. If it were spend $25 get $10 off then they’d be 60c. So she would be getting 25 Hagen daz cups for $10…love stop & shops freezer deals!

  • Kat

    Can you do the buy $25 save $15 freezer deal more than once with your card?

    • Karen

      Last time they did this I did it 3 times in the sale week. It would have to be separate transactions, I did separate days but my guess would be 2 transactions on the same day would be ok too.

      • Jenn

        I did it twice in the same transaction and it worked perfectly fine yesterday. “Spent” $50 and $30 came off instantly. HTH!

  • Maggie

    I thought SNS was participating in the Huggies P&G catalina deal? I went there and got 4 huggies #2 (42 count) and it didn’t print the $10 catalina!

  • Abby

    Are the Farm Rich Mozzarella sticks any good? I have a teenager and it seems like it might be an easy thing to do for a party. I have 3-75cent cp and 2-$1.50, so I get $2.50 for 5 after the $15 and coupon doubles. Or do I have to buy another item to make up for being $.05 short of the $25?

  • Harry

    the cascadian farm 0.85 coupon should also work on the organic vegetables, peas, corn etc which are showing 2.79 to 2.99 making it less than 1.30 a packet which for organics is a good deal. Now if only these were included in the spend 25/get 15 off….