HOT! Aunt Jemima Breakfast Products & Celeste Pizza Only $0.09 at Weis! {No Coupon Needed}

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Frozen Foods Weis Deal

Wow! You have got to check out this awesome deal that you can score at Weis this week! This week, when you Spend $25 on select frozen food products you will save $10 Instantly. We tested out this deal this morning, and it is working on shelf price!

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There are several Aunt Jemima Breakfast Products –  (Sausage & Egg Scramble,  Pancakes and Sausage, etc) that are on sale for $1.00 each, regularly $1.99- $2.39 each and the Celeste Pizzas are on sale for $1.00 regularly $1.25.  The best deal that we came up with is buying 10 Aunt Jemima Breakfast Products and 1 Celeste Pizza. You can score all of these for only $0.09 each after instant savings! The best part is, there is no coupons needed! Easy Peasy!

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Don’t forget to let us know what kind of awesome deal ideas you come up with!

Here is your deal at Weis through 3/23:


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  • Ashley

    Great deal! My family doesn’t eat these. Does anyone know of any places that accept donations even freezer/redrigerated foods??

    • lin

      Ashley, I don’t know where you live, but Open Link in Pennsburg PA takes frozen food.

      • Olivia


        Do you know if this deal is working at the Coopersburg location? Thank you!!

    • Laura D.

      Your local food pantry should have a few refrigerators and freezers. You can call in advance to find out. If you don’t know where they are located, asking your local church will help. Cindy also has a link here, use the search box, you may find one near you. HTH!

    • Lee

      Ashley, Ronald Mcdonald House Charities would be extremely thankful for these.

  • lin

    If you submit for the Checkout 51 rebate for $1.00 off of the pizza, the whole deal is free!

    • dee

      What state did you do this transaction in? I did mine at a Maryland store and it didn’t work.

    • I’m not sure if it will work with Checkout51 since they do not include single serve and I believe these are single serve. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try and see if they accept it.

      • Steph Quintano

        I redeemed the checkout51 with the celeste single serve and it worked! 🙂 I forgot to share the offer though and only got $.50! OOPS!

  • dee

    Didn’t work at my Weis. The items automatically came up 1.00 on the sales receipt. 🙁

    • Did you check your shelf prices? They may vary which could cause you to not reach the $25 based on shelf prices and then the instant savings won’t come off. Take a look at your receipt to see what they were ringing up at.

      • dee

        Yes, I went by the shelf price, but the Weis I went to was going off the sale price. When I rang the item in, it came up 1.00 and nothing else. It didn’t even show the shelf price minus the sale price. I have done it plenty of other times in the past, but this was a bummer.

        • oh interesting. Hmm, wonder why that was since the discounts come off with your Weis card. Which Weis do you shop at?

          • Seems like some Weis stores don’t work on shelf prices. Let us know which Weis you shop at so we can compile a list.

            • Chefpat

              So, all that aside, how did your Irish Soda Bread come out?

  • Olivia

    Does anyone know if this deal is working in Pennsylvania? I’m not very familiar with Weis’s policies so I just want to make sure before I go out of my way. Id probably be going to the Lansdale store.
    ( I had a nightmare of a situation with the frozen foods instant savings at Giant last week and never wanna go through that again!)

    • Stop & Shop and Giant instant savings deals work on sale prices and after coupons. Weis instant savings deals work on shelf prices so, as long as your shelf price reaches $25 you should not have a problem. Just double check your shelf prices as they may vary.

      • Olivia

        Thank you very much for clarifying the policies, Cindy! I appreciate that a whole bunch. When I called my local store to verify, even the managers had no clue! Lol! So thanks again 🙂

  • Tracy

    The ad states save an Instant $10 when you spend $25. (This is based on the sale prices; not shelf) I did this deal at Stop & Shop last week and had no problems once I spent the $25.

    • Stop & Shop instant savings deals work on sale prices. Weis is working on the shelf price so you can score a better deal on instant savings deals at Weis then at Stop & Shop

  • Heather

    I can confirm the above deal (10 Aunt Jemima breakfast meals & 1 Celeste pizza) worked perfectly in the Hillsborough, NJ store. Spent $1.00 oop, saved $24.15

    • Yazmin

      awesome thanks heather im going tomorrow hopefully they have a good stock! 🙂

      • Heather

        They still had a really good selection when I went at 6pm. They have the breakfast meals tucked next to the $2.00 waffles & pancakes. I missed them the first time I looked.

    • Denise Davison

      woot! thanks Heather, that Weis is about 20 minutes from me, but I definitely think that it is worth the trip for this awesome deal!

      • Heather

        I am going back tomorrow to do the deal again and I am going to check the shelf price of the Birds Eye veggies that are advertised 10/$10 since the online shopping isnt showing the right prices for any of the items listed at the price. :-/

        • Denise Davison

          Ugh I hate it when that happens, it kills my whole planning flow, please let us know about the Birdseye veggies! I am always looking for a good deal on frozen green beans, I mix them in with my dogs food, they love them and it helps keep their weight under control!

          • Heather

            I can confirm the Birds Eye veggies are working!!! I bought 5 mixed veggies, 4 green beans and 4 peas. They are $1.99 each so total shelf price is $25.87, total sale price is $13.00 and the $10.00 came off automatically after I scanned the 13th bag. Total OOP was $3.00 for 13 bags…making them $0.23 each!

            • Denise Davison

              Woooooohoooooooooooo!!!!! Thanks Heather, if you need me tomorrow, you know where I will be… at Weis! 🙂

  • Steph Quintano

    Has anyone done this deal at the Franklin Weis? I want to make sure its going to work there before I make a special trip 🙂

  • Liz

    Quick question. Is this a limit of one per card or one per transaction per card?

    • Liz

      Anyone yet do the deal twice with the Same card and have success??????

      • Heather

        I’ve done the above deal twice and a deal on veggies (see my below post) and the $10 came off automatically once I hit $25 shelf price. I shop at the Hillsborough, NJ store.

  • angie

    Do u let them scan the loyalty card after items were scanned

    • Baylee Jo

      That’s what I want to know!

  • Hector Laureano

    Hello we have them here 2.19 so I had to buy 10 breakfast n 3 pizza and pd 3.00 and I added 2 purex 3.54 and the 3.00 off coupon on purex bought everything for 3.58

  • Qpon Jenn

    Bought 12 Aunt Jemima breakfasts this morning, shelf price was $2.19, ended up paying $2 OOP. 🙂

  • Baylee Jo

    When are you giving them your Weis card? Before items or at the end? Does it make a difference? I can see getting shelf prices if there is no Weis card to get the sale prices but then you need the Weis card to get the $10 off instantly.

    • Qpon Jenn

      I gave my card after it was all rung up, not sure if that makes a difference or not.

      • Baylee Jo

        Did it work out correctly for you?

        • Qpon Jenn

          Yes, paid $2 00P for 12 Aunt Jemima breakfasts.

    • Margie

      I gave them my card at the beginning of the transaction. Did 2 transactions with the same card. Both came out to $1.00. No problems at all.

    • Heather

      I used self checkout. Scanned my card first, no issues. I’ve done the above deal twice, and a deal on veggies once. $10 came off automatically once I hit $25 shelf. I shop at the Hillsborough, NJ store.

  • Leigh Ann

    I paid $3.00 for 12 breakfasts and 1 Celeste pizza. I was pretty happy. And now I officially have no room in my freezer.

  • Michel Arce

    I tried to get this deal at Weis. The same exact one and had to pay 11.00

  • Michel Arce

    Here is a pic if my receipt

  • Kelly

    Worked for me, Went there but the deal suggested had been already cleared from shelves so bought 14 bags of veggies since the shelf price was 1.89 and got them for $4. Also got 9 boxes of frozen pancakes/french toast for $8. New to couponing here so I’m pretty happy about the outcome. Will be looking forward to more deals 🙂

  • Just bought 22 birds eye veggies and 4 lenders bagels for $8 did it in 2 transactions. Gotta love it

  • lisa

    I did this and it did not work ;(
    paid $11

    • Mommyof3girlscwg

      Ive done this deal about 6 times now. 2 with veggies, 2 with aj breakfasts and 2 with pancakes. Works perfectly. Went to self checkout and scanned all items first then card. Im in MD.

      • Divine Sim

        I’m in Maryland.. which weis did u do the deal? My weis is just 5 min from my house but worry about if it will work or not.thnx

  • Olivia

    I was super worried about this deal, but sure enough, it worked!
    My Weis is in Lansdale, PA.
    I paid $2 OOP for 11 AJ Breakfasts and 1 Celeste pizza. I’m going back this morning to hopefully hit it one last time before the deals over. This store is a little over 20 minutes from me, but so worth the trip.