FREE JELL-O Box SavingStar Offer!


SavingStar eCoupon

It’s freebie Friday which means there is an awesome new SavingStar eCoupon available to clip. The coupon is for 100% cash back on any ONE (1) 3oz. box of JELL-O. This coupon is valid through 5/25, so if you are heading out this weekend to do some shopping don’t forget to clip this easy freebie!

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 4.27.52 AM

Clip: FREE box of JELL-O SavingStar eCoupon

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  • misterbill

    No reports on card savings? I’m disappointed. It’s 88c, no PP savings at ShopRite. Per Peapod, it doesn’t appear to be on sale at S&S, although that’s not always definitive.

    • janet

      your price is higher. only 75 cents at nj shoprite. these aren’t usually on sale except in a must buy # deal.

      • misterbill

        Actually, they’re a big 5 cents off with card at Stop & Shop! I checked two stores, one had them regularly 85c and the other $1.39 and both were 5c off with card. The A&P near the high priced store was even higher, $1.45!

    • IK

      Sorry misterbill! ;)) Not very exciting deal – at least to me… Maybe next week ;))

    • yan

      My ShopRite had the pineapple on special offer for $0.50 with PP card. Was just credited today for the $0.88 shelf price.

      • misterbill

        Wow, nice deal! My SR didn’t have signs up for any of them. Oh well.

      • Sunil

        I got the Mango one at my Shoprite. There were no special signs and the shelf price said $.88. Pleasantly surprised when it rung up for $.49 at the register.

  • CE

    My SR in LI has certain flavors on sale for .50

  • Nancy DuHaime Layton

    it’s free.. and people still complain..

    • tj

      who? where?

      • ana

        Right below…read “disappointing” and “not exciting.”

        • tj

          lack of interest is not complaining

        • Rocky

          I believe the ‘disappointed’ comment related to us joking around last week, when someone gave misterbill the info, upfront, that he usually asks for, once these deals come out each week. That wasn’t done this week and that is why he was disappointed. Not about the offer. Then, about the offer not being exciting, well, to each his own. If it is not a product you buy, or would use, it doesn’t catch your interest the same way something you use all the time, does, and you don’t need it, free or not. So, I don’t think either of the responses were actually knocking the free item – they were both related to last week’s ‘jests’!! Just my 2 cents…