FREE Living Rich Couponing Workshop – Port Chester, NY

Living Rich Couponing Workshop

Attend a FREE Living Rich with Coupons Workshop and learn everything there is to know about couponing! We have 1 Workshop scheduled for right now!

Port Chester, NY:

Tuesday October 14th at 7pm
Open to the Public Workshop – Free Admission
To Attend: RSVP to the e-mail address
*You will be able to bring food to donate to their food pantry! (they are in need of Rice (up to 5 lb bags), Cooking Oil (1 liter bottles or less), Canned or Dry Beans, Canned Fruit, Canned Soups, Powdered or Shelf Stable Milk, Canned Tuna, Cereal (Single boxes), Pasta  – but of course will take anything)

Carver Center
400 Westchester Ave
Port Chester, NY 10573

If you are interested in hosting a workshop please e-mail megan@livingrichwithcoupons for the requirements.

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  • misterbill

    Not quite as close as I’d like, but closer than the NJ locations I’ve seen.Maybe I’ll sign up. Will I learn anything new? :).

    • Rocky

      Misterbill, I am upset with you! You shouldn’t just plan on going if you learn something new (even though you added a smiley face to lighten up the comment)!!!! You should go just for the honor of meeting Cindy & Crew and to thank them, in person, for all they’ve done for you!!!!! Waaaahhhh!!!!

      • misterbill

        Duh, I thought that part was obvious! Of course, maybe it will be their honor to meet me!

        • Rocky

          Hahahah! Nope, it was just like the second sentence in your reply, LOL!!!! But, I’m sure C&C will be quite gracious to you!

          • Harry

            C&C: Great Acronym..taking it a step further….C&C Coupon Factory like the music group sounds even more appropriate. “Everybody Coupon Now!” 🙂