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  • Kate

    Classico Pasta $1.50 off 4 is NLA. I hate when a website has you type in all your information, only to tell you that the promotion is over. Ugh.

    • Lisa

      Thanks for sharing

    • i just checked both the links, and updated, the link that is left does allow you to sign up and print the coupon, I just did it and it works 🙂

      • Kate

        The second link next to the “Deal Idea” still brought me to the “Sorry, expired” page for the promotion, but I was able to print two from the first link. Thanks!!

  • Sunil

    Off topic, but didn’t know where to ask and figured this preview post would get a lot of looks. Anyway, just wondering if anyone ever had a problem filling up more than one vehicle using the gas rewards. I was going to try it this week, but was curious if anyone ever had any issues w/ filling multiple cars/gas cans.

    I don’t have self-serve option here, so I was hoping some NJ people would chime in. Thanks in advance for any responses.

    • Rejane

      Hi Sunil. You need to check with your Shell station if they allow you to use more than one car and also gas cans. I am in NJ and my Shell station allows it – in some events I had 3 cars and they didn’t bother. I happen to use it in NY as well and no problem there either. Again, it is a YMMV situation. HTH!

      • Sunil

        Thank you. Definitely will ask ahead of time. I know it’s a YMMV situation, but I’ve never heard of anyone not being allowed to split up the gas. I was just curious if that has every happened to anyone. With my luck, I’d be the first ever.

        Thanks again. 🙂

        • Rejane

          I have a Shell station right by my work and once I stopped there and asked and they said they wouldn’t allow more than one car. I remember read here that others had the same situation. Hence, at least this time, you were lucky not being the first one. 🙂

          • Denise Davison Uzunis

            Im in NJ, and the shell station that my husband goes too (I get the points, he deals with the gas, lol) is awesome, since he drives a diesel and they don’t carry that at my shell station I only ever have one car to fill up, but they let us fill cans luckily, he has become pretty friendly with the guys that work there and he pumps his own gas, they have never given him a problem about filling up the car and 4-5 cans, hope you guys have the same luck! 🙂

    • Barbara A.

      I went to Shell today (Jersey shore) with a friend who was very happy to get her gas for $1.13 a gallon. I knew that there wouldn’t be a problem since the time before when I went the gas attendant told me that I could do it and when I said that I couldn’t find a friend who wanted to go to the gas station that day with me HE asked if he could be my friend and use the rest of my 35 gallons to fill his car. I was happy that the balance of my 35 gallons weren’t wasted. He said that a family comes in regularly and fills up their cars. .. and they showed up just as he said that with 3 cars. Can’t hurt to ask. Good luck.

      • Sunil

        Wow. $1.13 a gallon? I’d drive to the shore for that. Can I be your friend? 🙂

        Glad to hear you’ve had no issues. Hopefully I don’t have any either. Thanks for your response.

        • gilly

          I have tried to figure out if this would be a great money saver for me, I occasionally shop at S&S the only Shell gas station by me is currently (On LI) $4.09 a gallon for regular and you have to pump …the noname gas station I use is $3.76 and they pump..also no one is ever getting gas in this station as it is the highest for miles. Does anyone on LI do well with this gas program …

          • Kate

            Our gas is really expensive in CT too. My Stop & Shop has it for $3.99 and other places nearby cost around $3.77. If I get good deals on gas and can a lot of money off (like the Visa/Mastercard gift card deal) then I’ll go to the Stop and Shop and get up to $2.20 off and it costs me $1.79/gal. So I guess it depends on if I was able to get some good gas deals for a lot of money off.

          • Andrea Wesolowski Holuczak

            I used the Shell in Seaford LI last week. There price was $3.99 and I paid $1.79!

  • Joanne

    You say the Wise chips coupon expired on 5/27, so why is it listed in the matchup for 6/13?

    • fixed 🙂

    • Rocky

      There is a new Wise Chips q available. I received an email from (like)WiSE on 6/3 with subject line Picnic Don’t Panic that had a link for .75/2 Wise Chips. It’s a Qples coupon that I just printed today and has an expiration of 7/03.

  • laurie

    With Kellogg’s reward $.75 coupons and the $5.00 instant savings, I see alot of free crackers in my future!

    • Cheri

      I got an email with .70/1 cornbread club cracker coupons !

    • Dawn Nicole

      Yep.. My plan is buy 5 Rice Krispie Treats (kids and husband love them) @ $2.50 each totals: $12.50 minus the $5.00 instant savings, plus I have over 2000 KFR reward points, so i’m printing 4 $0.75/1 snacks and 1 $1.50/1 snack which totals: $7.50. All 5 free!! Woo hoo!

      • Rebecca Rene

        dawn, THANK YOU for this tip. i have been couponing about 2 years and i have some decent deals, but this comment was a real aha moment for me. i stocked up on detergent last week, this week i’m stocking up on the cookies and crackers and now the pieces are all starting to fit together. i eat a lot of morningstar farms stuff, so i had loads of codes in a little container for some use some day. thanks to you, now i know how to use it!! one question if you have been doing this awhile, how often do deals like this happen? once a year? every 2 years? thanks!!

        • Dawn Nicole

          Hi Rebecca… so glad I was able to help. I’ve been couponing and following this site for a little over a year now. I am still learning everyday and this site has taught me so much. I tend to see these deals every once in a while. A few times a year. But like Rocky said below, at S&S if you use coupons on all your items, especially when instant savings are involved, be sure to pick up a small item because the instant savings will not come off. I buy a piece of fruit or something. Oh and those codes are great! Can’t tell you how many things i’ve gotten for super cheap using them. PS.. did the deal yesterday at S&S and it worked great!

      • Rocky

        If you are using coupons for every item and you don’t have anything else in your order without a coupon, make sure to pick up a small, low cost item (banana, apple, etc.), also, because the instant savings is considered a coupon by the register and it has to have something to attach to, or it will just add back that instant savings amount. I haven’t done this in awhile at S&S, but, I believe this still happens. You may already know this, but, for others who just run in for the instant deal and haven’t come across this, it is something to keep an eye on.

        • La Reina

          It still happens. I don’t shop at Stop & Shop very often and I forgot to add an extra item to my order a few months ago and the instant savings didn’t take. I took my receipt to customer service and they refunded me the instant savings.

  • Dawn Nicole

    Harvest Snap Pea Crisps were 2/$3.00 at my Stop n Shop. $0.50 printable still available on coupons dot com making them $0.50 a bag.

    • Melinda Dilione

      nice find!

      • Dawn Nicole

        Yep.. just mad I didn’t have my coupons with me. Have to go back tonight. But last night I bought 2 boxes of Keebler Pita Chips, 3 boxes of rice krispie treats and a yogurt for $0.73!