$1.50 Money Maker on O.N.E. Coconut Waters & More at Stop & Shop! {8/1 – After Gas Rewards}

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Stop & Shop Gas Rewards Deal

It’s that time again!  Time to check out what deals we can score at Stop & Shop, beginning Friday 7/25, with their new gas reward offers!  This week we have only one gas reward promotion! The deal is buy 6 participating products and earn 300 gas reward points ($0.30 off per gallon, up to 35 gallons of gas).

If you are not familiar with Gas Rewards here is a breakdown…

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.14.39 AM

There are always many different deal ideas you can work with gas reward deals depending on what you want, need, and have coupons for.  For the first gas deal the best deal I’m seeing is on O.N.E. Coconut Waters.  They will be priced at $2.00 each and we have a $1/2 O.N.E. Coconut Water printable coupon currently available.  Score a $1.50 Money Maker when you buy 6 assuming you can fill up with 35 gallons of gas!

Here are the other items participating in this offer:

  • Sweet Freedom Bars, $3.50
  • O.N.E. Coconut Waters, $2.00
  • Yoplait Greek or Original Frozen Yogurt Bars, $3.50
  • Yoplait Frozen Greek Yogurt Pints, $3.00
  • Stop & Shop Popsicles, Sherbert Tubs, or Orange Cream Bars, $2.00
  • Cadbury Frozen Novelties, $3.00
  • Nestle Drums or Lil’ Drums, $5.99
  • Diana’s Bananas, $3.00
  • Quaker Real Medley’s Bars or Cereals, or Warm & Crunchy Granola, $3.00
  • Phillyswirl Frozen Treats, $2.50
  • Luigi’s Italian Ice, $2.50
  • Yasso Frozen Bars, $3.99
  • Dannon Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt, $3.00
  • Starbucks Iced Coffee or Refreshers 4 packs, $4.99
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup 38oz, $2.50
  • Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff Dinner Kits, $2.50
  • Weight Watchers Frozen Novelties, $4.50
  • Blue Bunny Mini Cones, $3.00
  • Snickers, Twix, or Milky Way Ice Cream Bars, $3.00
  • Lovin’ Scoopful Light Premium Ice Cream, $3.00
  • Cadbury Novelties, $3.00
  • Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 32oz, $5.49
  • Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff Shells, $2.00
  • Friendly’s Novelties, $2.50
  • Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream, $3.50
  • Mars Ice Cream Cones, or Sandwiches, $3.00
  • Dove Ice Cream Bars or Miniatures, $3.00

These Gas Rewards Deals are such a great way to rack up the savings at the pump, while saving on your grocery budget! Watching the bill drop on one of our biggest expenses has been amazing!

As always with gas reward deals, there’s a bunch of different deal scenarios you can work depending on how many prints/coupons you have, however here is the best deal idea assuming you can fill up to 35 gallons of gas!

Here are your deals at Stop & Shop beginning 8/1:

Buy 6 O.N.E. Coconut Waters, $2.00 each
-(3) $1/2 O.N.E. Coconut Water (Savings.com)
Pay: $9.00
Get: 300 Gas Rewards ($10.50)
FREE + $1.50 Money Maker if you fill up with 35 gallons of gas
$0.25 each if you fill up with 25 gallons of gas
$0.75 each if you fill up with 15 gallons of gas
**300 gas points gets you $0.30 off per gallon up to 35 gallons which is equal to $10.50 in gas.

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  • Travis

    I think the coupon is NLA? I’ve tried in different browsers, etc. but am only seeing a $1/1 White Cloud bath tissue…

    • Rejane

      Travis, I just printed them from two different computers and no problem at all. When I tried to print a third time from one of the computers, the coupon is no longer there (because I already printed the 2 allowed). Maybe you have printed them before? I see the White Cloud one and about 15 others.

      • Travis

        Thanks, Rejane. I probably already did print them—I’ll try a different PC. 🙂