*Sold Out*Kohl’s: The Big One Bath Towels only $2.34 Shipped!

Kohl’s Coupon Code

Update Sold Out: Sorry you missed this great deal. Be sure to download the LRWC Toolbar to never miss a deal.

You all know I love when we can get a great deal on  The Big Ones Bath Towels at Kohl’s.  They are on sale right now for just $4.00 (reg $9.99).  Plus, buy 8 and you can take advantage of the $10 off $30 coupon  code: URSPECIAL.  And, you can also take advantage of the 15% off coupon code: SPENDNSAVE.  And finally get free shipping with coupon code: JULY15SHIP. With all these codes, your final price is just $2.34 a towel shipped which is an awesome price and one of the lowest we’ve seen in a long time.

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of 6% cash back through Ebates

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 5.38.58 PMHere is how to score this deal:

  • Head over to The Big Ones Bath Towels $4.00 or Head over to Kohl’s Ebates for 6% cash back
  • Add 8 Bath Towels to your cart at $4.00 each for a total of $32
  • Use Coupon Code: URSPECIAL for $10 off
  • Use Coupon Code: SPENDNSAVE for 15% off (-$3.30)
  • Use Coupon Code: JULY15SHIP for free shipping
  • Pay: $18.70 + any tax (if applicable)
  • Final Cost: $2.34 for each towel

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 5.39.12 PMBe sure to check out the rest of the current coupon codes available for your online shopping.

Deal source: Swaggrabber

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  • Jayne175

    On my phone it isn’t letting me add 3 promo codes. Did anyone else have this problem?

    • Jackie

      I can only add 2 as well.

      • MariaL

        If you are close to a kohls store, you can order these using just two codes at their kiosks – shipping is free there.

    • beths

      Use a computer. You can add 4 codes that way.

  • JessV

    Worked for me! We just ordered towels for when the girl go to college.

  • sam

    Do you put in a card number before promo codes?

    • china

      I was hoping to get the answer for that question also.

      • Lesley

        For the promo code for the 15% or if you use BOAT25 you will need to have your Kohls card put in your order for it to work. The free shipping code and URSPECIAL codes do not need your Kohls card number right away to work.

    • Michelle T.

      Right, some of the promo codes only work if you are using a Kohl’s charge. So check off your Kohls account for payment and then you can apply the promo codes.

  • Melissa Cosmo

    My phone only allows two as well… Going to try from regular computer after I get the kids to bed

  • Leigh Ann

    Wow thank you! I was just saying to my husband we needed new towels! Placed my order for 8! Great deal!

  • Kerry

    BOAT25 will give you 20% off in stead of the spendnsave. THANKS for the deal, just ordered my 8. 17.66 after taxes.

    • Cheri

      I bought mine through the saving star mall 10 % cash back @ Kohls and used your BOAT25 code $17.55 for 8 big one bath towels ! Awesome deal Thank You !

      • Michelle T.

        Thanks for the tip! I haven’t used Savingstar Mall yet, now I have 🙂

        • Ginny

          Me too! Did your savings show up instantly? I don’t see mine yet and I clicked on the link from the SS webpage… I imagine it may take a while to show up.

          • Michelle T.

            No, mine hasn’t shown up yet. I’d guess that Kohl’s doesn’t post until it ships and charges us.

  • adriene

    I never see anyone post anything on this site about credit card points/miles so I’m not sure if anyone cares but if anyone is interested if you go through the southwest rapid rewards portal they are giving out 6 points per dollar until the end of the week.

    • dee seiffer

      And if you use your Chase Freedom card, you get 5 pts/$ at Kohls this quarter (if you registered).

  • mary

    You may want to give a careful look at the reviews before ordering these towels. Click on reviews and then do a date sort. It seems that in the past, these were decent towels but most of the recent reviews are extremely negative. So understand that while the price may seem great, you are probably getting the quality that you are paying (cheap price = cheap quality).

    • Diane Sanderson

      I saw the same thing. it looks like the change is very recent. I think I will skip this one.

  • Melissa Cosmo

    Online on computer works but if you pay with kohls charge use poolside code instead of spendnsave and you’ll get 25% off instead of 15%

    • Michelle T.

      Thanks, it worked!

  • col122

    Any one try these towels? Not sure the reviews don’t look good.

    • Michelle T.

      I bought them about a year or two ago for my teenager’s bathroom. Bought probably 8 in white, so I can bleach them, and who cares if they don’t hold up or whatever. I don’t have to care, the boy will wreck them anyway LOL!

      • dew

        yeah i only get white towels bc of stinky husband and son haha. they are good for leaving them everwhere but where they should be!

    • Sandy

      I bought these for my shore house. They are thin and not very absorbent but can fit many of them in washing machine at one time and dry quickly which is what I needed. Would not buy them for my everyday bath towels but for students òr a second home you can’t beat the price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

    • misterbill

      It seems like Kohl’s has been making a lot of their house brands cheaper and the reviews show it. They were always known for good quality stuff at good prices. I hope they don’t let the money people keep going with cheaper suppliers at the expense of the quality that customers have come to expect. We also bought some of these towels recently and I’ve noticed how thin they were. They didn’t used to be that way. When I bought pants recently I saw similar reviews about poor quality on recent purchases.

    • Jessica

      I have during Black Friday my only complaint is it took 5-6 washes before the lint stopped sticking to me after a shower lol other than that they are great

    • Ginny

      We are still using some that we’ve had for years and years. They’re not as wonderful as the bath sheets we got as wedding gifts, but frankly there’s not that much of a difference and they were 10% of the cost. I mean really. But Kohl’s has lowered their quality on a lot of in house brands lately so I can’t speak to the ones coming out nowadays. I use the heck out of them as hand towels, too.

  • dew

    i just ordered 10 and used money from savingstar and ibotta haha. plus went through Ebates where it was double cash back at 6%!

    • mcs

      Hi Dew! I’m curious how you did that. I cannot claim all at the same time. Offcourse Ebates takes you to a new window and when you click on the redeem link for Ibotta it also takes you to a new window. I tried Ibotta denied it. They said it didn’t go through. Will you let me know the trick please.

  • Ellen Hirschman Cooper

    I just got them running out of color though

  • Janet Cherokee Glabas

    I got mine…….some for bathroom and some for beach….I wish I could have gotten in on the actual beach towels, but they are picked over now, I did not want 8 of the same thing.

    • Janet Cherokee Glabas

      Don’t matter if they are on the thin side for that price and free shipping

  • Marquita

    I added 4 codes from my laptop. The last code was SHOPHOME10. I bought 16 pieces for college at $27.52. 8 bath; 3 hand and 5 wash

  • luv2create

    it worked for me

  • Jodi

    They usually only let u add 2 codes at kohls. How can you do 3?

  • Nate

    just bought 10 towels for $18.18! Thank you so much for the deal! I was able to use the three codes you provided plus an additional code emailed to me that was part of the Cash in 5, 10, or $15 off 25 purchase. I lucked out with the $10/$25. My mom will surely be happy 🙂

  • Robyn LaForge Hauser Jones

    added all 3 codes went trough ebates for 6% back love me some savings 🙂 20.32 per set .. sent my mother a set of 8 towels too !!!

    • Denise Davison Uzunis

      Yay! Great deal, your mom will be happy too 🙂

  • happysaving$$

    $17.49 for 8 towels makes me very happy! Used urspecial, boat25, and july15ship

    • Ginny

      I did this too! Woohoo!

  • Tabatha

    Just purchased 8 towels for $17.55. URSPECIAL, JULY15SHIP, BOAT25

  • Seahawk88

    Just grabbed 8 towels for $18.70, plus used code HOMESALE10 with the other codes to grab my wife a NutriBullet Pro 900 for $93!! I also ordered these through the Savingstar mall, so those discounts will be added later..

  • Ginny

    I just got 4 Big Ones beach towels that were originally $29.99 each for $15.95 shipped – GREAT gift for my dad’s upcoming bday. Thanks so much for posting!!!!

  • LarryMelissa Barger

    also use code HOMESALE10 if you spend $50 or more 😉 on top of ones above

  • Lee Ann

    9 Huge towels for $24.62!! Wow!

  • Gwen Pezzicola

    I was able to use three on my tablet.

  • Lesley

    I ordered mine through SavingStar. How long does it take to get deposited into my account? I have never used SavingStar for online shopping. Thanks!

  • Theresa

    It won’t accept any of the codes