New P&G Rebate – Get $10 Back With $30 Purchase

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P&G Rebate

There is a new P&G Rebate currently available.  The rebate is for a $10 pre-paid gift card by mail when you spend $30 (after coupons and discounts) on Tide, Gain, Downy, or Bounce Products (excludes any size Tide Simply Clean and Fresh, Gain Flings, Gain Fireworks, and trial & travel sizes) between 7/1/14 – 9/30/14. Your request must be postmarked by 10/31/14.

P&G Spend $30 Get $10 Pre-Paid Gift Card Rebate

Here are the instructions on how to complete this rebate offer:

  • Mail the original form, completed
  • Write in UPC codes in the spaces provided on the form
  • Original dated sales receipt(s) with store name(s) and product purchase price(s) circled

Address the stamped envelope to:

P&G Laundry Rebate
PO Box 3522
Grand Rapids, MN 55745 – 3522

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your prepaid card

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  • John

    IMPORTANT !!! Rebate applies to price paid AFTER any coupons or discount has been applied !!

    • Leslie

      Does not seem like a good deal for me, spending $30 after discounts and coupons but it could be for others who love Tide etc. I did a similar deal once and a P&G card was sent to me. It did not work even after I tried swiping the card at several different retailers with different kinds of register systems. The card was constantly rejected even though I followed the instructions accompanying the card and pressed credit not debit. I even took the instructions with me to the store to see if the register clerk might know something that I did not. I called the bank who issued the card for a replacement, and the replacement did not work. I called yet again, for another replacement and the third card did not work. In the end it was not worth my time and I gave up, With that said other P&G rebate cards did work for me but I am always weary because of my bad experience. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. I think I am going to wait for an in store catalina promotion instead to purchase my P&G products.

      • MicheleAna

        Leslie, I always do these rebates and never seem to have a problem but don’t give up. Kmart is having a spend $30 get $10 back this week as well but this week only they are doubling the first five coupons up to $2. That’s right a $2 coupon will take off $4. I believe it’s only for laundry or household stuff from P&G and no limit with coupons other than doubling the first five so there is great potential here. Good luck.

        • Leslie

          Please share your deal if you decide to do P&G at Kmart!

          • MicheleAna

            I will definitely let you know how it works out for me. I’m not generally a kmart shoppers because there isn’t one close by but my home burned down last week and need laundry detergent badly here so I will try the deal with lots of coupons and aim for $30 after coupons just in case. I’ll keep my eyes on the cat machine to see when it prints though to give a better idea of when it prints too. This way I can submit for the rebate as we’ll.

            • Leslie

              I am truly saddened to hear your home burned down. What a terrible loss. I am so sorry. What an awful experience. Most importantly I hope you and your family are safe and not hurt.

              • MicheleAna

                Thank you Leslie. We are fine. Your concern is greatly appreciated. I have a seven year old who was diagnosed with leukemia this past March so I found some baby pics but ultimately I don’t have the time or energy to dwell. It will take time but eventually we will have a home with more stuff. My stock pile will be missed, a lot, lol.

                • ellen

                  I also just wanted to send a cyber hug to a fellow lrwc. I just read your post MicheleAna and boy when we think we have problems and you read someone else’s story such as yours, they become much smaller.. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

                  • MicheleAna

                    Aww, thank you Ellen. I’m sending a great big cyber hug back.

                    • Leslie

                      As stated so well by Ellen above, my thoughts and prayers are with you too. MicheleAna, do not worry about your ruined stock pile, they rebuild quickly enough with the endless list of great deals posted on this site. I hope you locate back to your town and rebuild soon.

            • Sharon

              Where are you located? Maybe I or some other lrwc fellows can help you with some essential.

              • MicheleAna

                Hi Sharon, I lived in Kinnelon, NJ but am staying with my mom right now in Newark, NJ until I can find a place for the five of us. Insurance company is trying to help as well but I’d like to stay in the Kinnelon area so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks so much for your caring concern.

                • Rejane

                  MicheleAna, I am not too far from Newark, NJ and would like to help with some essentials as well. Let me know what you need – or maybe you can post a list somewhere and give us the link? Maybe we can set up a “pick up place” with other LRWC fellows.
                  You can email email at

    • Tiffanie

      Does the discount mean like my UP+ rewards at Rite Aid can’t be used on this right? I wanna do this deal at Rite Aid because they have a good deal on the UnStoppables and get this rebate but my card will take off for the Up+ money I have on my card right?

      • thewonderland

        Can someone Tiffanie question regarding Rite Aid +UPs?
        Thank you!

  • des

    Shoprite has a better deal because they included more products like febreze…buy $30 get $10 prepaid card…did not say anything about after coupons. I did this before and Cust Svc said that they are usually not strict if it’s a store-related promo vs. the one that P&G has. Just wondering, since the P&G are limited to laundry products, could you do this AND shoprite deal?

  • Sherry Z

    WARNING:The original form that you receive from the cashier requires a magnifying glass. It is NOT the same as the instructions provided above! And, the mailing address is NOT the same as provided above! I am worried that if we follow the instruction above with the form that we receive when we pay for the products at Shop-Rite, we may not recieve the $10 Visa prepaid card. READ THE PRINT on the form CAREFULLY!

  • Sherry Z

    The address for mailing the form and receipt that is provided on the form is:
    P.O. 49317 , DEPT P
    STRONGVILLE, OH 44149-0317

    Contrary to the instruction provided above, there is no place on the form where UPC codes could be provided nor are they requested.

    In addition, instructions are provided for how to request the rebate online.

  • Flora

    You get penalized for using their coupons. Def not worth it

  • hannah

    After using coupons and store coupons, if you receive store gift cards from the purchases, will you still qualify for the rebate? I.e. target gift cards when u buy 2 of pg or 3 of og products