Top 10 Christmas Eve Traditions

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Do you have any fun family traditions? My family sure does! Christmas Eve happens to be one of my favorites. It’s great to share food, laughter, games, and more! I know every family celebrates special holidays in their own way by incorporating a wide variety of traditions, from the sacred to the sentimental. Here are a few of my favorites. Maybe they will inspire you to start a new tradition this year with the ones you love!

1.  Magical Reindeer Food – by Housing a Forest: How cute is this! This is great for families with young kids! On Christmas Eve night, sprinkle some food on your lawn to help guide the reindeer to your home.

2.  The White Stocking – by Somewhat Simple: Every Christmas Eve write goals or promises and place them in the stocking. Then next Christmas Eve read them out loud. What a great idea!

3. Christmas Eve Traditions for Couples – by Somewhat Simple: Couples without children can have traditions too!  It’s just as important to make memories with your spouse, and turn the holidays into something special just for the two of you. This is a great list of ideas to share with your loved one!

4.  The Christmas Pickle – by La Buena Vida: This is a funny and unique Christmas tradition. You lay out the pickle ornament in front of the tree with milk and cookies for Santa. Then, Santa hides the pickle ornament. In the morning, the first person to find the pickle ornament receives an extra present from Santa! How cute!

5.  Christmas Eve Box – by Growing a Jeweled Rose: What a fun and easy peasy idea! Just put together a gift box of sorts for kids to open on Christmas Eve. Ideas could be: Pajamas, books, reindeer food, crafts to make Santa before bed, etc..

6.  Santa Key – by Design Dazzle: If you don’t have a fireplace this its great way to show your kids that Santa can come into your home by using this “magic” key! Your kids will be excited to place this homemade key on the front door! Love this idea!

7.  Christmas Game – by Lets Get Together: There are a TON of great Christmas games out there such as Secret Santa, but this Christmas game is one that I will definitely share with my family.

8.  Christmas Eve Movie Box – by Frugal Fanatic: This is very similar to the Christmas Eve Box, but instead make it a movie box theme. Snuggle up with your kids, make some popcorn, and watch the movie you give them on Christmas Eve.

9.  Donuts for Elves – by Canadian Family: If your kids love to leave cookies and milk out for Santa and carrots out for the reindeer, then they will love this twist of a treat! Make it a tradition to also make something sweet for Santa’s elves! Love these mini donuts.

10.  Christmas Eve Stew of Seven Fishes – by Gianni’s North Beach: The 7 Fishes have been an Italian Family tradition for years on Christmas Eve. It’s been an ongoing tradition in my family as well. I found this great recipe for those who don’t have time to cook 7 separate fish dishes.  Its an Italian fish stew! Yum-O!