ShopRite Digital Coupon Policy – Updated!

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shoprite coupon policyShopRite Digital Coupon Policy

As most of you know, we have posted manufacturer coupons along with ShopRite digital coupons for quite some time.  The stacking of these coupons has never been addressed in the ShopRite Coupon Policy so we continued to post them as stacked until we heard other wise.

Once Stop & Shop updated their digital coupon policy to allow the use of both digital coupons and manufacturer coupons, my hope was that ShopRite would address it in their policy.

I’m happy to report, that the use of digital coupons with manufacturer coupons is now addressed in the ShopRite Digital Coupons FAQ section.  I’m not sure how long it’s been listed their but reader Christine pointed it out to us today.

The Digital Coupon FAQ section addresses a lot of issues but the one that had me jumping for joy was question #17, Can I use paper manufacturer coupons with my digital coupons?

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.15.49 AM

This is a wonderful update and I couldn’t be happier that it is now officially listed.  For us here at LRWC, it just validates our use of them together in the match ups.  For you as a shopper, it makes it easier to address issues when and if your digital coupons do not come off. I still recommend contacting ShopRite customer service to address issues with digital coupons (see Q21 on the ShopRite site).  Customer service reps at the number listed are much more up to date on policy making it much easier to address any issues.

What are your thoughts on the new update to the ShopRite Digital Coupons?

Thanks Christine for the heads up on this update