12 Folding Tutorials Including T-shirts, Towels, Fitted Sheets & More

How to fold fitted sheets

12 Folding Tutorials

I’ll admit, I have never taken the time to learn how to fold items properly especially How to Fold Fitted Sheets. My closet and drawers start to bulge from not using the space to it’s fullest potential.

Case in point, I spent a few hours recently refolding my sons many tshirts. He had 4 drawers filled with tshirts he doesn’t want to part with. Trust me I’ve tried. So I decided to try the folding technique where you place the tshirts vertically in the drawer.  After I was done, I was able to get the same amount of tshirts into just 2 drawers. And, it’s pretty easy to see the shirts instead of having to dig through the drawer.

So, without further ado, here are 12 Folding Tutorials to keep you organized.

Folding Techniques:

1. How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
2. How to Fold Your T-Shirts to Save Space
3. How to Fold A Chip Bag So It Stays Closed
4. How to Fold A Towel Into An Elephant
5. How to Fold a Napkin Into A Christmas Tree
6. How to Fold a Sweater
7. How to Fold a Flag Into a Triangle
8. How to Fold a Triple Pocket Napkin
9. How to Fold a Towel Into a Roll
10. How to Fold a Reusable Shopping Bag
11. How to Fold Socks
12. How to Fold Towels

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