10 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas that Are All About Love

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10 Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas that Are All About Love

10 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas that Are All About Love

Valentine’s Day is just next week and whether we like it or not, the “day of love” often comes complete with a list of expectations that aren’t necessarily cheap. However, if you are trying to save money this year (or at least not blow your budget) there are still a variety of ways to enjoy this day with the one you love on the cheap – without looking cheap, such as the details found on escort tips. These 10 inexpensive Valentine’s Day ideas, five thoughtful gifts and simple ways to say “I love you” and five memorable Valentines dates, will create lasting memories, but won’t break your bank account.

5 Homemade Gifts that Go Beyond the Mix CD

Middle school was a long time ago, as was the heyday of the mix CD (it’s all about iTunes play lists now, anyway). Luckily, there are a variety of other homemade options that are as easy and inexpensive as the song mix, but a whole lot less clichéd.

  1. Love Cards
    Buy a deck of cards and some keyrings from the local dollar store and break out some glue and markers – it’s time to get crafty. Using the back of each card, write one thing you love about your partner. Add photos or type up the reasons and glue them on for a more finished look. Then, punch two holes in every card at the same spot and bind them together with the keyrings.
  2. Coupon Book
    Admittedly, this one is almost as cliché as the mix CD. However, a coupon book can be a lot more valuable and personal, especially if you take time to add in elements that are specific to your relationship dynamic. Think of those things that really annoy your partner and offer a coupon that overcompensates for them. Does she hate it when you leave the toilet seat up? Offer to clean the whole bathroom until it shines.
  3. Homemade Chocolates
    The gourmet chocolates you buy by the ounce are certainly delicious, but they are also incredibly expensive. It is just as easy to “make” chocolate at home, no matter how culinarily challenged you are. There are a ton of Pinterest recipes to use for this, but a simple solution is a parchment-lined cookie sheet, some chocolate chips, and some fun “add-ins” like pretzels, nuts, or other candies. Arrange the add ins on the cookie sheet and melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals, pausing to stir each time. Pour the melted chocolate over the add ins, allow to harden and break into pieces.
  4. Ease a Burden
    Most couples have a lot on their plate, especially when they live together. Highlight the HOME part of homemade by taking care of a bunch of those “little” things at home for your Valentine. Clean the bathroom, make the bed, do the dishes, and scoop the litter box before your partner gets home. Make it extra special by leaving a mint or a rose (or both) on the pillow for bedtime.
  5. Celebrate 365 Days of Love
    Make a calendar that stars you as a couple. Choose favorite photos from your history together and attach them to every month. This way, your love is the highlight of your partner’s entire year! To do this, you can either purchase a blank calendar at an office supply or craft store and fill it in yourself or order one from an online photo service like Shutterfly. These sites often offer coupons and shipping discounts – and sometimes even free items!

5 Fun Dates for Financially-Minded Valentines

For some couples, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to indulge in long dinners, luxurious spa packages, and fancy overnight getaways. Especially since Valentine’s Day is on a weekend this year (next Sunday for those keeping track!), there will be more than one couple “pulling out all the stops” in an effort to feel the love. However, there are still a variety of ways to go out on a Valentine’s date without breaking the bank in the process. You just need to be a bit more creative in your approach.

  1. Splurge – but just on one thing
    There is nothing wrong with using Valentine’s Day as a reason to indulge, as long as you limit that indulgence. Is your wife a sucker for dessert? Does your boyfriend love a nice glass of wine? Go out for just that. As a bonus, it is often easier to get a seat at the bar of a nice restaurant for a dessert or drink, especially if you go later at night (after 9pm).
  2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
    This one requires a bit of planning, but it can lead to hours of inexpensive fun. Take some time to draw a map (walking if you can) around your town and hide clues at specific places – for some extra romance add some love letters to each clue. Then, have your Valentine lead you along the path as you “play” together. At the end, have a homemade gift waiting.
  3. Take a Historical Tour – of you!
    Every couple has a history, from where they met to their first dates, first kisses, and saying “I love you.” Revisiting these places, even if they are just a spot on a sidewalk, is a great way to spend the day focusing on what’s important – each other. Plus, taking your honey to that great little (inexpensive) pizza place where you first realized you were in love is both economical and romantic!
  4. Enjoy the Greatest Show on Earth – Nature!
    Dinner and a show are a classic combination for Valentine’s Day fun. However, tickets to the theatre or a concert can be prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, we all have a front row seat to the greatest show on Earth – Mother Nature. Depending on where you live, choosing a natural “show” to see may be easy or require some creativity, but even city dwellers can find a great rooftop to watch a sunset or a quiet spot in a park next to a stream.
  5. Do it Up at Home
    Okay, this is yet another cliché, but it’s a good one. Staying in on Valentine’s Day not only ensures that you don’t battle the crowds in restaurants, but allows you focus in on each other since there is no one else to distract you – not even a waiter. Plus, there are endless ways to make dinner at home more romantic. Consider staging a living room picnic or designing a fancy “menu” using an online template and one of the hundreds of menu plans offered by bloggers. The trick is to make it personal, add in favorite foods or nostalgic favorites such as the dessert you had the night you first kissed.