Rite Aid Big Event Promotion Deal Idea for Week 3 – Only $0.14 Per Item


downloadRite Aid Big Event Money Maker Deal

We are on Week #3 of the Rite Aid Big Event promotion where you can earn up to $50 in Plenti Points when you purchase participating products through 2/27.

The promotion works like this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 11.34.41 AM

The great things is that you can buy these items throughout the week or throughout the month to work towards your threshold.  Also, there are many promotions this week that are already producing their own plenti points so you get those as well as the Big Event points.


Two weeks ago, when the Big Event started, I put together a nice moneymaker deal for the first threshold of $100 and earning 2,000 points.  Hopefully you were able to do that deal or one like it and have already reached the first threshold and maybe even the 2nd.

This week, I put together a deal idea which turns out to be just $2.20 for everything. This deal idea allows you to hit the second threshold of $150 total, which is just $50 more.  Hitting that threshold earns you an additional 1500 points (or $15). Also, one of the best parts is, I paid $0 out of pocket using my Plenti points from the first deal.

Here is an important tip to make it easier for you at checkout. Be sure to have them scan your Plenti card after your order has been rung up and the coupons deducted. Most likely you have a large amount of Plenti points that will cover the full amount of your transaction. If you have the points taken off first, before your coupons, then they can not deduct your coupons.

Be sure to check out the full Rite Aid Match Ups.  The match ups to show all the items that are included in the Big Event so you can easily come up with your own idea. Or, if you haven’t yet started your Big Event promotion, you can find items to add to the deal idea I listed below so you can hit your first $100.

Note, I am showing the deal in one transaction however, you can do it in multiple transactions throughout the week to keep your out of pocket lower.

Here is the deal I did to score a money maker based on hitting the second (or even third) threshold:

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Rite Aid Big Event Week of 2/14

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