StarKist Tuna Settlement: Here’s When to Expect Your Payment

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starkist tuna settlement

StarKist Tuna Settlement

Tuna has been in the news recently and as a result, many Living Rich with Coupons readers have written in to ask about the StarKist Tuna settlement from 2015 and when to expect their checks and tuna coupons.

For those who don’t remember, last summer, StarKist tuna settled a class action lawsuit, Hendricks vs. Starkist, which claimed that the company under-filled its 5 ounce cans of tuna in water and oil. Though StarKist admits to no wrongdoing, in order to avoid future legal fees and general hassle, they offered consumers up to $25 in the form of a check or up to $50 in vouchers for free cans of tuna. The deadline to exclude yourself from the settlement or file a claim was November 20th of last year.

However, since then, there has been little news on the StarKist front, despite the Bumblebee and Chicken of the Sea headlines.

So, when can you expect that StarKist Tuna settlement check?

Here’s the lowdown:

According to the law firm representing the plaintiff, the distribution of funds has been stalled by the court, which denied final approval of the settlement. Therefore, the attorneys needed to file a second, amended proposal, which they did last Thursday, March 17th. If this proposal is approved, the earliest consumers can expect to see checks and vouchers is the end of this year.

For more information, visit the official lawsuit website at the ever-clever domain: