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  • MisterBill

    Coupons dotcom has a new $1 coupon on a pound of Land o’ Lakes Deli American cheese. BJ’s sells this for $3.99/lb. The coupon has a 12/31/16 expiration, so print as many as you can so you can use them the rest of the year! I do not see it in the coupon database here but it showed up very close to the top of the list on the site.

    BTW the coupon is coded as a “992” so if you use it at self-scan at BJ’s it will require someone to come over to enter it.

  • MisterBill

    So.. we went to buy some greeting cards at BJ’s today and noticed that they are now carrying Hallmark. Then I noticed that they no longer had 50% off signs. They were offering $3 off when you bought 3 cards, and 20% off on wrap and stuff like that. Needless to say we did not buy cards there. I don’t care that they cards are now a “better” brand. No one ever complained that the cards we bought them at BJ’s weren’t Hallmark.

    We ended up going to Party City in the same shopping center and bought 2 cards there, $1 each (even cheaper than BJ’s, where the “regular” price had seemed inflated recently). They’ll be fine. I intend to complain to BJ’s about this.

    • Denise Uzunis

      Not sure if you have a Dollar Store near by, but, they usually have the cards, sometimes name brand ones as well, 2/$1

  • Michelle T.

    Today at my BJ’s, they had Corned Beef brisket and round for .99/lb. Awesome price! Bought a few for the freezer 🙂

  • Harry

    There is a nice P&G deal ongoing at BJs currently if you have a BJs gas nearby:…a lot of ducks need to get in line for this one…I just happened to need all of the products and had all of the coupons:
    Buy 2 P&G products gives $5 off about 20 gallons of gas (they say 0.25 off per gallon with max $35 max, but that may not be enforced if you go over $35).
    I got 1 Charmin mega 30=120 28.49 and another 36=87 19.99, 1 Gal milk 2.54 filler, Used 2x$3 off BJs coupon and 2x$1 off Mfr coupon and one BJs 5 off 50 (google BJs 5 off 50 first link expires 6/30). Paid $38, got 1.25 back from CK51 and $5 off 20 gas which actually happened to be the cheapest gas around me on the day including being 0.20 less than Costco BEFORE the 0.25 came off (I paid 1.87 per gal).

  • MisterBill

    So I noticed that the recent SS ads for BJ’s now have a $5 trial membership offer with automatic renewal rather than the free 3 month offer they’ve had since i can remember. I always wondered how they kept giving away the 3 month memberships, given that they were so easy to get. Maybe they’re wising up. Does anyone know if you can still get the 3 month deal for free in the club?

  • Shari Webb Fitzgerald

    BJ changes coupon policy -1BJ Q – I manufacture Q we can no longer use a Q for each item