Now Live! Living Rich with Coupons IOS App – Grocery Coupons & Deals

Living Rich with Coupons App

It’s finally here! The coupon app that simplifies couponing with a snap, or a click and a swipe. Want to know what can you do with Living Rich with Coupons App? Take a look!

1. Top Deals at your Finger Tips


Download our mobile app to stay tapped into deals in your area and have them delivered directly to your phone! Cut out the clutter, filter by store and make couponing easier than ever!

2. Online Deals only last 24 hours!

fb_pos_6Want to clean up with the inside scoop on online deals that only last 24 hours? Get tons online deals easily right from our app!

3. Clearance Deals Feed

1It won’t be a secret much longer! Share all of your clearance finds on the LRWC App! You’ll never miss a clearance find!

Download the Living Rich with Coupons iOS App NOW!





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  • Vanessa

    So not available for android users? With Samsung and Apple being tied for best selling cell phones in the world, you just lost 50% of your customer base. Sad.

    • Hi Vanessa, I know you are disappointed that it’s not for Android yet but it is coming soon. We couldn’t do both at one time. Most apps start with iOS first, followed by Android which is exactly what we are doing,

      • joe

        Just installed it, YOU DID A GREAT JOB!!! Love It! Still going through it now…looks like it will make life easier…THANK YOU!!

      • MisterBill

        Still waiting for Android…

        • vicky

          Me too!

    • Rocky

      Wrong side of the bed??? What app user doesn’t know that most of them are released as iop, first, then, android? I’m a Droid and I have no problem with this. Not only that, but, this was announced, previously, so, it shouldn’t be a surprise… The way I look at it, is, it gives them a chance to work out any bugs before they get to MY version!!! And, I highly doubt, Vanessa, that anyone who knows this site is going anywhere else, because of this!

  • Marisol Melendez

    Any update on android app?